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$70 off First Box, $20 off Second and $10 off Third Box via Referral + $9.99 Delivery (New Customers Only) @ HelloFresh


HelloFresh has changed the promotion to get up to $100 off for the first 3 boxes (although it's still showing as $110 off in the app).

Referee gets $70 off their first box, $20 off their second box and $10 off their third box.
Referrer gets $70 credit and can send a maximum of 20 invites.

Cheapest box is 3 meals for 2 people with 6 servings for $0 + delivery (in most cases $9.99).
If you want more meals, just pay the difference for the next level up plans.

1. Please use the referral randomiser system below ONLY. If the link you click doesn't have $100 off ($70 off for the first box), keep trying until you get one.
2. Don’t forget to skip or cancel your subscription (before the end of every Tuesday) if you don’t want deliveries after the first box.
3. I double checked OZB post rules and past posts and don't think this is a duplicate post since HelloFresh has changed the promotion.
4. I've removed my own referral code from the system in case this is still considered a dup post, until confirmed by a mod.

Referral Links

Referral: random (491)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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  • Looks like great value. Anyone knows about the quality of the food?

    • To me the quality is OK:)

    • +3

      I've been having it the past 3 weeks. Food is good, but some vegetables can get a bit old by the end of the week.

    • Quality is OK, but it gets repetitive after a few weeks.
      Protein choices are usually chicken thigh/breast, rump steak and salmon, veggies are a rotation of zucchini, carrots, pumpkin, mixed greens, beetroot and capsicum.
      A meal for two costs around $22, ingredients at retail price accounts for may be 35-40% of that.
      Some meal options are pretty high on calories (800-1000 kcal) so do pay attention when choosing if that concerns you.
      We cancelled after 2 months as we got bored with the food.

      • +2

        Just keep the recipe cards for whenever.

        • Yup, it costs about half price if you buy the same ingredients from Woolies/Coles.

          • @MrTweek: You know something amazing I found out recently? Aldi have these sort of recipes too for a week, with a shopping list for that week's recipes. Note that I haven't tried the recipes yet.


            • @ATangk: In case you aren't aware, woolies website has 6000+recipes with one-click function to allow you to add all the ingredients (incl. pantry items though) from the chosen recipe to your shopping cart.

              • +1

                @deliriouss: Curious about the quantities though, coz I'm assuming this just gives you the product, but doesnt portion it like these food delivery places.

                • @ATangk: Spot on! They may very well suggest you to buy 1kg of lime when you only need a wedge.
                  One thing I learned from hello fresh though is to stick to ingredients you can use for multiple recipes for inventory management of fresh produces.

                  • @deliriouss: My personal tip is only to portion the protein, because the veggies just use what you have. Don't have to always stick to recipes!

  • Bit annoyed I have to confirm order before I can select the meals..

    EDIT: Nevermind

    • Also, is there a subscription I have to cancel after confirming my first order?

      Oh god yes. Read previous HF threads.

      • -1

        Have to cancel by calling too, else they'll still send it and charge you.

        • You don't need to call, I have cancelled a few times just online or through the app without issue.

          You just need to make sure you cancel before 11.59pm Tuesday.

  • Nice! Great work, sign up away ozbargain family (using the referrer system)

  • Nice deal thanks!

    How do I put my code in?

    • Got it thanks!

  • +1

    Hmm interesting, just logged into my account and it has “For a limited time only, invite friends and you'll both get $80 OFF your next box.”, although above that it says “Give $80, Get $70” so not sure which one is correct 😕

    • +1

      Mine says for limited time give $110

      • Someone just tried to use mine and they said it was expired, think their system is borked

  • I double checked OZB post rules and past posts and don't think this is a duplicate post since HelloFresh has changed the promotion.

    This is definitely a new deal, good find

  • Delivery ended up costing me $20. Still a decent price for 3 meals.

    • Same for my friend they charge $10 more for some addresses

      • +1

        $10 for 3 meals would have been an incredible price, but I won't say no to $20. I can't see myself paying $90 for 3 meals at normal price though, I'd rather go out for dinner if I'm going to pay that.

  • Having trouble signing up :(
    Keep getting 'Your order cannot be processed as vouchers are valid only for new customers. Please log in to your original account to place the order or remove the voucher code'

    • -1

      Same bank card used on a previous deal is my bet.

  • I really really hope I get some signups using my referral (which is a $110 one)

    • Did you try following your own link to see what the landing page says? Mine is $110 in HF portal, but when clicking through it says $100 like the others.

      I got a box delivered this week with a flyer detailing the promo, and that states give $100 get $70. But portal says referrer get $50, same as this deal. Very confusing!

      Might try and refer someone and kick up a stink if they don't credit the $70.

  • So in the end, the original deal was correct. It just took two days for HelloFresh to get their act together.

  • I've just checked and I have this offer under my refer a friend

  • Although this is marked "expired" I have a valid $100 off voucher I can send someone. PM me if you want it.

  • Still working, just took a few times.

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