[AMA] I Just Got The First Shot of The Pfizer Vaccine. Ask Me Anything

Second dose will be admitted in three weeks time. Not looking forward to it :(


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    2 elderly relatives has both shots. 1 had bad whole body soreness the other had mild whole body soreness.
    neither developed any symptons after the second shot

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    Got my first Pfizer jab few days ago. No worse than a flu vaccine in terms of immediate after effects. I try to avoid all forms of medication as much as possible but I don't know why I bothered with this.

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        No, it's not gene therapy and please don't spread such daft misinformation. That article has nothing to do with COVID vaccines. Gene Therapy tech for vaccines is miles beyond current capability.

        What that article is referring to is manipulation of genes to fix defective nucleotides. Generally for congenial diseases such as muscular dystrophy.

        Most COVID vaccines harness our cells to produce a protein similar to one used by COVID. This triggers an immune response. Your DNA and RNA are not altered in the slightest.


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            @EightImmortals: No it's not semantics. It's not gene therapy and functions nothing like it. Whether people want to get the jab or not (which seems to be your point) is a whole different discussion.

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        It's not gene therapy lol

        Read up on the subject before you misinform people.

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    I had my first Pfizer dose last week. The only side effect was a sore arm for 2 days and my ears were warm for a few hours. Now am waiting for my second dose.

  • Is the downstairs department still functional?

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      Unable to test due to lacking… equipment

  • I had a somewhat dead arm for a week. Other than that, soldier on.
    Pfizer #2 coming up any day now.

    (I'm part of the quarantine program).

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    had my pfizer too. can confirm 5G reception is better.

  • Has it delayed your menstrual cycle?

    • Only just got it 4 days ago. My period is not for another week. Will report back.

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    Does it provide a good boost to your 5g signal. I'm on Vodafone which has the worst 5g coverage so the vaccine that provides the best signal is preferable.

    Did they offer coupons for MS office as well? Uni provided one isnt for life.

  • Where you expecting any reactions?

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    I had my 2nd shot on Thursday.

    1st one was fine but the 2nd one has knocked me about.

    The symptoms are similar to a flu.

    A bit of fever, sweats, very tired, etc.

    Much better today.

  • It's been about a month since I had my second dose. https://imgur.com/PrKSIil
    Health condition that qualified me. No side effects except sore arm at both times.

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    Just remember that 60 years ago, asbestos was considered a very safe material, now you cant even go near it without a full body suit.

    Moral of the story: the side effects arent clear for a very long time, all these people saying their fine after just 2 weeks. I'll check this thread for comments 2 years from now, see if everyone is still doing ok then.

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      You're compare oranges with elephants here. Two completely different things. History has shown us that long term side-effects show up within 30-40 days of injection. That's why people like the FDA have time trials on these vaccines that lasted at least 60 days to account for any long term side-effects.

      • Understand that. However the other side of the coin: governments, the medical industry & corporations have historically lied to the general public numerous times over the years, its foolish to simply accept what they say on good faith.

        The medical industry are companies out to make a profit, just like mcdonalds, however they now have a product which they can effectively sell to every single person on the planet. mcdonalds can only wish to have this kind of market share.

      • When everyone is required to get one eventually, I will most likely go get it. However, the side effects can sometimes be identified/linked much later like the Swedish found with the H1N1 vaccine (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandemrix)

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        If that's the case can you explain why is it still considered to be in an experimental stage and not approved by the FDA and other drug agencies around the world yet? Even Greg hunt has admitted as such. The only way they got it through to be used in humans was that is due to emergency use authority.

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    Stop with the 5g jokes because it just shows you are brainwashed. That's how media tries to shut down legitimate questions about the vaccines.

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    I got my 2 Pfizer shots last month, and my wife got 2 moderna’s. We’re still alive.

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    Now that Bill Gates is divorced, does he only control half of you with the chip implant?

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      I think its been made pretty bloody clear lately that Melinda was never treated as anything remotely close to an equal partner in the foundation and I can't imagine that will change.

      Then again things are looking much better than 50%… I think all the tin foil hat grannies can breathe a sigh of relief cause it's starting to look like he was only ever after the Lolita's anyway!

      Maybe his grand vision for population control is to round up all the Lolita's for use by impotent old men like himself…

  • Also had my first jab of Pfizer last week under the AOC scheme. Felt sore around injection site for a couple of days and really fatigued. Recommend having it on a weekend if you want a good sleep :)

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      Have to agree on the timing it just before a weekend if you can.
      My wife slept for over 17 hours after her second Pfizer shot.
      After her first one she had a pretty sore arm for almost a week but that is pretty usual for her after any vaccines.
      After her second one she had a pretty rough time - headaches on and off over the next week, lethargy/tiredness for almost two weeks, flu-like symptoms basically for almost two weeks.
      Pretty much back to normal at the end of the two weeks though.

  • How's your second head going ?

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    I had the Pfizer jab too in my 30's… I now have a permanent erection…. not sure what to do. Is this a side-affect you have too?

    Its been 72hrs…school pick up is not good.

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      school pick up is not good

      Especially when they're not your kids

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    Why did you want to be a guinea pig for a trial vacine that you can not sue the makers of if you get sick or worse?

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      for likes on instagram and ozbargain upvotes

  • Been sent an email from the hospital I go to frequently, guess it's time to get the Pfizer Jab

  • I got my first AZ shot on Wednesday at a government clinic in KL and was laid low for three days. I didn't do too much reading about it before hand, and went to the gym immediately afterwards where I ran 5km. The side effects then kicked in at some point in the night and I woke up to sore joints, a throbbing headache and lethargy. The bastard lasted three days. Even today (5 days after the shot), my arms still hurts though it's subsiding. I'm normally as fit as a bull, so I'm not sure why it's been so savage but there you have it.

  • So are we getting the az of pfizer at the vaccination hubs in victoria?

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    can you still get it up? i heard its a problem

    • rock hard. no issues.

      • Problem. It’s hard 24/7 and I have been married for 10 years.

        • lmao note to self. dont get married

  • Didn't bother reading the comments… Did he died?

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    Thanks tomleonhart

    Going in on Friday and this has eased my worries a bit

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    Did they give you a lollipop at the end?

    • NO, they give you a sticker with the current time so you know when 15 mins is up

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    Pfizer on left arm three weeks ago. My whole left arm, shoulder, and upper back was frozen for 2 days.

    • Only my deltoid is weak. Everywhere else is at 100% power.

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      Knees weak, arms are heavy?

  • Has it enhanced your sexual drive?

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      i dont even know where to start. I'll say no but then I have been married for a while so how do i know ? lulz

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    I got stabbed yesterday at 3pm so it's been 17 hours:
    - Had it on the left arm
    - I didn't even feel the needle. I turned my head to the right for a couple of seconds and then noticed the nurse was wrapping up the needle
    - 1 - 3 hour: No effects except the typical sign of discomfort that you knew you had a jab on the arm
    - 3 - 4 hour: Felt the left arm, left leg, left neck and left shoulder starting to sore. But it was to the minor discomfort scale of 1 or 2 out of 10
    - 4 - 6 hour: The discomfort went away. Had dinner and a walk in the park before driving home
    - 7 - 13 hour: Slept through the night and checking my left arm every time I woke up and there was no discomfort
    - 14 - 17 hour: Back to work and feeling normal. The arm is not even sore

    Checked my tool all night and was hoping to get some kind of super power. Very disappointed that I didn't receive any. The wife was happy though. Snored through the night and warned me not to disturb her!

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    Here's another six cases of the 'rare' (lols) blood clotting injury.


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      24 cases in over 2 million administered, so a touch over 0.001%

      seems rare enough to me?

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        Ironically that figure is about the same as the death rate for the actual sars-cov-2. :)

        Also, if anyone still wants to take the vax after watching this short video then there's nothing else I can say to them.


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          Ironically that figure is about the same as the death rate for the actual sars-cov-2. :)

          SARS-COV-2 causes hospitalization in older people and causes chronic problems to some people. The vaccine is the best option for normality.

          • @Orico: Yep keep repeating their mantras. If you have to take a vaccine for the world to 'go back to normal' then you aren't going back to 'normal'. Also don;t forget that the political crooks are already saying that they will be stopping things going back to normal' regardless of how many lemmings take their shot.

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            @Orico: I ignored the troll on purpose. You should too.

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          would you like a list of symptoms and complications of covid and long covid? or pull out a copy of the PI from a box of nurofen and see how long the SE effect list is? you can die walking out the front door to put out your trash, do we avoid that too? it's about risk and benefit, if you can tell me the absolute incidence of the complications vs the mortality from covid then we can have a discussion. otherwise take the scaremongering woke trash elsewhere

        • Except the death rate for sars cov 2 is actually about 1-3%, so several thousand times higher than you are claiming. Not to mention that as many as 30% of people who get Covid end up with long covid - chronic fatigure etc

          And also not mentioning that only one of the 24 people who got the blood clots actually died, so 1 in well over 2 million. Getting close to the risk of being eaten by a shark.

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            @Birdseye: I'd take my chances with the shark thank you.

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              @pufffdragon: people over 50 are medically likely to have more clotting issues because of aging. its a medical fact.

              coalition bought cheapest vaccine it could and did not spread its bets - another unarguable fact.

              coalition now using up the cheapest vaccine known to cause serious blood clotting on those aging australians with the greatest clotting issues because of their age.

              no options for aged Australians with clotting issues to have any alternative vaccine.


              coalition hates aging Australians - no doubt exists. no interest in promoting vaccine takeup either because of no choice. democracy my arse.

  • I got the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. My arm is sore around the injection site and if I pickup anything over 1kg, I feel the pain.
    Tired as hell and I did wake up a few times during the night. Maybe don't get the injection in the night if possible.

  • I’ve had both jabs, first one arm was really sore - no other side effects other than that. After my second one my arm was more sore and I was really lethargic and had an upset stomach. Had two days off work. I don’t know whether some of my side effects were normal for me or because for the jab though as I get upset stomachs every now and then.

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    Have any of you labrats tried sticking a magnet to your arm at the injection site? Sounds bogus to me but more reports are surfacing, someone try it and let us know. :)

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    Alex talks with Dr. Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph about new peer-reviewed studies that suggests there may be terrifying reasons side effects such as heart inflammation, VITT, and other serious issues may occur in those who have been vaccinated.


    • who is a vet .. VITT has proven associations with viral vector vaccines which have been well publicised by the media. myocarditis is being looked into as a rare association, not proven causality established yet with the MRNA vaccines. we already know there are potentially serious AEs with vaccines, as with any vaccine you would have had as a child including ADT/whooping cough/chickenpox etc which have saved millions of lives. so what's your point? the sensationalist description probably tells you all you need to know, I'm surprised they didn't refer to the vaccines as 'killer deathjabs'

      • Haha, I have to feel pity for the futile effort these “people” to get their voice heard 😂😂

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        So are you claiming he is NOT a viral immunologist?
        Got link?

        So what did you think of the actual claims made in the clip? Or did you not even bother to listen?

        Keep drinking that coolaide son….

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          ok since you asked, let me paste this for you again

          VITT has proven associations with viral vector vaccines which have been well publicised by the media. myocarditis is being looked into as a rare association, not proven causality established yet with the MRNA vaccines. we already know there are potentially serious AEs with vaccines, as with any vaccine you would have had as a child including ADT/whooping cough/chickenpox etc which have saved millions of lives.

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            @lk0811: Cheers.

            I'm not quite sure what you are saying there so I'll leave it at that for today. :)

  • Call me old fashioned but instead of having and spreading their opinions on areas they know next to nothing about - people used to defer and follow the prevailing opinion of trained and accredited industry/area experts i.e on something like this do nothing worse than ask their GP.

    Thankfully Darwinian Theory is around and operating unchanged for millenia. :-/

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      that was when doctors could be trusted and our government wasn't full of corrupt loonies - they were just corrupt in the old days.

      And some of them still could be trusted not to sell out their country… like

      'Within months of becoming premier, Bjelke-Petersen encountered his first controversy over allegations of conflict of interest. In April 1959, while still a backbencher, he had paid £2 for an Authority to Prospect, giving him the right to search for oil over 150,000 km2 near Hughenden in far north Queensland. The next month he incorporated a company, Artesian Basin Oil Co. Pty Ltd, of which he was sole director and shareholder, and the same day entered an agreement to sell 51% of the company's shares to an American company for £12,650. The following day he sought the consent of Mines Minister Ernie Evans to transfer the oil search authority to Artesian for £2; the consent was given a week later. '

      The current coalition crew run the same playbook but care even less.

      'he and Whitlam exchanged frequent verbal barbs, culminating in the prime minister's 1975 description of the Queensland premier as "a Bible-bashing bastard … a paranoic, a bigot and fanatical".[27] The pair clashed over federal plans to halt the sale of Queensland coal to Japan, take over the administration of Aboriginal affairs, remove outback petrol subsidies and move the Australian border in the Torres Strait southwards to a point midway between Queensland and Papua New Guinea. Bjelke-Petersen also vehemently opposed the Whitlam government's proposal for Medicare, a publicly funded universal health care system. The battles helped to consolidate Bjelke-Petersen's power as he used the media to emphasise a distinctive Queensland identity he alleged was under threat from the "socialist" federal government.

      same shit different century - clearly australia has not evolved its regressed…

  • GOT my first dose today BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine
    COVID-19 vaccine boo issues what so ever. I don't understand why everyone so scared?????