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Samsung Galaxy A12 4GB RAM/128GB (Telstra Unlocked) $239.50 Delivered @ Jackery Phone Card eBay


Samsung Galaxy A12 4GB RAM /128GB Black - STOCK from Telstra FULLY UNLOCKED

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All ebay plus member takes $10 off when checking out.

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    Unless I'm having trouble reading, it would seem that a quick google search returns many options that are cheaper

    • the price is dropping now, only 239.50

  • +1

    No NFC probably kills this deal.
    Also Helio P35.

    • we must start supporting QR code along with NFC I guess. it was quite successful in china and India.

      • Que?

        Near Field Communication is a radio protocol involving the trasnmission and reception of data between two devices using compatable and negotiated protocols. Its neccessary and sufficient conditions include, but are not limited to the presence of two radios operating on the same band[/s/], software to negotiate the connection, ariels…

        A QR code is a picture. If your phone has a camera, it can see it. If it is still making and receiving calls and can show you Ozbargain, it can run a program that can turn the code into the web address and offer to go there.
        "Support", as such, is a given.

        • +1

          They're probably referring to QR code based payment systems. eftpos announced they're launching one in Australia, but who knows whether it'll go anywhere.

          • @lbft: Ahh - the answer should be the same though, that the facility is via user installed software rather than needing additional firmware or hardware..