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Sony X9500H 75" 4K Full Array LED Android TV $3695 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


There's a deal starting today across all the retailers for the Sony KD75X9500H all for $3695

JB Hi-Fi https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/sony-x9500h-75-4k-full-ar...
The Good Guys https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sony-75-inches-x9500h-4k-uhd-...
Harvey Norman https://www.harveynorman.com.au/sony-75-inch-x95h-full-array...

I negotiated between the three back and forth and got a deal for $3450 delivered from Harvey Norman. Could have probably pushed more but was getting diminishing returns.

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JB Hi-Fi

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    I got a Sony X750F a few years back and I love it! android tv is so good, never will go back to other system

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    TGG commercial has them at $3397.00 if anyone wants to price match.

    • Will any of the retailers price match or beat TGG commercial? Anyone has a success story on that?

      • I know my guy would, I can ask if he can sort for you if you want

    • Can you please share for screenshot so that I can try for price match

        • Will they accept this for price match if there are no dates?

          • @jeolefmo: Cracked deal with Harvey Norman for $3350 delivered
            JB offered for $3474

            • @pmartha: Can you post receipt for $3350, will try my local HN.

              • @albanyson: https://imgur.com/TCFOiXy
                Attached receipt.. I need to pay remaining today and collect.. I paid with 5% coupon (Harvey Norman coupons) so it came for me at $3182.50
                You might use ShopBack 5% cashback coupons for Harvey Norman (through app) also.
                I need to go today and use my coupons. As it was 09:01PM they were closing store so had to pay $100 as deposit. It will be delivered tomorrow.
                Please ask for free delivery and table installation. You can open Harvey Norman website and show them.

    • Can you check how much the X8000H 49" is in the TGG commercial please?

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    wasn't this almost half price via sony for 2nds/box damage a month or 2 ago?

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      Yes, 1799 via eBay.

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        Wasn't that the 9000 not 9500

    • That was the X9000H

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    Got this $3440 + 12 months Kayo from Harvey Norman in October. Awesome TV

  • Good price new model coming soon

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    Not a great price, but a great tv. Have had this for 2 months now (got it in GG flash sale for $3195). Worth a try bargaining down pretty hard.

  • No. Samsung 2021 models are cheaper. Or might as well get a Q80T.

    • Q80T was far inferior to this for sports/DSE. I returned 2 units then replaced with this.

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        Yes but much better at gaming. I’d go with the x95h if it was slightly more expensive but the reality is Sony’s Australia RRP is downright bullshit.

  • Not worth buying this TV, the new X95J is almost out. It won't be more than $3999 preorder for 75". Don't buy this! Missing HDMI 2.1 and can't do 1440p at 120Hz outside of a PC.

    • What makes you think the x95j won’t be more than $3999? The x90j is already listed for $4295 retail…


      • That's nuts, for a television that's not even better than the X90H. I hope people don't fall into the trap and buy the X90J. I don't get why it's that expensive… how can they charge that much for that TV? Bonkers pricing, for what exactly? The 65" X90J is $2,695.00 AUD from Sony, how is this TV $2000 more expensive? Something's not right…

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    This isn't much of a saving but use coupon code ENTER20 for an additional $20 off at Bing Lee (Screenshot for clarification https://imgur.com/a/KObZCHW)

    or try and use this image to see if they'll price match TGG Commercial https://imgur.com/a/d8HAUMI

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    If anyone wants one, PM me and I’ll see what I can do when I’m at work (TGG).

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      (cue 20k OzBargainers bookmarking Slowey for future contact with anything electrical…. 😁)

  • Is full array considered the next best thing to OLED in terms of getting pure blacks? I mostly enjoy watching netflix/prime in the dark