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Bundle Deal: Intel Core i7 11700K, Z590 VISION G & GeForce RTX 3070 $2299 Delivered @ Mwave


First time posting

seems like a good deal for the bundle given the increasing price of GPU's

from the website

1xGigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 VISION OC 8GB Video Card $ 1999.00
1xGigabyte Z590 VISION G Intel LGA 1200 ATX Motherboard $ 399.00
1xIntel Core i7 11700K 8-Core LGA 1200 3.6GHz Unlocked CPU Processor $ 589.00

Combined Total: $ 2987.00
Bundle Discount: -$688.00

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  • Seems good! nice find! :)

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    Good deal if the 3070 was $1999 to begin with. What a joke.

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      Yeah the 3080 Vision was posted here for the same price earlier this month. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/621174

      Ridiculous price for a 3070.

      • Still scrapes in as a $100 saving if you use the $1400 PLE price for the card. Assuming the stock ships within a week it's not too bad

        Plenty of people stuck waiting 3+ months for the cards still

    • i7 11700k and z590 do worth more than 299.

      Not the best deal but maybe in time for some.

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      According to TechSpot

      • One thing we've commonly heard from several retailers is that if they want to buy a single new graphics card, they may be required to buy something like 50 budget AMD A520 motherboards in a bundle as well. If they can’t then sell those motherboards, this puts a burden on the retailers and may lead them to increase the GPU price to offset the potential losses they're forced to take in accepting other components as part of the bundle deal.

      • This is also why you see many deals at retailers where you can buy a graphics card bundled with some other component, like a motherboard, storage, power supply or cooler. It’s because retailers have to buy those components in order to get the graphics card, as a cheeky way for the distributors to palm off unwanted stock to retailers and cash in, putting the burden on the retailers. This issue alone is the source of immense frustration from every retailer we’ve spoken to.

      • One retailer even told us that these bundle deals are getting more extravagant over time, with distributors attempting to package in more and more expensive motherboards or hard drives in successive months.

      Basically everywhere you look, decently priced GPU's don't exist as stand-alone products and they are often just bundled together with other computer parts (that don't sell well) or get put into a complete system.

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        To point #1 - Techfast said to me the same thing. Completely understandable.

        It's still borderline impossible to find a singular 3070/3080 GPU in stock without a bundle, and I do need the other components - so I purchased this deal.

        I'm also seeing a lot of people say "supply is getting better!!1" but I'm yet to see a slither of tangible, real world evidence that GPU availability is getting any better. At least right now.

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          Shopping square has 3070 in stock, but they are not cheap


          I've purchased another bundle last week from Mwave. 5800x + Gigabyte Aorus Pro AX B550 + 3070 for $2299

          • @AlgoTrading: Yeah that's what I mean by borderline - you can get some by forking out $1800 - $2000. For someone like me who required a CPU and Mobo - it was a good deal.

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          The trick is going to be getting the cpu / motherboard combo i want in a bundle. Im going to be looking for a Strix soon once we get the 3080Ti cards. Im buying the card for my main pc and will use the motherboard cpu for a secondary pc. Trouble is i dont want some cheap crap they cant sell without bundling with a video card

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    Eventually I expect all GPU manufacturers will introduce hardware based mining limiters and demand will go back to normal.


    Plus, obviously the xxxcoin bubble will burst again at some point soonish and presumably the market will get flooded with ex mining card again.

    • I don't think the demand is primarily from miners. But anything that helps get cards to gamers is good.

  • 3070 is 2 grand? wtf

    • ah… the good o'days of 1070 was $500, 1080Ti were $1100, and 1080 Titans were $2000

      • Yea back in my day, we used to walk into stores and buy these things off the shelf at RRP!

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