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Gigabyte G34WQC 34" 144hz QHD 1ms Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor $594.15 Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay


Fair price for a 34 inch ultrawide. Has been cheaper previously https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611219 but you will be waiting a while for a repeat. I'd rate this above the xiaomi 34 ultrawide as it has 1ms response time and inbuilt speakers which are handy.

15 or 17% code (PM1517) depending on if you have ebay plus. You can sign up to a monthly membership for an extra $9 in savings https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/623195 and f cost of $580.17 which can be brought down further with discounted GCs.

Alternatively, it is $632.34 on amazonAU from Harris Technology if you have some 10% gift cards saved up. Also, $599 from mwave
$590 using PPSS1 eBay harris tech credit to RogueWolf

Gigabyte G34WQC 34" 144Hz Ultra-Wide QHD 1ms FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor
Panel Type: VA
Curvature: 1500R
Colour Saturation: 90% DCI-P3 / 120% sRGB
Native Resolution: UWQHD (3440 x 1440)
Brightness: 350 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 (typ), 12M:1 (DCR)
Response Time: 1ms (MPRT)
Display HDR400
Ports: 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x DisplayPort 1.4
Speakers: 2W x 2
Adjustability: Tilt & Height
VESA Support: 100x100mm

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  • +3

    This or Mi 34 for $489"?

    • Maybe same panel, but this one come with speakers and HDR.

      • This is my first choice, been waiting for a while but haven't seen a very good price

      • +1

        if it's the same panel, I don't see how this panel could actually justify the HDR sticker while the Xiaomi can't. the brightness specs look in line with all the "HDR-n't" monitors that pay for the badge purely for marketing. trying to turn it on results in disappointment.

      • +2

        hdr400 is really bad, basicly non existant to be honest. I was excited when I got mine but everything was washed out and slightly brighter. I could be wrong with the setup but its a good monitor for gaming anyways

    • +3

      just don’t buy a product because it has certain higher specs laid out for marketing purposes, if you don’t game the 1ms response time is useless and you won’t be able to tell the difference with the xiaomi, though saving $100 for things you don’t end up using may not be the ozbargain wae :)

    • +14

      I have the Xiaomi and its beautiful. Price point cannot be beat.

    • +1

      Hardware Unboxed has done detailed reviews on both and you can compare from there. Basic summary is that both are 'good enough' for this price, with the Xiaomi having a bit more of a ghosting issue, but both will have issues with ghosting at 100+ fps due to their cheaper VA panels.

      I found this monitor was my preference (in this budget) and have no complaints so far - other than paying over $700 for it.

  • +2

    Good monitor, same panel as the Xiaomi and AOC CU34G2X, but apparently some better electronics. From memory hardwareunboxed had reviewed all 3.

    $580 is an okay price given not many discounts on the AOC or Xiaomi at the moment.

  • Why doesn't HT get the PS1517 discount this month?

  • From what I read, they all use the same panel but the Gigabyte one is shown to be slightly better tuned and has more features (e.g. speaker, HDR, etc) if you value them. I have the Xiaomi and I do work and game on it. No issues for me but smearing is normal on VA.

    • Normal on most, there are a few however which with the correct settings is borderline indistinguishable unless you go to lengths looking for it in certain dark conditions. I have multiple IPS but actually game (FPS) on a VA mostly for the past year now. That said, it's not a 34" UW. If it were not for the GPU hit i'd seriously consider this monitor.

  • How is this in comparison to the Dell QHD S2721DGF (other than size of course)?


    • +2

      I bought a new Samsung 32 inch VA monitor and the ghosting/smudging was unbearable. Sold it and bought that dell IPS. So so so much happier with the IPS panel.

      • Good to know, thanks mate. Bought the Dell…

        • Literally night and day difference. You won't regret it. I fkn love my dell monitor I recommend them to everyone that needs one lol

          • @shaneiwey: so no ghosting on the Dell 34" IPS? Or was it a different model? Biggest annoyance for me is ghosting…

    • -2


    • I'm working on my Xiaomi 34" (same panel as the Gigabyte) next to my wife who's working on dual LG 27GL850s (LG's rival IPS to the Dell S2721DGF). I love mine because it's a freaking wide widescreen, plus I have my old 1080p monitor in portrait/vertical to the right of the ultrawide if needed. She prefers her IPS 27"s because they're much brighter and crisper than mine.

      Overall they're both great for what they do, but IMHO gaming on a single wide screen is superior to gaming on multiple monitors. I find the 34" is wide enough to feel like dual monitors when working (Windows key + L/R arrow keys snaps a window to occupy 50% of the screen). I no longer think about the curve - it feels natural in both gaming and work. But VA ultrawides are no match for quality IPS monitors in colour reproduction and brightness. Nevertheless, for the price - and this is OzBargain - unless you're a competitive gamer I think you get much more bang for buck by going ultrawide.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I had been waiting for a decent price. This will do.

  • +1

    if that sells out, $590 PPSS1 eBay+

  • AOC CU34G2X is $565 after code BTW

  • Ah dilemma to sell the included 1080p 240Hz from recent Alienware deals and get this instead.

  • Tempted to pull the trigger on this deal but looking for an ultrawide monitor with USB C capability as refresh rate isn't important for WFH. This or AOC U34P2C pre-order?

    • +1

      Sense response rate isn't important id 10/10 go for the AOC U34P2C as it has a IPS panel, much better color.

    • interesting find! now im torn…. darn it…

  • People need to know response Time is 4ms (GTG) might as well find a different monitor with a IPS panel monitor as they have far better color.

    • isn't the cheapest IPS in equivalent size, resolution, and refresh rate the LG 34GN850, which costs 2-3x this?

      • +1

        I had a look at https://www.displayninja.com/gaming-monitor-list/ and looks like the AOC U34G3X is the same but has a IPS panel and only costs a little more if you can manage to find it in stock. Just so anyone reading this knows this was only a quick look so I may very well be wrong!

        • +2

          oh shit you're right, only one in Aus I could find is by scorptec, OOS at $649, much better value than the LG if the panel is even similar. great find!

          gonna create an ozb alert for it, actually

          • @xrailgun: No worries! just be sure to look at reviews specs etc..

        • Looks interesting! No curve though which I want. Only using it for office/study.

    • The colour gamut argument is no longer valid in the VA v IPS panel discussion as has been proven over numerous reviews . The colour gamut will be less than ¼ percent SRGB coverage between IPS and VA panels these days in either direction, some VA are better some IPS are better. The viewing angles , contrast ratios and potential smearing are the only real differences and they will differ panel by panel , manufacturer by manufacturer, model by model. eg I went from a multiple Dell IPS setup to a multiple VA setup and my AOC CU34G2X has zero to negligible smearing or ghosting after following a calibration guide for the panel

  • Bought it now… $580… I don't know why I need it… I have 4 Monitors at home now… but this one will be the largest one!!!!

  • In case it runs out of stock, Mwave has the same monitor for $599


  • Got the Xiaomi one for $450 and honestly, though this one might be sliiightly better, IMO it doesn't justify the price difference