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AMD Ryzen 9 5900x + Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi $1099 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Good price for this combo

The motherboard is nice, good expansion. Do note that there is usb issues if that is a big factor to you

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  • USB issues are fixed, just update the bios. Was plaguing all x570 boards.

    • i have this exact motherboard, bios update to f33i, sometimes the 2.0 port still doesn't work, though if you only use the 3.0 port then it's fine

      • You need to update to f33j. That comes with AMD AGESA ComboV2 which fixes the USB issue.

        • F33i is the latest bios, iirc i updated from f33j to f33i

          • @ln28909: :kappa: you are right sir. My mobo is Aorus Master and my latest bios is F33j and I assumed the other board of the same serious would have the same bios version.

            It seems to be a mix of f33h/i/j across the entire gigabyte x570 series boards.

      • Happens on z490 boards too, I know my elite had the USB issue. Haven’t updated the bios though I think to see if that worked.

      • Wow that's still bad. Effectively going from 10 rear usb ports to 6 if you can't use any of the usb2 ones.

        • Yeah, you could go with usb hub but they have their own issue

        • It is really bad to have such USB issues in these days as USB is not a new technology.

          I had an ASUS SP97-V (Socket 7 AT mother board) and in the manual, it said that there is a "new" technology called USB which is not currently being used much, but we have anyway included it and you can use it with the connector in the board. I got an USB printer after 4 years and it still worked perfectly. That's what I would expect from a motherboard.

          Found the extact wording :

          "USB Function (Disabled)The motherboard supports Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices but current operating systems do not. The default is set to Disabled. If you have the necessary support disksand USB devices, set this function to Enabled to use the onboard USB connector."

    • Not all gigabyte x570 mobos have the USB problem. I have a x570 aorus master and an elite with no usb issues.

      • Your use case doesn't prove anything.

        Issues vary with the connected and installed devices. They even vary with which usb port each device is in. Eg: 3080 and vr headsets tend to be a trigger.

        • Yes it does prove that not all mobos have this problem. It's well known not all gigabyte x570 mobos are affected. Also depends on what revision you have.

  • This is an amazing deal.
    I have this identical combo and pairs great.

    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi - $359 https://www.mwave.com.au/product/gigabyte-x570-aorus-pro-wif...
    AMD Ryzen 9 5900x - $899 https://www.pccasegear.com/products/52255/amd-ryzen-9-5900x-...

  • Can you elaborate on what USB issue?

    I have the same mother board, and the issue I have is the USB-C. Unsure if this is related to the issue?

    • Say you plug in your mouse, sometimes it won't register, or occasionally it would get really laggy like your system is freezing but it's just the mouse that is acting up

  • A better matched pair than the 5800X and B550 board from a few days ago, but woah nelly that price! This market has really gone to shit

  • While this is still a good post + good deal, I can't help but assume that they've managed to get their hands on this stock by purchasing GPU bundles from international suppliers and selling the individual GPUs. Better quality than a lot of other cpu+ MOBO bundles out there by a long way though!