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Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34" Ultrawide QHD Curved IPS Monitor $599 + Delivery (Free Shipping to Syd, Mel, Bris & Can) @ Mwave


KU # AB58965 | Model # U3415W

Dell Ultrasharp U3415W 34" Curved Ultrawide Monitor
* IPS panel with anti-glare coating - QHD (3440 x 1440)
* 21:9 Cinematic ratio
* 5ms response time - Height, tilt and swivel adjustment
* 99% sRGB coverage - HDMI, MHL, Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort and USB3.0

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty

First Time ever posting a deal. Please be nice :)

The previous deal was for $636 [OzBargain] (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622319)

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    Fair price especially for a 34 inch IPS display. It is now a 6 year old display though (15 denotes the release year being 2015) and only 60hz so not a monitor I'd recommend for gaming.

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      +1 - would be ideal for work or casual usage. In a pinch, it might be okay for video editing because it's an Ultrasharp panel and the colours would be spot-on, but there are modern ones available that would do a better job for not much more than this one. Probably no good for design work, though.


    Picked this up in the other recent (not quite so good $62x shipped) deals.

    Great office monitor - good colour reproduction, consistent backlight and colour across the whole screen, great adjustable stand, gentle curve tiny moulded bezels on 3 sides for a clean look (but there are margins to the screen edge). If I had a nitpick, I would've expected another input or two (you get 1xDP, 1xmDP; 1xHDMI). This is an old model, so no USB-C here, but it does support DP out. Humungous box for bragging rights.


    tried to buy this today but they are not offering free shipping. Support chat said its 37kg and free delivery offer is for 20kg or less

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    Your next best bet is: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622319 for $636.65 ($621 with Plus) delivered ebay


      Thanks. I'm thinking of spending a bit more and get a newer model may be with USB-C. any ideas what would be comparable. for office use, design/word processing.

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        The equivalent current model USB-C Dell is U3421WE $1,609 direct from Dell:

        You can probably get a better price on that - there are various ways to get discounts/vouchers on Dell online, contacting them online via chat, or calling a sales rep and asking for their best price.

        There is this long-running deal for Dell, no idea if it applies: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/540616

        The USB models have mostly been out during Covid, and I've not seen especially good deals for them. The U3415W is an old model Dell seems to be clearing stock of, so is exceptionally good value. I am lucky to be in the situation I can buy Dell Ultrasharp's, and I've always found them excellent value over the long term, typically lasting in excess of 7 years.


          too expensive for me even with 15% off. You are right, U3415 is good value at that price.

          P3421W is around $800 these days. It has USB-C and KVM switch so ticks all the boxes for me. based on my limited knowledge and a quick google comparison they look at comparable? suggestions?

          Thanks for your help.


            @fifoo: The P3421W shows at A$961.99 for me, I presume the $800 you mention is including what discounts you can find (and that there is no confusion with US$ pricing).

            I really can't help you determine the differences, as I simply don't know. The UltraSharps have always been a premium price, and a premium product. I'm sure there are bad units, I've just never seen one, and of the units I've seen, they've all performed well beyond their expected lives.


              @norkle: its $829 at scroptec and Centrecom has same price.

              On comparison they look the similar but going thru a few reddit posts, it looks like U series is premium and P series is professional. U has AH-IPS plan vs IPS on the P.

              I might try price matching this at centrecom / scroptec tomorrow.


    Looking for a curved ultrawide monitor - which one do you guys suggest? The S3442DW for $480 or the older ultrasharp U3415W for $600? Never heard of the S-series before.

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      I think it goes U - (UltraSharp) best, then P (professional) then S ('super'?).

      But it depends on what you're looking for. The S3442DW is a VA panel, the U here is IPS. I'd go with IPS any day, but it depends on what you want.


        Thanks for the reply mate. I'm actually looking for a solid all around screen for mostly entertainment - playing poker online, watching Netflix etc. There's a $120 difference and that's not a big concern. The only 2 things I'm skeptical about is the relevance of U3415W (it being a 2014 model) and also the lesser curvature on it (don't larger screens need some decent curvature to improve viewing experience?)

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          VA panels like the S are very susceptible to direction of viewing, which is the reason for curve. IPS (U) direction doesn't matter, so that, small curve, large curve is personal preference.

          Nothing wrong with the U, only tech really missing is USB-C. My U2711 is still going strong and will likely still be going for another 10. The UltraSharps are possibly Dell's best product.