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[iOS] Screen Mirroring for Cast TV Lifetime License Free via in-App Purchase (Was $62.99) @ Apple App Store


This popular app is free again.

Instructions thanks to bargainbag
1. Download Screen Mirror Cast TV app from iOS store (or click on Go To Deal link on iPad/iPhone browser)
2. Open App
3. Select third option, Lifetime access for $0
4. Job's done!

Credit to BuddySaysHi for title.

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    Thanks dealbot!

    Got it this time, missed it last time :)

    • +19

      I managed to get it last time. Installed it, tested it, never used it since :)

      • +3

        Isn’t always, may need it “just in case” :)

      • This is the way.

      • +1

        Add it to all the free Udemy courses we never take!

        • And all the games in my Steam library

    • $63° future that's free? Hang on???

  • +3

    Downloaded but don’t know why.
    Anyway, thanks OP

  • Seems like a great app! Thanks OP!!!

  • How to select lifetime access?

    • +2
      1. Click the present icon in the top left corner
      2. Select the lifetime plan

      Just checked this app out. Easily one of the best (if not the best) screen mirroring software I've ever used.

    • +1
      1. Download, install, then open.
      2. Click the (i) icon top right.
      3. Scroll to Manage - Replica Premium
      4. Select the Lifetime $0 option.
      5. Profit
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        6 . Uninstall

  • Seems weird that this isn't built into the phone?

    Does it do something different to other casting software like the one built into samsung phones?

          • +44

            @Piranha2004: Surely you’re trolling? Screen mirroring and casting is built in…for Apple’s AirPlay.

            This is Chromecast by Google. Why would Apple support a Google product by default? It’s not like Android supports AirPlay out of the box.

            Btw, AirPlay actually came out before Chromecast and Miracast, but hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your rant.


            • -2

              @PainToad: Its not Chromecast by Google at all as it supports more than Google. Its basically Miracast which is a worldwide standard (you know technology/vendor agnostic). If Apple had any brains they wouldve defaulted to using this standard and not being the technology rebels they are known to be forcing people into their own ecosystem.

              • +3


                If Apple had any brains they wouldve defaulted to using this standard and not being the technology rebels they are known to be forcing people into their own ecosystem.

                They should of defaulted to Miracast even though it didn’t exist when they created AirPlay? So they should change all their products to cater for a product that ripped off their original idea?

                Pass. AirPlay works great if you’re invested into the Apple ecosystem. If you’re not, you’re welcome to not use an iPhone etc.

                • -1

                  @PainToad: Lol. Why adopt any standards at all then? Theyve had years to put in Miracast into their products as an offering to their customers. You dont even see the irony of this app as it wouldnt even be required if they adopted the world standard. But hey, you keep paying for things that come standard in pretty much every other tv, phone and iot device. Pass.

            • +9

              @PainToad: Yeah, look if people want to have a whinge at Apple, it should be that they create closed standards that improve on what existed before, but they deliberately exclude non-Apple devices from that, leading the rest of world to have to create alternative competing standards (these are sometimes open, sometimes closed).

              So then the world ends up with 2 or more competing standards, split by platform, instead of just 1 standard that everyone can use, so it's a big mess, which fragments & slows down technological progress.


              Area Apple's product (year) Rest of the world (year) [whether it's an open or closed/proprietary standard/platform] / details of other standards used in the rest of the world
              Wireless media streaming Airplay (2010) Miracast (2012) [Open] / Chromecast (2013) [Closed]
              Rich messaging service iMessage (2011) RCS (been under ongoing development since 2008) [Open] / Whatsapp (2009) [Closed] / Facebook messenger (2011) [Closed] / Signal (2014) [Open] - Note: this one is the most complicated/least clear, since there's lots of overlapping developments going on in this category, including from before iMessage.
              Finding physical location of contacts Find my friends (2011) Location Sharing in Google Maps (2017) [Closed]
              Reversible data & power connector Lightning (2012) USB-C (2014) [Open]
              Mobile payment and digital wallet Apple Pay (2014) Google Pay (2015) [Closed] / Samsung Pay (2015) [Closed]
              Video Conferencing FaceTime (2010) Skype (2003) [Closed] / Zoom (2012) [Closed] / Whatsapp video calls (2016) [Closed] - Note: much like messaging services, it's a complicated overlapping timeline, including from before FaceTime.

              • @nickj: this is unfortunately very true. Hang on, is Google Pay closed as well? I thought I was able to use it not long ago.

    • +2

      Aircast doesn't work with Chromecast and vice-versa.

      The point of this app is that it's device/brand agnostic. For example, you can cast from your iPhone to your Samsung TV with no troubles. Or if you're an Android user, you can cast from your Android phone to a Mac.

  • I don’t see any option.
    I just see a bar down the bottom that says other devices and then small symbols at the top For options but whenever I press on the options inside I get a black ad screen.

    • +9

      click the icon in top left corner that looks like a present with a bow, then when that opens, down the bottom you'll see "single purchase lifetime access $0"

      • +1

        This should be added to the description.

      • Don't see any icon in the top left corner that looks like a 🎁

        Top left corner there is Connect written in bold

        • Click the (i) icon top right. >> Scroll to Manage - Replica Premium >> Select the Lifetime $0 option.

    • +4

      I had this problem too, I saw the present symbol once but could not get it to appear again.
      The workaround for me was to go back to the app store page and scroll down, there is a subscription button there - the trial is $30ish, but the lifetime option is $0.

      • +2

        Thank you
        Your trick worked for me.

        Description is terrible
        It skips a step

  • +3

    When you have downloaded the app, it will show a screen for purchase like weekly monthly etc. Cross that page and move to the next screen. After that go in app purchase option. You will see a free for life time option.

  • How is this different to Air play?

    • +2

      Airplay works on Apple TV. This works on chromecast etc s as far as I’m aware.

      • Also Amazon Fire TV

    • +2

      Airplay is proprietary to Apple devices only. This uses Miracast which is a worldwide standard and accessible by thousands of different devices.

      • Ok that comment is incorrect as I can Airplay from my iPhone & Macbook Pro straight to my Samsung Smart TV?

        • You can.

          I think an app like this is to be used if AirPlay doesn’t work in a particular situation.

  • Thanks!

  • +2

    Have bought it for free.
    Don't know why it if I will use it, but it's the ozbargain way.
    But now, think later!

    • +2

      You want it in your but now?

  • Missed out last time as I only download the app and didn’t do the in app purchase. Score.

  • -1

    here is my upvote to the download.
    Not sure where to use but hey, it's free.
    Thanks @quik-dry for the details.

  • Thanks OP.

  • When it says it’s recording. Is it putting that recording somewhere

  • Bought it awhile ago never used once haha. Real question what do people use this for? Mostly everything comes with “casting” function nowadays.

    • Someone mentioned that it allows iOS devices to use Chromecast.

      • +1

        Most iOS apps I use have both AirPlay and Chromecast built-in. Netflix/Disney+/Binge/Prime and Spotify being the obvious examples. I also struggle to understand the purpose for this app (for my use cases) but downloaded anyway.

        • Same almost all the apps I use which I would prefer to watch it on tv offers chrome cast.

  • Thanks OP. Saved us from buying Apple TV when we got a Chromecast with a single Android device but loads of iPhones/iPads.

  • +1

    I have an old Sony tv that does screen mirroring. Tried to get this working with iPhone but never works. Tried with this app, still doesn’t work.

    What is the point of this tv mirroring app??

    • It may not be the app. It could be the age of the TV and/or your iPhone.

      I have a 5+ years Samsung TV that refuses to connect to anything wirelessly.

      I also have another 2019 Samsung that easily connects to my iPhone 11. But it only sometimes connects to my 2016 iPad.

      So, it could be the app but probably the issues are between devices.

  • Great app OP. Availed this last time and have been extensively using it.

  • +2

    Isn't this feature available readily in iOS like Android ??? 🤣🤣

  • Great app! Wouldn’t pay $62, but definitely worth more than $0

  • -2

    Unfortunately not a available anymore :( only the 3 yearly monthly or weekly plans

    • +2

      Still works for me. Open app, go to manage plan, down the bottom in pink is lifetime for 0.00

    • I just got it about 30 secs ago?

      Lifetime was at the bottom of the list… monthly and yearly was at the top.

    • If you didn't see the option, probably you have downloaded it with same iOS acct from different device, go to top right information icon, then scroll down to manage, then premium replica, you may see the restore purchase option, click it should work. Otherwise, reinstall the app and try again.

    • Same for me. No life time option.

    1. Personal Information Collection and Use
      If you grant Replica permission, we may collect and use personal information from you as follows.
      Purpose: Replica needs microphone access to scan for nearby Cast devices.
      Purpose: Replica needs bluetooth access to scan for nearby Cast devices.


    • app hasn't requested for microphone permission and casting works fine. probably just a mistake
      bluetooth permission is obviously needed

  • +1

    Excellent app, works very well. Lag is non existent and quality is nice.

  • Nice.. Casting to my google nest hub now

  • Thanks op

  • Thanks, dealbot ^_^

  • Not sure what I was doing wrong, downloaded this the last time to get Zoom meeting from iPhone to chromecast into TV but didn't work.

  • Its not able to cast to my Roku device :(

  • +2

    I have downloaded the app but when I click on the gift icon or the '!' icon and then Replica Premium…I just see a blank screen with 10sec timer running on top right. What am I doing wrong! I have Iphone 7 btw

    • Same for me. iPhone 7 also.

      • Blank as well on iphone 6s

    • Also experiencing this, iPhone XR.

    • +2

      I experienced this. Go back to App Store and tap the app icon to open the app details. Under in-app purchases, there is a Replica Lifetime Premium, priced at $0. Buy that and you're good to go

    • Getting this on 1st gen iphone SE

  • -1

    Has anyone checked if it can be used to view foxtel go as tried everything to share screen to TV but it doesn't allow.

  • Thanks a ton OP! Can finally use my MacBook Air to cast fitness plus workouts now!

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Perfect timing. Needed this for a demo/training I am doing next month.

  • Will this allow casting from the apple tv app to Chromecast?

    • No, the Apple TV app only supports casting content via AirPlay.

      This app just mirrors your phone's screen to a Chromecast-compatible device.

      • Many thanks.

  • No idea why I got this but $62 for a casting app?? Sounds like we are still living in 2010 to me

  • -1

    Great I will now use this with my TV…. :-)
    I assume it is associated with my Apple ID so that way when I install this app on my iPad or other phone I can also cast for my lifetime!

  • can you use this outside? so from netflix on iphone to ipad pro. only the phone has mobile data.

  • +1

    Be aware that, given the permissions, this app will track you across third party apps and websites.

  • -1

    Thank you! I got 12 months free Apple TV+ with my iPad but have never used it because I couldn't easily cast it. We'll see how this goes… although $60+ for a casting app sounds steep!

    • Just tried this idea, it doesn't work. Won't allow the screen to be recorded when apple TV is on.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Was anyone charged $12.99?

  • I've used this app a few times, works well mirroring to a Chromecast!

  • Why can’t people just download and shut up rather than ranting? You have 2 options either download or move on, no one wants a debate/lecture. Thanks to the op for this gem, downloaded it last time.

  • If only it worked the other way. Anyway, I have downloaded. Thank you.

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