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Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless) $17.95 + $3 Shipping @ CoreElectronics


Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless)
$17.95 plus $3 shipping
This is great if you want to set it up as an octoprint server for your 3D printer WITHOUT video/camera streaming, otherwise it will struggle
Seems pretty decent considering everyone is out of stock

Link to a simple Octoprint tutorial

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                • @nokia3660: Why would you need to install kodi on rp0 with Hyperion? You just need Hyperion and use video capture to add external kodi device or chromecast.
                  Kodi and Hyperion won't work together well

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            @studentl0an: No worries see the YouTube link I just posted.
            I bought the rpi and video capture and LEDs all at total cost of $60!!
            If you got android tv you can skip buying video capture!
            Will post it here once completed building it probs woild be next month when I recieve all the parts.

        • Cheers.. I still have an old Philips 42" tv with the Ambilight - still think it's an underrated feature. Great for watching with the lights out.

      • +2
        • That link just cost me an hour of my time……………….watching cool stuff! Nice. Now to waste many more hours considering actually creating such a thing like this guy did.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpBRKZ_2aYo (although perhaps there are better methods. No idea!

  • Would it be good for Home assistant (automation)?

    • -1

      A quick web search says yes.

      But depending on how much you're wanting to do, performance of the Zero could start to struggle compared to a full Pi 4.

      • Hassbian has been retired since 2019, now Hass.io is the go to: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/r-i-p-hassbian/144564

        • I know, but I didn't see the need to make the distinction. If Hassbian could run fine, Home Assistant OS (which "replaced" Hass.io as the go to) should run without issue.

          As you also stated, the issue isn't so much running Home Assistant (be it Hassbian, Hass.io or HassOS) - it's running Home Assistant with a larger number of entities, add-ons, etc.

      • https://www.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/kcxf65/can_h...
        "Yes, though its not recommended.

        I ran a very simple hass.io setup with just 2 lights for about a year. I wanted to start expanding and installed the companion app on my phone, I think the number of sensors it added was too much for the 0 to handle. It would crash, then take forever to reboot.

        I swapped over to an rpi 3 and no more issues."

    • wouldn't want to run HA on a zero w, go for the pi4

      • Pi4 is way too overkill for ha, unless you can get it for around $50

        • No it’s not. HA benefits greatly from the faster CPU. You can run off a Pi3 if you want but unless you have one laying around already you probably aren’t saving much and there’s a significant performance boost. As it is even a Pi4 doesn’t always close to over spec and many people choose to run it in faster hardware.

          What you don’t need to do is she’ll out for the Pi4 with the highest amount of RAM. The lower RAM tiers will be fine.

          I also suggest investing in something decent for storage as cheap SD cards can be destroyed pretty quick with HA. A small and cheap SSD or a USB flash drive isn’t money wasted if you’re serious.

          A PiZero on the other hand will be atrocious.

        • +1

          I've switched to a NUC and feel like its just adequate. I think you just adapt to the hardware you have

      • HA used to run fine off a zero - but overall the architecture has shifted towards bloat, unnecessary containers, etc. The only thing they have done in recent times for efficiency is one developer sorting out their logging database. Everything else has gone the direction of 'who cares, hardware is cheap'.

    • Not so much for the assistant part, but you can definitely use it to control electronics around your home, e.g. light up leds, open/close a garage door, monitor a security sensor.

      Linking that stuff to a home assistant like Google home wouldn't be too difficult with the right howto / software.

    • It depends

      If you also want to include security video streams then it will surely struggle.

    • Wouldn't run HA on it but theyre great for complementing an existing setup. My Pi Zero works great as a bluetooth beacon presence detector which communicates with my HA server

  • +3

    I would get it - I just cannot find a need for it

    My RetroPie just sits there gathering dust lol

    • I bet you like me, spent more time setting up Retropie than playing it..

  • +8

    Isn't this core's standard price for the zero w?
    I got a couple from them in 2019 for $15.29 + $3 shipping

    • $18 is around the normal price, the special is really the $3 shipping.

      • +7

        That's cores normal shipping price for the pi zeroes. They send them in a standard envelope (at least they did for mine).

        • +1

      • +3

        Looking at a screenshot of the website from Nov 11 2020 and the price and shipping is exacly the same

        • My last order Feb 2019 was $3 shipping + $15.29 for the Pi Zero W so looks like this is the 'normal' price, given currency fluctuations.

  • Got one years ago for my Pwnpie

  • 1080p/4k playback via hdmi and usb?

    • @Steakz - I am not sure if you are being sarcastic. If not, A descent 1080P/4K on Pi0 won't be a pleasant experience (i.e if it hadn't crashed already).

    • +1

      RPi 0 are based on the original RPi 1 SOC, so 1080p h264 hardware decoding, no h265 decoding and (I'm pretty sure) no 4k.
      For software decoding you're going to be very limited by the CPU.
      Also no full size USB-A ports.

      If you want a pi for a media player (libreelec, kodi under retropie etc) you'd want a pi4, or at least pi3 if you don't care about h265 decoding.

      The Zero W is handy for low power devices you want to leave running 24/7 like a pihole/DNS server for home etc. Mine's running pihole with unbound (full recursive DNS server, rather than forwarding anything not on your block list to google DNS or similar).
      They're used in the GPi case for retroarch, but are borderline too weak for that purpose IMO.

  • +1

    I think it is the limit one per customer normal price, bulk price is $22.91 per unit.

    The non wireless version is $8.94

    They are very powerful for the price but a bit slow, booting up is painfully slow.

    • Don't try to order multiple units with different email addresses. Graham gets very unhappy if you do that.

      • +1

        I used to just tack one on whenever I ordered anything from them!

  • thoughts on using this to run a python program which takes data from a banking API and updates an excel spreadsheet every 1 hours?

    • +2

      I'm sure it will manage.

  • +1

    Does anyone actually use one of these for octoprint and actually enjoy it? I persevered for a while in the past out of stubbornness. Eventually changing to a 4 was a breath of fresh air

  • I wouldn't recommend this one to go with Octoprint - the single core is underpowered.

  • I use my PiZero as a PirateBox. PirateBox creates offline wireless networks designed for anonymous file sharing, chatting, message boarding, and media streaming.

  • +5

    I have a few of these running (temperature collection and mucking around with eink displays), but the best use I've found for these is to make a cheap and easy wifi based console connection. I already have a usb->serial cable in my kit bag, so with the pi zero w, a microusb->female usb OTG cable and microusb power cable (also already in my bag) run directly from a usb port on a router or switch to power it I can have a wireless console connection to a device from my laptop. Handy for not being stuck in a rack or computer room and just sitting outside at a desk. MUCH cheaper than the pre-built ones too!

    I use ser2net for the actual console server, then hostapd to run the pi as an access point and dnsmasq for DHCP and thats pretty much it.

    If you want internet and the console server running simultaneously over wifi, then buy a usb nano wifi adapter, or setup the pi to connect to your laptop via bluetooth. I like IP addresses more than COM ports though.

    Apart from the pi zero, most people would have most of the cables already, so its very cheap compared to the bluetooth or wireless alternatives.

    And if you want to go nuts, use a pi3 (more usb ports), usb cellular modem and a reverse ssh tunnel to make it a completely remote solution (cellular coverage dependent of course).

  • +1

    Bought 1, thanks OP

  • just started researching the pi family.. was going to buy one of these for a Pi hole but someone told me I can use my Pi 4 and put the Pi hole in a docker container…

    I want to send flac files from my nas to my sonos in highest quality I can.

    Whats the best and cheapest way to set up streaming cameras with decent quality that are small and out of the way?? I was interested in some of the comments on ESP-32 Cam etc

  • Any good as a console emulator?

    • +1

      depends on the console, but I'd say no if you want a broad selection.

  • It does work well for the pihole, until it doesnt.. I was using this for just that a few months ago during peak summer and others have already mentioned, it does have sever heating issues. One of the warmer days when the room it was in was especially warm, the zero pi could not take the heat and cooked itself. I only realised later and had to discard it.

    I am using my older pi 3B now for pihole (sort of an overkill shrug) and that has worked well so far.

    If you are getting this for pihole try to keep it in a cooler place if you can :)

  • Would this happily run a monero node?

  • +5

    Core Electronics is the first place I go to for anything Raspberry Pi. Reasonable prices for an Aussie company. Also they have good YouTube tutorial videos.

  • Is there any benefit in running Pihole over just a dns based blocklist on your router?

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