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Motorola Moto G 5G Plus 128GB $388.99 Delivered ($369.54 Officeworks Price Beat) @ MobileCiti, MobileCiti Catch, Allphones


Lowest price so far for this great value 5G capable phone with a good chip and a fairly vanilla/stock version of Android. Helped my mum buy one last weekend (when most stores had it for $499) when Catch had it for $398 (which disappeared immediately after we did that). Now back for even less at Catch (link above) as well as MobileCiti and Allphones. Most other stores (inc Officeworks & JB Hifi) have dropped to $399 now.

Motorola Moto g 5G Plus (5G, 6.7" FHD+, Qualcomm Snapdragon SD765, 48MP Quad Camera System, 5000 mAH Battery, Dual SIM, 4/64GB, Android 10), Surfing Blue

Ultra-fast speed. Ultra-wide view. Meet moto g 5G plus, bringing ultra-fast 5G speed, ultra-wide selfies, and an ultra- wide CinemaVision display to everyone.
Unbelievable 5G speed

Ultra-wide selfie camera system
48 MP quad camera system
2-day* battery
6.7″ CinemaVision display
Powerful performance
Beautifully comfortable design


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      Pretty sure Samsung S series will drop more in value than the full price of this phone in the first week you own it.

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    similiar price (+ $0.99) on their ebay store

    can use code: PAPPSS (on eBay app) for extra $30 off - bringing the total down to $358.99 delivered

    • +1

      My local officeworks decided 'competitors price' was 228 so I got it for 218.

      • Godbless blindsided people =)

  • price seems pretty good.. why are they so cheap?

    • Mainly because it's nearly a year old (it was released July 2020) and the cameras aren't exactly the best.

    • +9

      A mate of mine works at a shop that sells them and said he gets more warranty returns of these phones than every other phone they have combined.

      • +2

        What phone brand does he say get the least returns/built like a rock?

      • Will chip in - had E6 and Power G7 fail and had to be returned for warranty repairs last year. At least the shop they use in Sydney is v fast, but enough of a warning not to buy Motorola.

    • -1

      Motorola is owned by Lenovo, and when you price this phone against other Chinese brands it's not that cheap. For comparison, you can buy the Poco X3 Pro from Amazon for about $340. The X3 Pro has a better processor, more RAM, more storage, probably the same camera, and a 120hz display.

      The real question should be "why are other phones so expensive?"

      • +1

        again, it is not 5G phone, if you want to compare like for like, compare with 5G phone.

  • +9

    I have one - great phone - Can't fault it and amazing battery. 5G i've hit 500Mbps in Melb City.

  • What's the catch here?
    Seems like a very solid phone for a very cheap price.

    • +11

      Things I don't like:

      No wireless charging.
      The blue colour is a bit awful.
      I can't find a way to make the volume rocker default to actually changing my ring volume instead of media volume.
      The fingerprint scanner is in a bit of a weird place, it's quite high up on the side.
      I prefer my headphone jack at the opposite end to the charging port.
      The cameras are not fantastic, especially at night.
      Has a stupid google assistant button that you can't remap.
      Still on Android 10, but apparently Moto started rolling out A11 in Spain a couple of weeks ago, so we might get it soon, depending on your provider I guess.

      But my battery is currently at 83%, and it says I have ~44 hours left. And that's probably about right, it will almost certainly last me the whole day tomorrow.
      I don't play games or watch movies on my phone though.

      I grabbed mine for like $100 using Telstra Plus points, so I certainly not complaining for the price… but I would 100% buy it again at the price in this bargain.

  • is this an upgrade to my Samsung Note 9?

    • Note 9 doesn't have 5G, so on that front, yes it is an upgrade.

      • thx
        processor wise?

        • Same I think. It is incredible snappy.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the dual sim is not using the memory card slot?

    • +4

      From Catch website : "Card slot : Yes. Up to 1TB microSDXC Card (uses shared SIM slot)"

      • Oh damn… no deal for me.

        • 4G plus had it separate that was the best feature ever.

          I sold mine 4 years ago

  • 2 day battery Kapp

  • At this price point go for Xiaomi….it does have same SoC as Pixel 5, Qualcomm SM7250 Snapdragon 765 5G

    Don't think it performs better than Pixel 5, but it comes SD Card slot, 3.5mm jack, Fast charging 20W vs 18W and has longer battery life.

    However you are dealing with Lenovo not Google

    • Which Xiaomi were you thinking of?

      • -1

        Poco X3 Pro a couple of weeks back. Unless you want local warranty that is


        120Hz screen + SD 860 + 33W Charging

        Maybe you can get custom roms for it dunno

        • +1

          this is 5G and Xiaomi is 4G.

          • +2

            @samehada: 5G doesn't mean much to me might mean something else for others. Mvno nothing of them got 5G anyway

            • @neonlight: TBH, even if I had 5G reception it probably wouldn't bother me that much. 4G is fast enough for my current mobile needs.

          • @samehada: i think this 4g vs 5g on oz bargain will be like does it have band 28 was 2 years ago …..people who are in 5g zone will want it people not in 5g don’t care and eventually people just want it for when they are in a5g zone or future proofing ….. my optus plan doesn’t have4g or5g plans, it’s fastest tower same price.

            i bought a remdmi 9 as a spare phone for $145 on last deal , no 5g, it’s a spare phone. if i was spending $350 i’d want 5g as then it becomes my daily phone.

        • It's still that same price. I bought one last week, it won't be delivered until next month though. I wish they had a faster delivery option. If I was in a hurry I would have paid the premium to buy it from Amazon I guess.

    • +2

      Weird comparison with Pixel 5 when Pixel 5 is more than double the price of this phone.

      • -1

        Double the price but double in better performance and usage not sure

        • +3

          Weirdly, you sounds unsure of your own pitch… anyway, people wants cheap 5G phone that works, and this is it ;)

  • +3

    Like many old phones, this is based on a common qualcomm chipset, vulnerable to at least one serious vulnerability: CVE-2020-11292. Motorola are yet to update it, and have not said that they will.


    • +1

      You mean like almost all decent phones except iPhones and Australian Samsungs?

      • Many old iPhones are affected.

        Not sure about Samsungs, they have far better stacks than the Chinese ones but still you have to rely on a tight MDM implementation to keep them (relatively) resilient from inexperienced attackers

  • Shame this isn't using an OLED screen otherwise i would be all over it.

  • +2

    3.5mm audio output is very weak, have tested on two different models, phone is great otherwise. I got USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor to solve the problem.

  • I bought this phone last week. Still on Android 10 and Jan 2021 security patch! :( But the screen is one of the better LCD screens!

  • A drawback of this phone is that it use the slower UFS2.1 storage compared to Xiaomi phone.

  • +1

    So now that these no longer have the extra card slot, are there any newish dual SIM + card slot phones around?

  • +1

    I don't know why people are so excited about 5g

    I can't remember when I maxed out the bandwidth of 4g connection on my phone

    5g is relevant if you are considering wireless home broadband, otherwise I see no point in 5g mobile phones

    correct me if I am wrong, but why would you really want speeds faster than your home NBN in your phone? what the hell would you use it for

    • Yes I am using 5G for wireless home broadband. 4G is hopeless at my location.

      • +2

        also, I get it that 5g is the way of the future, and if you want to future proof your phone you might as well choose a unit with 5g

        but think of it this way: 3g network will operate till 2024, and 4g even longer, so by the time having 5g will be relevant, the phone you buy today will already be out of warranty and you'll be looking for a new one anyway

        so I don't think 5g is relevant in mobile phones right now. just my 2c

  • So I have a Moto 5G Plus that's about 4 years old. I'm guessing it's not the same phone. How do their naming conventions work?

    • Naming conventions pretty much change each generation with the Motorola phones. This is a Moto G 5G meaning a Moto G with 5g network capability. They previously had phones named G5 - G9, and also currently have a G10 and G30.
      So yes certainly not the same phone.

  • Spoke to Mobicity. This is XT2075 (without -3 suffix) model. Anybody with this model on Boost confirm whether VoLTE (optionally VoWiFi) works for them please? If yes, I'd like to buy this phone.

  • Ended up buying the dual SIM model from Mobileciti. It's indeed XT-2075-3. Apparently there are two variants of this phone: 1. Telstra variant, with single SIM 2. Retail variant with dual SIMs. Both models appear to share the same model number: XT-2075-3. I've confirmed the Mobileciti dual SIM variant to support VoLTE on both Telstra and Optus networks. Confirmed VoWiFi with Telstra.

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