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[eBay Plus, Pre Order] Apple M1 iPad Pro 10% off RRP 11" from $1079.10, 12.9" from $1484.10, iMac 24" $1709.10 @ Titan_Gear eBay


Enjoy :)

11 inch start from $1079.10
$1079.10 [Pre-Order]Apple M1 11-inch iPad Pro - All Colours

12.9 inch start from $1484.10
$1484.10 [Pre-Order]Apple M1 12.9-inch iPad Pro - All Colours

24 Inch start from $1709.10
$1709.10 [Pre-Order]Apple M1 24-inch iMac with Retina 4.5K display - All Colours

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  • +9

    patiently waiting for iPad mini air/pro.

  • +5

    Wow, end of June eta, that's a bit of wait for those who are patient…

  • +3

    apple is enjoying the monopoly in tablet space for more than a decade. neither can i imagine Android getting tablet app support from devs nor a competitor who can get G suite support which is must for android users.

  • +1

    Any quick rundowns on the benefits of this? I know M1 processors are the bomb but practically will this improve my life?

    • +10

      To be honest, I've been using it for the past two days and yes, albeit the screen is impressive but performance wise, I think it is being highly restricted/ hampered by the iPad OS. Either Apple need to rework the iPad OS to maximize the M1 to its full potential or allow Mac OS? Which I think would not happened.

      • Yeah I second your thoughts. My first iPad Pro and it’s definitely very fast but like you said the heavily restricted iPadOS doesn’t really let the internal M1 shine.

        But it’s cool I get Geekbench scores the same as what a 13 inch M1 MBP gets on a very light tablet :)

      • Have you tried watching Netflix, something with HDR.
        Is the screen similar to OLED? Or not quite as good?

        • I've watched Netflix but not many 4k content but I do owned some movies on iTunes and some movies comes with upgraded 4k and with dolby vision, and it looks fantastic!

          • @cloudie9: Hi, I just wondering doyou own 11 inch ipad pro pr 12.9' ipad pro?

      • I tell everyone, what you want is the AIR. You can use it as a MINI/iMac, with screen, keyboard or mouse. It’s a laptop, obviously and it’s not restricted like the iPad. It’s where the value is across the whole range!

        OSX & apps is better than anything iOS can offer & Apple won’t bridge the gap for the same reason I still need a unique lightening lead to charge my iPhone.

        • I usually watch the iPad in bed. Air isn't ideal for that.
          And the new screen on the iPad Pro is better than the Air.
          For laptop, I have a gaming laptop, which the Air isn't good for gaming.

      • +2

        Until the iPad gets some kind of OS that is either OSX or some half way point that enables efficient multi tasking and access to desktop apps, this this is just OP for no real reason.

    • +24

      faster opening of facebook app to see crap going on, waste time in watching tictok on brighter screen, more weird selfies using wide front facing camera :p

      • +1

        sadly .. it's true

    • Not until MacOS comes to play I think.
      until than it's just a very expensive Netflix and web surfing machine

      • -3

        It's not even expensive. You can barely even find a MacBook Air for this price, let alone a MacBook Pro (11 inch iPad price).

        The screen on this device is straight-out excellent, and the processor provides it with long-term performance did to how advanced it is

        • The point is, it's more expensive than other devices that can do Netflix and web surfing.

          • @bio: It can do a lot more than Netflix and web surfing lol. Seems like you aren't a gamer - But this thing is excellent for games (Screen + Overpowered Chipset)

            • -1

              @Zackeroo: What games?

            • @Zackeroo: I've got a million better ways to spend $1k if you're a gamer. This isnt 'good' for gamers. Its for apple fans (sheep) that want to pay a premium to stay inside the apple ecosystem.

            • @Zackeroo: yea, it much more powerful than xsx and ps5, both rubbish thats why both cost half the money

        • +5

          If you compare MacBook Pro 13” to iPad Pro 12.9” with keyboard, iPad Pro is a lot more expensive.

          • -3

            @Could Be Better: Imo, if you're going to buy an iPad, don't buy the 12.9" - It's literally the same screen size as the MacBook Pro and kinda ruins the portability

            And buying a keyboard for it just ruins it even more. Might as well just buy the MacBook in the first place 🤷‍♂️

            • @Zackeroo: nothing wrong with buying an iPad Pro to use as a tablet but you compared its price to a MBA/MBP to imply it is cheap/not expensive, when a quid pro quo MBA is actually cheaper and less restrictive.

              • @deliriouss: I compared the price of the iPad Pro 11" with the MBA/MBP

                I definitely did not say anything about the 12.9" with keyboard — This is an unjustifiable purchase imo, unless someone really needs the '2 in 1' kinda device

                • +1

                  @Zackeroo: iPad Pro 11" with 256GB of storage is $1349 retail, which is only $150 less than what a 13" base model with the same CPU, storage and ram costs, neither of them have mini LED, only the 12.9" iPad Pro does. IMO, the 12.9" iPad Pro with 256GB ($1799 retail) would make a fairer price comparison with 13" base MBA ($1499) as they are closer in spec & size (monitor real estate).

                  Great that the gaming potential of the 11" iPad Pro appeals to you. I am not a gamer nor digital artist, so like many others I find iPadOS to be too restrictive. I want an ultra-portable convertible with touch screen, pen stylus, removable keyboard that can function as a tablet for presentation & entertainment but also works as a laptop replacement for real work when I need it to, but so far it has failed me. (I have a high spec 4th gen 12.9" iPad Pro, which I regret buying).

            • +1

              @Zackeroo: The 12.9 has mini led. The only device Apple sells with it.

              Edit: nvm misread it

              Either way, the iPad is useless as a productivity device without the keyboard making it a glorified Netflix machine.

  • +1

    Honestly quite a good price on a new product, and I think the ETA is in line with Apple and other retailers right?

    I’ve had my iPad Pro 2018 for a couple of years now and it’s one of the best tech purchases I’ve ever made. Still blazing fast even now, literally no signs of slowing down. For people who already have the 2018 or 2020 iterations of the iPad Pro I really wouldn’t rush to upgrade, at least not until there’s significant evidence that iPadOS is going to allow the full extent of the M1’s potential to be fulfilled. Then you can think about buying it - what’s the hurry?

    If you’ve never had an iPad Pro and are in the market for a productivity or entertainment tablet, this is a no brainer. Buy it (the 12.9 inch one)!!!

  • Bit torn on wherher to upgrade my ipad 11" pro to this and be set for several years, or just wait it out. Think apple is giving around $500 trade in for my ipad too. I know thats not whatvits worth, but saves me the hassle of selling privately…

  • No headphone jack on ipad too?

  • +1

    $3,549 for an iPad? Really?

    • Better than a $20,000 watch!
      What's that saying about fools and money?

      • Actually a $20,000 watch is a better investment lol

  • If I can sell my ipad pro 2018 on gumtree more than 800 (64+4g), I am happy to pull the trigger

  • +1

    Waiting for the 11 inch to get mini LED. Think I’ll bite the bullet and get the magic keyboard instead of upgrading this year.

    • Great idea, was thinking the same

  • Can tech savvy bargainer can recommend this 11” or the iPad Air 4th gen that was released late last year? I only use it for mobile gaming like pubg.

  • Any ShopBack, CashRewards, Raiz or similar that stacks?

    • Not if u use a coupon.

    • You can get Swap gift cards on ShopBack and get another 5% off.

  • If this is pre-order does that mean I can cancel later on if I change my mind?

  • +1

    1TB & 2TB are 16gb on the 11' & 12.9, all others under this are 8gb (128gb, 256gb & 512gb)
    The Cellular version is 5G but another thing is ONLY the cellular version has hardware GPS!

    You can use maps on wifi but its not all that accurate, coverage is spotty if moving or non at all and GPS is very useful in itself.

    The 11" does not have the MicroLED, only the 12.9 has the super brighter HDR screen! It's an extra $300ish upgrade in itself over the 11" Again the above still applies ^

    The PPSS1 is MAX $100.

    • Oh what?!?! Can’t believe it about the screen.
      Looks like I’ll wait till next year.

  • Anyone using teamviewer on this?
    It’s pretty much the only thing stopping me from ditching my surface pro.

    • I use teamviewer on my phone sometimes. Whats wrong with it specifically? or are you trying to control your Surface pro using teamviewer?

      • I have a very specific work program that only runs on windows pc. Currently use surface to teamviewer control my work pc which connects to a local server running the program, via RDP when I’m at home.

        Nothing wrong with my surface pro 3. It’s just old. Instead of buying a new surface I was toying with the idea of a iPad Pro, as I mainly use the laptop for media consumption anyway.

        Did try to use my phone but the screen is way too small to make out the text of the program.

        • My SP3 doesnt last an hour on battery haha. It'll be fine as long as you arent using keyboard inputs via teamviewer.

  • Anyone know if theres any good deals clearing out old models of ipad? I'm looking to pickup something cheap but don't need any of the modern tech

    • Apple tightly controls their retail partners, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Anyone confused between the two screens should go to a store that has both on display.

    I went and couldn't tell the difference between mini led and old screen tech. Not saying it's better one way or another. I'll go with the 11" version as I like the form factor better.

    • I hated how all the reviewers were like WOW THIS IS AMAZING. I have an HDR screen but it only works with HDR content… of which there is very limited amount. I think this is similar from what I gathered.

    • I did read some reviews even say the microled max brightness is over the top… but I kinda feel like it would be nice to have the option..

  • Can anyone make sense of the drop down option list on the 11" page? There's an option for 8 core, 7 core and then plain 11". Have they copied and pasted some Macbook Air options in there or something?

    • +2

      I believe they are the new 24" M1 iMacs listings. Somehow some (or all) got included on the 11" iPad Pro page.

  • is it worth to upgrade from the 3rd gen ipad pro 12" to the current m1 model?

    • Only you can answer that.
      I've got mine already, it's a nice upgrade.
      I bought the 3rd gen at launch too expecting software to catchup and slowly they have added support for the things i wanted. The magic keyboard and touchpad has certainly made it come alive.
      I'm expecting a lot more changes in the next 3 years too around thunderbolt, displays, multitasking etc.

      The screen is really nice. Blacks are blacker than I expected, but its still not oled. It's dam bright though!
      If you use HDR content you are in.
      Performance is once again insane. 8GB ram is a really nice upgrade as well.

  • Does anyone know if the 11" magic keyboard has changed this year? I know the 12.9 has a new version due to thicker ipad, but 11" black version should be the same?

    • It has to be the same as the 2021 11" iPad Pro has the exact dimension as the 2018 and 2020 ones.

      • Yea I think so too. I am also considering the logitech combo touch because the keyboard is detachable and has better tilt angles.

    • +1

      but now it comes in WHITE

  • Would buy if it were coming sooner. Too long to wait.

    • This is what I'm conflicted with too. Might just go JB, price match the education pricing and then grab some 10% off GC's and buy it there.

  • Anyone have any thoughts on how well Lightroom would work on this? Currently using a Dell XPS (a couple of years old now) that just grinds doing any post-processing; and so I now barely do any.

    Thinking this new pro might work well enough to encourage me to get back into it (assuming I can connect an external USB c ssd drive).

    • +1

      Not great as the main tool. File management is a pain.

      The Adobe tool itself works well when you are working on a photo. The screen is amazing. But if you want to manage a large number of photos, I'm afraid the file management bit let's you down.

      • Thanks for the input.

        How about using the laptop primarily for the file management side of things, sharing / syncing the catalogue, and then doing the edits on the iPad Pro?

        • It should work well, that's exactly what I am thinking.

          My main machine is an M1 Mac Mini 16gb ram version. It works really well for me. For mobility, it was between iPad Pro and MacBook.. I have chosen to go with iPad for my needs/preferences. Good luck with your decision!

  • wish those cowards over at apple would just slap MACOS on this thing

  • Received order post reminder email today, might be delivery in 3 days.

  • I saw the New 2021 iPads pros on display at jbhfi. I noticed there is not much difference in display quality between the 11 and 12.9 inch, the 12.9 inch looks better only when HDR content is on, but even then still not as good as OLED.

  • Just got mine 😲 wasn’t expecting that at all

    • Which city you are? Au post tracking showing mine is in transiting.

      • In syd. The only warning I had was an eBay order update at 11am saying it was on its way.

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