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$25 off Any Product on the Google Store


Just received an email with code for this offer from google store:

Take $25 off anything on the Google Store Use code:
Save on Google accessories and devices, for hands-free help throughout your home.

Could be targeted.

Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

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  • Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

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    Targeted? just tried adding Google TV and no discount applied?

    • Received a code to enter at checkout

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  • Not me. Bugger

  • where do you get the offer from… email, pop ups, little bird ?

  • Targetted not me

  • I received the $25 discount code as well.

  • I got this too.

  • hey i got the email too /:D thanks. yes this is targetted. i think i will use it.

  • so what is the best thing to buy, as close as possible to $25….

    • Maybe the chromecast is the only thing worth it for me.
      You could look at some accessories.

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      Got myself a usb c to aux adapter for free

    • Last time they had this promo I bought the USB C power supply with Ethernet for the Chromecast TV. $4 out of pocket.

      • I could really use this. The wifi they put on this device absolutely sucks.

  • Do you have to be subed to google one or g tv to get a code?

    • nope, but I only got a code on my most used account not any of the other 10 or so I have

  • If anyone has a code and not needing it, please send me a PM and I will happily use it :)

  • 4 Gmail accounts - No email! Great deal but!

    • because they know you have too many….

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    Makes the Ethernet adaptor for Chromecast with Google TV $5 delivered:


    • any other similar idea?
      can we sort by price for all products?

      • Couldn't see a way to sort by price, but you can use the filters - eg:


        Didn't realise Google now owns Fitbit. Might use the voucher for the new Luxe:


        • Please suggest, what's better between:

          (i) Fitbit or Garmin
          (ii) Fitness Tracker or Smartwatch?

          I would like to spend once, and forget about it for the next 3 years at least (Just like my Pixel 2 XL - currently using).

          • @Maaz17: Don't know much about them sorry - just something the missus asked me to buy for her birthday…

  • Nice, Hope I get the email. Wanting another CWGTV.

  • I got one on my school email (G Suite), interesting…

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    I never get these codes. What the hell, Google?! I've been nothing but loyal!

  • Frustrating. I have one of their phones, an older Chromecast and regularly use GMail, and would jump on this deal in a heartbeat but no email for me

    • its like you are same as other billions human in this earth… so not really special, eh ?

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        Nah, that can't be it. When I was a kid, the doctor told my mother I was 'special'…

  • Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

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    Those who are giving up the code, please leave a comment in the mega thread to let others know that you have provided the code to a requestor, this way, everyone will get a chance

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    urhg the thread become ugly with all those unpublished….

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    Got code on 4 emails within family but don't know what to buy :(

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      There are people wanting the codes in the code request mega thread , please offer them to the one from the top of you don’t want to use them :)

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    The code is valid for the rest of the year, wait until something you want goes on sale, then use the coupon

  • https://store.google.com/au/product/usb_type_c_to_usb_standa...
    sold out hahaha must be people buying

    take it easy, my email said valid till 31 dec 2021.
    i will wait

  • Can you use on non Australia google stores?
    (im guessing no).

  • Google TV with netflix bundle might be decent

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      That's exactly what I bought. $95 of Netflix credit, $25 off from the coupon, works out as $20 for the Chromecast with Google TV. I know they were on sale when first released but I'm happy with this - already paying for Netflix anyway.

  • Already shipped usbc to 3.5mm adapters - 2 for $7 shipped.

    Supposed to be delivered during the end of the vic lockdown.

    They do ship phones faster, but not bad for accessories.

  • Just remembered I got the Amex deal of spend $150, get $30 back at The Google Store - should be able to stack with this $25 off?


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    Using Google Price Match policy with the Officeworks deal Pixel 5 deal and also using this $25 credit means that you should be able to get the Pixel 5 at $772.

    In addition, for those with a Google One 2TB subscription, you should be able to get back 10% of your Google store purchase back in store credit. This means you should get about $70 store credit. Therefore, that Pixel 5 should be effectively $702? Or to see it in another perspective, that Pixel 5 is $772, but the 2TB annual subscription feels like it goes from $124.99 down to $52.99.

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    I got a code specifically for Google Nest Hub (2 Gen).
    $30 off valid till. 31 August 2021.

    I don’t have use for that, so let me know if any one wants to use that code


    • Same as me but I also have a discount code for Nest Audio. Happy to provide to anyone who needs it. I don't see the need for the hub or audio just yet.

      Hub code $30 off expires 31/08/2021
      Nest Audio code $30 off expires 11.59pm on 26/8/2021

      Just would like some discounts on Chromecast with Google TV and the Nest Wifi (though see the father's day sale has $150 off the 3-pack).

      • Would happily exchange for a $25 product discount code if some can provide on the mega thread to me TIA.