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Nuraphone Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $324 Delivered (Was $499) @ Amazon (AU)


Had a chat with the Nura chat support and was told there's a "flash" sale ending Sunday on their Amazon AU page.

I personally don't have these, but have been told they're great and was looking into purchasing them and the price is on par with my old QC35's that I purchased over 5 years ago.

I'm sure theres more cashbacks or promo codes, if you know any, list them below and I'll try update the description when I can.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    For 300$+, I would rather place my bet on a Sony XM4 or Bose 700. I did take a demo of these and I absolutely found nothing mind blowing as they claim in their advertisement.

    • Good to know, thanks!

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      I second you. I tried them at a pop up shop and wasn't impressed with sound quality compared to my very old Bose over the ear headphones.

    • I'd take a Sony/bose/even sennheiser any day.

      I do find the vibration quite fun to play with, but I'm not sure how I'd feel after an hour or so listening with vibration on…

      Price needs to be lower for this to be a better choice

    • Back when they were doing pop-up demos not only did I find them excruciatingly uncomfortable however they also managed to sound worse in their “calibrated” mode than they did in their intentionally hobbled un-calibrated mode.

      Just a miserable product.

  • Try a pair before committing, the nipples in the headphone can be very fatiguing after an hour.

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      I heard comfort can be an issue.

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      Same here, I found the nipples to be very itchy during the trial.

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        We’re still talking about headphones right? Right?

    • I found that an eye massager in the ear would likely be more comfortable.

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    100% Try before you buy, these were very painful and nowhere near as good as some Sony xm3/4 on sale.

    I tried them at the popup and my ears ached for a few hours, they didn’t sound that great and it was frustrating to be unable to calibrate or tune them.

    I preordered the nuraloops and after incredible delays, immediately returned them after a few weeks of use. Incredibly disappointed.

  • +4

    Fantastic headphones that I can't wear for more than an hour

  • Is this to purchase them outright or is it on a subscription?

    • +1

      It's outright. No sub.

      • Thanks.

  • +1

    The multi-driver setup is not well tuned, and the configuration process is a neat trick that will come to many other headphones soon.

    Avoid, and I'd also avoid all the Bose and Sony recommendations in the comments unless you need almost industrial grade noise cancelling. If you need basic ANC and/or a portable over-ear today, the AKG N700NCM2 are a better tuned headphone and should be at most $120 new via eBay's weekend sale.

    Those sound fantastic in Bluetooth ANC mode, with quality bass instead of the boomy crap the others have out of the box, and the difference in sound quality is small.

    • I have the AKG N700NCM2, love the sound but the build quality has me worried about longevity.

      I've babied them and not that long after getting them hairline cracks had developed on the headband where the hinge for folding them up is.

      • I would definitely chase that up with AKG/Samsung.

        All of these headphones are generally expected to hold up for 3-4 years unless you replace the battery and pads, but that seems like something that's slipped through QC.

    • +1

      Have to agree. I have the XM3s, QC35s, Momentum 2s, and M4U8s. The first two easily sound the worst out of the bunch. Easily. The Sony’s are just bass heavy muddy messes.
      Except I use them the most because they’re the best commuters (I catch the ferry) and drown out the engine noise almost perfectly.

      • Yup, my upgrade choices would be the Sennheiser PXC-550 II at say $200-$250, and the Shure Aonic 50 at $300-$350.

        Neither one is class leading ANC either, but sound quality goes up with each step.

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    Just two quick things:

    1) These headphones have been around for a while and at this point would have outdated hardware.
    2) The newer builds now have a cheap soft pouch instead of the hard carry case older ones did.

  • +6

    I own these and XM4's

    The XM4's are my daily drivers and are much better for casual listening and for usage over long periods of time.
    The Nura's sound great but you really have to take the time to do the calibration correctly (sometimes takes a few tries). I find you really have to be in the mood to enjoy the Nura's, they're not the most comfortable to wear but offer a higher level of immersion over the Sony's.

  • +1

    I love my pair but like others, I find them hard to use for long listens. The Immersive Mode is great once it's configured for you.

  • +1

    I have these as well as the Bose QC 35 II; I really enjoy the Nuras and find the quality is excellent. They definitely offer the most immersive experience. What I love is that I can pick up previously-undiscovered aspects of songs – even those I have heard countless times.

    As for comfort, I had a major issue as well, but I realised I hadn't adjusted the headband properly, so the headphone weight was resting on the earbud rather than on top of my head. I don't have any issues now!

    If I want to have a focused music session, I pop these on. If I will be somewhere noisy, I use the Bose.

    Something else they excel at: the Immersive Mode bumped to max is incredible for movies and games.

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    I would echo what others have said. I use Sennheiser open backs and PXC's for daily drivers. I use the Nuraphones for immersive and focused listening, or when gaming occasionally. I personally can wear them for hours, but they aren't all-day headphones like the sennheisers are. You always know you're wearing the Nuraphones.

    Definitely try before you buy as they're not for everyone. For what it's worth, I asked a lot of questions to Nura support about functionality and future updates for the Nuraphones and they were really lovely and accommodating to deal with, which often isn't discussed with products like this.

  • +1

    Got these as part of a vendor raffle at a Google event (Fun fact: these silently failed to activate for the first few days because they had incorrectly been flagged as stolen in their system and I had to get the vendor to send me the receipt to get them to unlock them via ticket. Extremely dumb DRM.). These headphones are physically uncomfortable to wear after about an hour. The ANC + outside noise ingress is nice but not worth the discomfort of the ear plugs (Though I generally do not enjoy in-ear headphones). Especially annoyed with the welcome voice kicking on every time you put them on. Got a pair of Airpods about 6 months ago and haven't touched the Nuraphones since.

  • ok so I read about these and thought yeah they must be awesome.. promos all slick and inviting yadda yadda yadda.. so went down to a demo they had at local shopping centre. I almost laughed….. they were extremely uncomfortable to wear as it felt like I had a pen stuck in either ear.

    The sound quality was also a big let down…. I couldn't wait to get them off. Best thing (for me) was that they were so un inspiring the decision NOT to buy was more than easy… I think they wanted like 500 bucks too….

    In saying that with ANYTHING everyone needs to make up their own mind.. But do try before spending all that $$$

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