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[PS5] DualSense Wireless Controller - Midnight Black $99, Cosmic Red $109 Delivered @ Amazon AU


$10.95 off on the Midnight Black controller, cheapest price without needing to trade in

This item will be released on June 18, 2021.

Cosmic Red is $10 off: https://www.amazon.com.au/DualSense-Wireless-Controller-Midn...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    red is $119 :O

    • +1

      Yeah, I want the red. Oh well, I'll wait.

    • +5

      Because it goes faster duh

    • It's not very red really! Looks very pink to me

  • +1

    I prefer white

    • +17

      Dude you can’t just say that.

      • -7

        why not? it's in context to the available controller colours and nothing at all to do with anything else.. only overly sensitive PC people might insinuate it's offensive on some level or take offence.

        • +4

          They were joking; and it flew right over your head.

          Funny that you got annoyed enough to post that while complaining about so called "PC People" being oversensitive though… heres an idea, maybe you're the one being oversensitive?

          • -3

            @Vinodra: have a re-read of what I typed and try to think a little..

            Did I get upset? No.
            Was I complaining? No.
            Was I asking why something couldn't be said when it was contextually correct? Yes.
            Was I stating why someone might be offended by it? Yes.
            Was the 'joke' funny? No.

            If a 'joke' needs to be explained, it's not funny.. usually that means it was a demeaning or condescending comment.

            • -1

              @gizmomelb: 'A joke flew over my head, that means it is objectively not fuuny' ~gizmomelb

              That's not how comedy works at all. Judging by the +16 on the joke and the -7 on your comment, you're the only one that needed it explained, maybe you can try your own advice and "try to think a little"?

              Also, you were 100% complaining about politically correct people, I can't believe you're actually trying to deny that.

              Please, continue to be hypersensitive while whinging about 'pc people' being hypersensitive though.

              • @Vinodra: obviously you have different definitions of 'complaining' and 'comedy' and 'deny'.

                asking a straight forward question (sorry, am I not allowed to say 'straight'?) and theorising which group might find it offensive is not complaining.

                complaining about someone not getting a 'joke' (google joke, comedy and funny - the 'joke' doesn't fall into any of those categories) and their supposed complaining is guess what? complaining. pot calling the kettle black? 'dUdE yOu CaNnOt sAy ThAt!'

                I hope my 'joke' gives you a small pleasure.

        • +2


    • +1

      Well good, it's both in stock and cheaper.

  • +3

    Man why didn't they released a black PS5 console on launch ? Would be awesome to have a black console with this new black and red controllers.

    • Dbrand.

      Google it cos it looks very nice 😎 mine coming this week 😁

      • +1

        Dbrand is way too overpriced. Can't believe people actually pay $50 for 2 plastic plates. If you cover that much of plastic with a thin layer of silver. It still won't cost that much.

        • It's not just 2 plastic plates. They are in a weird shape and different for both sides. Dbrand also added micro texture to it.
          I agree that $50 for the 2 panels is a bit steep but then they are more of a premium mod as compared to your random ebay dropshipper

        • agreed but its the difference of actually getting the goods you order, rather than waiting 3 months for it to be 'delivered' by AliExpress and then be notified your parcel was lost, or receive some cheap item that wasn't what you ordered and have to go through the dance of recovering you money (seller offers a discount of $5 for you to keep the $2 item they sent you instead of the $20 item you actually ordered).

        • +2

          I was looking at them a few days ago but it was $62 usd shipped to Australia. There's no way they are worth that

      • +1

        Their product page is pure anarchist-satire.


        Darkplates. Go ahead, sue us.

        Heh. The funny parts go all the way until the end.

        Always liked dbrand, but can't justify what is essentially just taking the PS5 white plates and spray painting them black, charging U$49 for the luxury.

    • Just get the black plates from Aliexpress

  • Wish I could just swap my barely used white controller for one of these without having to pay some ridiculous price on top (looking at you EB Games)

    • +1

      Yeah 49? Is way to much asking for a swap …. Jeez

      Just flip it now on FB market and get this?

      Hopefully get 60 to 70 from if U still have box? Give it a shot πŸ‘

  • Has anyone traded in a ps4 or ps5 controller at EB games for the price off the midnight black ps5 controller?

    • Add $49 if you trade in PS5 controller or $64 if you trade in PS4 controller. A real ripoff from Ebgames. Not surprised.

      • +1

        PS4 controller + $64 isnt too bad, $49 + PS5 controller is horrible though.

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