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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Window Door Sensor 2 Pack US$17.48 (~A$22.60) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


After countless requests over the last month I've finally been able to secure a deal on this popular Zigbee Window/Door sensor from Aqara.

It comes in a pack of 2 and is designed to detect when a door or window has been opened. Like the other sensors it needs a Zigbee hub and is compatible with many including including Aqara, Xiaomi, SmartThings, Conbee and more. It also supports Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Examples of its uses is triggering an Aqara hub alarm or push notifications to your phone when a door or window is opened, having the lights turn on when you open a door or having the Xiaomi air purifier turn on when a window is closed etc.

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AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting. Free Priority Shipping for AU orders.

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  • Does it have a vibration sensor like the old SmartThings version? I find that very useful.

    • The site does not say anything about vibration sensor, I don't think it is available

      • Vibration sensor doesn't seem to pick up most of the time. The door sensors are really good so far

        • I set mine to low because it was too sensitive. Have it on my back window glass door. Have to bang the shit out of it with reasonable force to set off the alarm.

        • Never used one but if I did it wouldn't be as a substitute for a contact sensor for a door. I'd have it to detect vibrations on a floor, attached to something to detect movement (other than a door where I want closed/open state) such as maybe a washing machine or something. For doors and windows I imagine I'd always go with the contact sensor.

    • No. It’s a Zigbee reed switch only. It does have a temperature sensor too, but it’s only updated when the reed switch is triggered so no good for using in automations or anything.

  • Got any deals on 10 packs of them? Looking to replace all my Wyze sensors.

    • -1

      No sorry.

      • also interested in the 10 pack

        • +1

          Unfortunately we don't have enough stock to provide enough 10 packs to go around.

          • @Clear: no worries just registering interest for future deals

    • I got a 4 pack on AliExpress for $50 recently, so that's probably a good place to look for bulk.

  • Can you use it as say monitoring if a door/window is left open/shut?

    • Yes.

  • I have many of them curently in use. Very happy.

  • What else will I need to buy to have it trigger an alarm if keys say me garage window was broken into?

    I'm useless with this stuff :/

    Thanks for the post, any additional info!

    • +1

      Not good for that, a broken window won't trigger this.

      Motion, occupancy, vibration or camera for that.

      • Seconded. This product is of no use in your scenario @dsta.

        • Thanks guys

          Any thoughts on what might be better suited?

          • @JDKC:

            Motion, occupancy, vibration or camera for that.

  • +1

    Good deal and good device, although I have noticed that it’s a bit unreliable with Alexa routines. Also, on Alexa the status seems to be the opposite - as in it shows Open on Alexa when it’s actually closed and vice versa. Anyone using these with Alexa has the same issue?

    • Did you need to connect a zigbee hub then connect to alexa?

      • Yeah connected to Xiaomi Hub and then using xiaomi skills on Alexa.

    • Same issue with the opposite status (open when it’s closed). I haven’t figured out how to get Alexa to tell me the status of the device when I say “Alexa, is the front gate open?”…

    • Thank you so much!! I thought I was going mad… I have one on the garage door and Alexa always has the opposite to what it is…The Xiaomi app shows the correct status.

      • Thanks ShMiCk and nickcorr - I was going mental with this and unpaired repaired it million times. Contacted Aqara support and they couldn't help as I am using Xiaomi Hub.

        Also, one of the sensors never trigger the Alexa routine (i.e. if the door remain opens for over 1 min, announce on Alexa). When I test the routine on Alexa app, it works fine but it never get triggered on its own.

        I wish their Alexa integration was better but other than that, I quite like it.

  • Thanks! Ordered some. Gonna use one on the fridge to trigger an alarm when the fridge is left open and one to trigger the garage light when the garage door opens.

  • Best bit of zigbee kit I've ever used, small, reliable and battery lasts an eternity.

  • Which hub does everyone recommend?

    • Conbee is a flexible gateway that's quite popular or the Xiaomi Gateway that frequently goes on sale with other sensors.

  • +1

    jv's in the penalty box again aye? 😂🤣

    • +2

      Yep. I felt an accurate representation of his situation was appropriate.

      • I noticed his Gravatar pic has changed to Kim Jong Dan. He really doesn't like than Dan Andrews. He's had the Jules Verne pic for so long though that I think that's what jv looks like now.

        • Wow that's unbelievable. Makes sense that in a way he's now in my avatar and in gaol.

        • Must be Michael O'Brian's secret OzBargain account.

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        Thought that it was unnaturally quiet in here!

        • +2

          How good is it?

  • No luck, The coupon has reached its usage limit. :(

  • +4

    About 40% of clicks were purchases in under 2 hours that's impressive! I'll see if I can get more allocated tomorrow.

    • Can you also please have more stocks? Too late for me.

      • Same here. I was so indecisive.

    • +1

      Any luck adding more to this coupon code?

    • let us know if that could happen!

  • will be checking in

  • +1

    No luck on the extension of this one sorry :( Nearly all stock exhausted.

    I'm trying for other Aqara sensors now.

    • Thanks for posting Clear! Do deals ever come up on the Aqara smart wireless switches?

    • How about vibration?

  • Thanks for this deal, I bought some.

    I’m keen for humidity sensors if you can get a deal going.

    • +1

      Temp/humidity I can't do as the wholesale price is high at the moment.

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