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NetGear Orbi RBK50 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System 2 Pack $399 Delivered @ OfficeWorks/Amazon/JB Hi-Fi ($0 C&C/+Del)


Looks to be pretty good deal

  • Whole Home WiFi System that delivers AC3000 WiFi up to 465 square metres
  • FastLane3 provides better 4K HD gaming & streaming, no matter how many devices connect
  • Circle® with Disney Smart Parental Controls let you easily manage content & time online on any device



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    The model is RBK50. Price beat at OW $379.05 who still has them for $599 (yikes).

    • Thanks fixed.

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      Looks like Officeworks has also reduced the price to $399

  • Good mesh wifi routers. I had to tinker a bit in the settings to get them performing at their best.

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      Mind to share them?

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        I have had this for about 6 months and been very happy overall. My main unit is in front study, satellite in living room less than 10m away. My PC and NAS are wired into the main unit, all other devices (3 media players, 2 phones, tablet, 3 laptops, 7 wifi cams, probably a few other things im forgetting) all over wifi and been great. For whatever the reason the Netgear GUI does not always show all devices as being attached, a weird bug i've read reported on forums so not just me, but those devices are attached and working.

        I think i used the settings here: https://averagetechblog.com/how-to/netgear-orbi-settings/

        I was kinda hoping to get better speeds in the backyard in terms of speedtest results (20-40mbps, 15-25m from satellite), but the house is solid block & brick even internal walls so that would not be helping. Functionally though it has worked great, can stream kayo and stuff outside no dramas. Main TV in living room via 5ghz wifi stream 4k locally from my NAS and IPTV all good.

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          Spot on Xizor, I did those exact tweaks to the settings

  • Not the latest and greatest but still very quick, I have about 20 devices hanging off these things with no real issues. Compatible with TPG-related NBN services that require VLAN settings too.

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      Last i read It still performs better than many of the WiFi 6 offerings courtesy of its dedicated 5Ghz backhaul i believe.

  • Only complaint is that you can't separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

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      You can however reduce the power to the 2.4Ghz to help make 5Ghz priority if needed. I was worried about this having a number of 2.4Ghz only devices, but have not really had any issue.

      • Ended up just using Ubiquiti and problem solved. Mine kept having an issue where the LAN connections would drop and it seems to have been a common reoccuring issue with them.

        • Yeah thats rotten, maybe some bug fixed in the past or a bad batch. I have lots of devices and IPTV streaming over wireless most of the day working from home and no such issues.

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            @Xizor: Wireless was never an issue. Only the LAN connections and Netgear tried to fix it after many firmware updates.

            • @Clear: Ah OK. I have only had my Orbi setup since last December. My PC, NAS, and Hue bridge are connected via ethernet and definitely not had that issue, would be straight for an exchange/refund if i did!!!

            • @Clear: Can't say I've had an issue with LAN connections, and mine basically operates as a bridge between my router and all my PC and "server" gear. The satellite has a PC, laptop dock, and a switch plugged directly into it, and that switch has 6-7 devices (including VM hosts) hanging off it.

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      It's not that you can't, it's that it is unsupported feature.

      Just enable telnet, login and run the following:

      config get wl_ssid
      config get wla_ssid
      config set wla_ssid="Ozbargan5g"
      config set wl_ssid="Ozbargain2g"
      config commit

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        Ah yes. I actually found that after I ditched them.

    • It can be done, but you'll have to Telnet and run a few commands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEgVG8rR5o8

  • These any good compared to similar priced ones?

    • i use them and they are very good.. :) saved me from cabling my house… (although i still want to haha)

      • I had the same reason, bought these to prevent cabling the house but I want to still lol….

        • Same… :D Looked into it, way too expensive.

          • @Xizor: haha i dont feel too bad now … not the only one out there!

    • Better than competing products at the same price point in terms of speed and range, but they lack some configuration options others provide.

  • I'm surprised they held their value, with so many other options available for Mesh Networks.

    $399 was around the same price I paid 2 years ago.

  • This could also be an option at better price $308 for the twin pack

  • I’m still rocking a 3 year old AC2200 Orbi system with 2 satellites. Getting 400Mbps at each of the satellites, amazing speed and range, especially given its age. Still pretty happy with the performance, but the lack of advanced options like 2.4Ghz/5Ghz separation from the UI, Wireless VLANs etc. are somewhat disappointing.

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    Just be warned, you cannot buy an additional satellite for these in Australia and you haven't been able to for years.

    • If you need two additional satellites; just grab this pack and convert the RBR to RBS

      • Yes i could, i need another satellite but i don't $400 need one I'd rather put that to a Ubiquity/Unifi system.

        I've been looking for a second hand rbk50 or satellite to come up cheap for quite a while but had no luck.

        • Supply and demand. If they are as rare as you are finding them, selling the 2nd one might be an option.

        • Are you $244 for a two pack into it?


          Buy RBK, convert the RBR to RBS and sell off the additional satellite.

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    Bought ours (for the same price) 2 years ago. Excellent 50/20 whole of house coverage. Everything (20 devices) is dependent on wifi (including those devices wired to the satellite). Only thing that surprised me is that there is virtually no coverage once outside the (brick) house

  • -3

    Imho these are garbage. I have them and don’t rate them.

    Also not impressed with netgear wanting to charge for a license support fee if you have issues that need warranty support after 3 months.

  • Parent control via Circle did not work for me.

    I went with Tp-link X60 AX3000 instead.

  • I paid this a few years ago, it was a good mesh router.
    I now have a Nighthawk MK62 which I paid $250 for and believes it outperforms this. The only downside is that it doesn't have the same reach as this does.

  • For those following, The Good Guys currently has these on clearance for $244 at limited stores, should be able to price match at OW also.

    • Also $244 Delivered @ Amazon AU, only 4 left as of this comment.

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