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HSBC Platinum Credit Card: Bonus 120,000 Pts ($3K Spend in 90d), 0% Int BT for 26 MOs, $0 Year 1 Annual Fee (Exist. Customer)


Received an email so can be targeted but from what I can understand it's for everyone with the link. Otherwise looks like a good deal for free $500 and no fees.

HSBC Platinum Credit Card
Treat yourself with $500 in e-Gift Cards when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval. Enjoy the gift of time with 0% p.a. interest on Balance Transfers for 26 months (1% balance transfer fee). And relax with $0 Annual Fee in the first year.

Available to new, approved customers who apply for the Platinum Credit Card Available only to existing HSBC customers who are approved. HSBC may change or end this offer at any time. Please see full terms and conditions. Other fees and charges may apply.

Mod: 120,000 Points can be redeemed for $600 Cashback, see here. Thanks to samehada.

Update 15 August: 120,000 points can be redeemed for only $500 cashback now

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  • Anyone received their cards in the mail? Wondering what the average time taken after approval?

    • Yes. Under a week in my case.

      • Hmmm, thanks. Hopefully it turns up tomorrow. I got the welcome email saying “ The HSBC Platinum Credit Card should be in your hands by now (if not it will be with you shortly).”

        • Same, hopefully tomorow.

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    Has anyone confirmed if applying through this link works and you will receive all perks like balance transfer, no annual fee and more importantly the 120,000 points? I applied through link and have just been approved, so just want to make sure I’ll get the deal before I activate card.

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      Just take screenshots of the offer and pray for the best.

    • if you're doing balance transfer. how do you spend $3,000 to receive the 120K points?

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        You get charged interest after making your first payment on a BT, so idk why anyone would do this.

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        Easy as I use my current credit card to my advantage. Use credit card for everything make payments weekly from savings then pay everything on said credit card. Have never paid a cent of interest in years this way and accumulate points at the same time.

  • Applied June 2nd at night.

    Received call on June 3rd.

    Approved June 4th in the morning.

    FYI - manually uploaded payslip/bank statement, and AusPost identity verification.

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      similar experience. just in time for EOFY sales :)

    • Like everyone else I tried the facial recognition ID process and that was a horrible waste of time. Probably wasted 30min on it to no avail using my driver license. However next morning tried the same process using the passport and worked without a hitch. This really was a very unpleasant experience.

      However once through the ID process the rest was smooth. Uploaded bank transactions through the automated process which was surprisingly fast and painless. Though I admit I have no confidence on what they say about privacy and not keeping the online bank password. Following this it took about a whole day to receive conditional approval and final approval.

      • Yeah their automated system is terrible.

        An update though - got my card today, a week after approval. Called them to confirm that the offer applies to my card and the operator said yes. So going to do my EOFY shopping now.

  • I received my card about 1 week after approval.
    I've spent the $3k already - does anyone know how quickly the 120,000 bonus points get credited?

    • Did you get your points? I spent (for example) 5k on the card and received 5000 points immediately. I haven't yet received the bonus points. I called up to see how long it'd take and they reckon they don't know about the deal and there's no note of bonus points on my account. Apparently they're going to look into it and call me back….

      Please give me some good news!!

  • had a bit of difficulty doing the verification, had to change from license to passport (because of the logos reflecting), got past that step and salary verification and now, have to do manual id either in branch or Auspost

    Dunno why it said id verification is fine if it wanted me to go in person

    Rather than trying to find a place to printout and then go to AusPost and then wait for them to send it to HSBC, I suppose I may as well go direct to the branch…does 90 days start from full approval or conditional approval? Or does it start from the time you get the card? Lol too many silly questions

    • Clock started when they approved your application and card is sent to you.

  • Has anyone actually confirmed the deal with HSBC. I applied through the link on this deal, received the card and an email, however theres no mention of the 120k points for 3k spend in 90 days.
    I called HSBC credit cards to confirm I was enrolled in the offer, they had no idea about the promotion. There also seems no mention of the offer in the credit cards section. Although the offer is hidden somewhere in their website how do we know we'll get the points especially with no confirmation?
    Anyone else had any luck confirming this offer?

    • Yes, I was assigned to an agent and he asked why did I sign up for this card. I told him about this promotion and he confirmed it

    • I haven't contacted HSBC directly but I got the email from HSBC which details the offer so I'm going to keep that email just in case I don't get the points.

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        hmm I didn't get that email

      • Didn't get that email either, Was this before or after you activated the card?

        • It was before. I'd say around the same time this deal was posted here.

          • @aneil915: ah ok… so it wasn't after your application. It was just an email sent to you about the promo?

            • @gimme: Yeah correct. Sorry for the confusion.

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      I think it depends on the executive you get. I called up twice and got different answers on both occasions. In the 1st instance I was told they are aware of the offer but it only applies to existing HSBC customers who have received the offer email plus ends on 31st May. On the 2nd instance I was told that offer is applicable to both new and existing(not having this CC) customers and this was on 2nd June.

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        Thanks, I called up this morning and confirmed the offer is applied to my account. Was a little uneasy about this until it was confirmed.

        • Great! Saves me calling them. Thanks

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            @gimme: I also called this morning and they confirmed 120,000 points and annual fee waiver

        • oh dear, ok i best to call them up just in case and ask them i'm in the promo - would be sucky if it wasn't applied on the new account

          EDIT: called and phew its against my account for this promo :)

        • Were you a previous existing HSBC customer?

      • Same here, I went to the bank to verify and I got a call back from the branch saying my application is approved (after I got an email and sms as well). the welcome docs have only generic T&Cs and doesn't talk about waiver of fees as well as the 120,000 points…When I mentioned this to the person, they said they'll send this but never received anything…wondering if I should call the call center and confirm this before activating the card…

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    Thanks OP - one of the easiest and quickest approval process in recent memory. I had been rejected by BOM and St George in the past 9 months so this was a nice change.

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      "Easiest" - Yikes you must have had some really bad experiences in the past. HSBC is your typical global giant with layers of bureaucracy, probably a whole host of legacy systems and an overemphasis on compliance to probably meet the disparate requirements of multiple jurisdictions.

      I didn't have any issues with them BUT had to do the same thing 3 times in 3 different ways (despite nothing really failing) and talk to multiple agents with considerable on-hold times. I kinda work for a similar company so understand the potential clusterf*&K behind it so wasn't terribly annoyed. It's free $$ anyway.

      • +1

        Yes I've read a multitude of negative feedback on HSBC's application process hence my surprise that it was straight forward. Had expected the worst. Only submitted 1 payslip and wasn't asked to substantiate any other income streams.

        • I submitted 4 payslips and they asked for bank statements heh
          Never been asked for bank statements before; payslips have always been enough.

  • applied last week, got it sorted within 2-3 days and approved a ok. waiting for the card this week now

  • Applied on Sunday, got conditional approval. Yesterday, I went to the branch for ID verification and also had to upload latest bank statement. Got full approval today. Very quick process with no issues. Thanks OP

  • applied monday night. did id check in auspost on tuesday. Got approved today.
    can anyone confirm how many days it took for the card to arrive from the approval email date?

    • +1

      Mine was 5 business days. I'm in Victoria.

  • I applied but they declined…have never got previous declined with any of the banks…seems then don't like customers paying card bill before due date…

    • So by that logic they would be rejecting basically everyone on OzBargain, and closing down people's accounts if they make a payment before the due date … Clearly that is not the case.

      The reality is more mundane. Don't take it personally, just move on to the next offer.

  • +1

    Thanks, OP.
    Definitely one of the easiest and quickest approval process, although one negative is that they asked for after-tax income rather than gross.
    Applied on Weds 9 June and conditionally approved, then received full approval on 10 June. Ended up using the online thing to retrieve the bank statements automatically as it was much easier, however had to contact HSBC as the link to upload manually had expired and was asked to upload payslip. Now hopefully the card arrives before 30 June.

  • Applied and approved. Best use of 120k points? $600 cash back or 60k velocity points hmmm

    • depends if you need the velocity now for a flight or whatever.
      value wise they're about the same.. but I am going with the cash this time.

  • One of the easiest application processes in my opinion. Super straightforward, no B.S. Quick and easy.

    On another note. Anyone received their 120k points yet?

  • Applied Friday, got a call on Monday (Q Bday) and approved same day. Pretty quick, used the ID process and access to bank account.

  • Wow HSBC process is so easy. Applied at midnight, uploaded payslip & did verification via phone. Went into bank next day to do identify check. Got an email 1 hour later saying I was approved and that credit card was coming in a couple days!

  • Keen to know if people already got the credit,

    Does $600 deduct For the current month statement? Or like a gift card, you have it sitting in your account but you have to spend an extra $600 to get it.

    Just thinking about my next churn… ;)

    • +1

      Did you get any confirmation email about the promo being applied to your account? Or does it show anywhere online in your account that these terms are applicable to your account?

      • Erhhh…. I am sure I saw it on the website when applied… hmm may have to call..

        That said- curious to know still
        - if I spend 4K this month.
        Does the credit then deduct spending to 3400?
        Or credit applies after the 4000.

        I am just waiting for the points and ready to close the account . ;)

  • I had my card approved, and arrived today in the mail. However I have not received any communication regarding the bonus points

    Called them up regarding the bonus points promotion and apparently it is valid for my card.

    Am i supposed to receive an email about the bonus offer as such?

    I clicked 'apply now' from the bonus offer web landing during the application process.

  • Hi folks,

    Do you know how long it takes to receive the card in the post? I keep getting emails from HSBC about activation and "youre card should be with you now" when im still waiting! My application was approved 10th june FYI.

    • +1

      Just over a week in my case. I got approved on the 3/6 and got my card on the 11/6.

      • Thanks

        • +1

          Arrived today

    • +1

      Mine took 7 business days

  • Has anyone received the bonus yet? I've spent the 3k already, reached out to HSBC to see how long it takes them to apply the points and the person on the chat couldn't find anything and stated the offer ended during March! Even though I got the email on may 19, they apparenlty couldn't find that either. Anyhow they are looking into in further and will revert back

    • I am still waiting for my points, reached the minimum spent 3k on the 19th May but nothing yet.

      • Chat agent told me mine would be applied in 1-2 statement periods.

        • So 1-2 Months sighh I'm impatient and keen to cancel so I can reduce time to next churn. Yet to receive a response from them but I'll give them this week before I follow up again

          • @Alexandra39: I know what you mean. Already cancelled my ANZ.

            • +1

              @itsme56: The one with the $500 voucher? I just did the exact same, in the midst of closing the account now!

              • @Alexandra39: I think ANZ one gets you around $800 worth of gift cards?

                This HSBC one is $500 worth of gift cards, or $600 worth of credit on your HSBC card to spend.

                • @CodeXD: I was declined the black card, got the platinum which gave me $550 worth of GCs

  • Is there any reason to pay the card off before statement? My usual credit card is 28D and I always pay off before statement so they don't charge me price protection fee.

    • +1

      Nope, no reason with this one

    • The only reason I will pay a card off early is if the points come through as soon as the spend is hit, then I might pay off the card so I can close it and open a new card with a different provider.

    • to free up more available credit limit

  • +2

    Terrible sign up process, took 30 mins to scan my licence properly (it wouldn't let me edit the license number, need to retake photos).
    Had to upload payslip, they give you 2 options. One is to sign in to your own bank (e.g CBA or whatever) via a portal on HSBC - don't do this, not secure and your bank will never recommend you do this.
    You can also upload manually, which I kept getting errored out of because I had adblock on.

  • Question to those who validated your income via log into your account via HSBC's portal, what happened after you login? Does it need to scan thru your transactions?

    • That automated income verification was somewhat of a dumb thing. I logged in, it sat there for a few seconds and then said nothing. I did that a couple of times hoping for something to happen, like a confirmation message. Nothing.

      I then called the helpline two days later who told me that my income has been verified. So just give them a call and they'll tell ya what happened. Their website is one of the shittiest I've ever seen on several fronts.

  • Got declined, not sure if due to lack of credit history or not enough income

    Any other bonus offers with other cards where I'm more likely to get accepted?

    Need to start somewhere

  • Has anyone successfully added an additional cardholder?

    • +1

      Yes. Went through very smoothly.

      • Thank you! Mobile application was a bit glitchy but did get an email to continue with ID verification. All ok so far

  • Anyone received the points yet?

  • FWIW I had HSBC card formally approved within 4 hours.
    I used my drivers licence with their fancy ID system and had no issues first time round. Manually uploaded a payslip to their system. Took a call and confirmed a few details a few hours later.
    I'm an existing HSBC customer but the lady said that just meant they didn't need confirmation of address. Now to responsibly spend $3000 in 3mo and claim $600 back!

  • I've had 2 rejections from HSBC and it's not about income/debt, have never had rejections from other banks, must be that stupid face recognition system, such a clunky system

  • How does the cash back work on a credit card if I pay the balance off.

    For example spend 3k to qualify then pay off straight away. Card balance is $0

    Does HSBC add $600 to spend on the card?

    • +1

      Yep, that's how it works.

      • Thanks. So the card effectively goes to minus 600 and spending 600 will bring the balance to 0?

  • Is there a sign up due date on this offer?

    • +1

      It doesn't say the date the offer expires so could close any time.

  • +1

    Just noticed the free lounge passes last up to a year but expire on the 1st January so if you are not going to travel this year, makes sense waiting to 1 January 22 if you are going to cancel the card.

    • Thanks!
      Could you see where to receive the passes? No emails from HSBC and a quick look at the CC section on their website showed nothing (seemed like it was deliberately made difficult to access).

      • Hmm, not sure as well, may be like the ANZ Black credit card lounge vouchers where you have to call them up to request them. If you forget to call annually, you dont get the passes :(

      • To gain complimentary lounge access the Platinum Credit Card primary cardholder must present their
        eligible HSBC Platinum Credit Card for validation and can admit 1 (one) accompanying guest.


      • HSBC Credit Cards Products links to airport-lounge-tc.pdf.

        Eligible HSBC Platinum Credit Cards will receive complimentary LoungeKey membership and two (2) complimentary digital lounge passes per calendar year. This is available for [all HSBC Platinum Credit Cards we approve after 17 February 2019].

        Complimentary membership is only available to the primary cardholder of the eligible HSBC Platinum Credit Card. LoungeKey membership is non-transferable.

        Two (2) complimentary lounge passes are allocated to the primary credit card when we approve it, and then two (2) new passes are allocated on 1 January every calendar year thereafter. Lounge passes will not be sent via email or physically in post. Passes will expire at midnight, 31 December each year.

        Please allow 30 days from account approval for LoungeKey membership to be activated and lounge passes to be added to the primary credit card.

        Each lounge pass is admission for one (1) person. Additional guests or visits beyond the two (2) complimentary passes will be charged at the rate of USD32 per person to the HSBC Platinum Credit Card. Overseas transaction fees may apply. Visit prices are subject to change.

        To gain complimentary lounge access, the primary cardholder must present their eligible HSBC Platinum Credit Card at the lounge for validation. You will not receive any credit for unused passes. Please allow up to 10 business days for the final charge to be calculated. If the account is blocked, delinquent, or have set security settings on My Cards Control which prevents a foreign transaction, or merchants from Hong Kong, then LoungeKey validation will fail and lounge access or utilisation of the passes will be denied.

        Your first use of the Airport Lounge Program by LoungeKey will be deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions as amended. For full details of the LoungeKey Conditions of Use, please refer to https://www.loungekey.com/en/hsbcaustralia/conditions-of-use. Eligible cardholder and accompanying guests must abide by the rules and policies of each participating lounge.

        Charges for any other lounge facilities are the discretion of each lounge operator and the cardholder is responsible for paying these direct to the lounge staff. (See individual lounge descriptions for details at https://www.loungekey.com/en/hsbcaustralia/our-lounges).

        Your complimentary membership & lounge access will be blocked if your primary account is closed, not current, not in good order or is in arrears, reported lost or stolen, closed or has been blocked by us for any reason. We reserve the right to terminate your complimentary membership or the LoungeKey Airport Lounge program at any time without prior notice to you.

        These terms and conditions are in addition to and do not replace the terms and conditions for your account with HSBC.

    • According to the T&Cs:-

      If the account is blocked, delinquent, or have set security settings on My Cards Control which prevents a foreign transaction, or merchants from Hong Kong, then LoungeKey validation will fail and lounge access or utilisation of the passes will be denied.


      Your complimentary membership & lounge access will be blocked if your primary account is closed, not current, not in good order or is in arrears, reported lost or stolen, closed or has been blocked by us for any reason.

      You could hope that their systems are unable to enforce these T&Cs, but don't be surprised if cancelling the card account loses the LoungeKey access immediately.

      • Thanks for the clarification, so probably worth closing the credit card in 11 months or after travel if you don't want to pay the annual fee.
        There are some in most Australian airports so maybe a chance to use it in the current covid conditions.

  • +1

    Hmm, my wife applied for this credit card, was was conditionally approved 5 days ago, provided all the financial information exactly as was on the initial application and told now the application has been declined.
    They will not tell her why..

    Never had this before where conditionally approved but then decline. Maybe they realised her husband had the same credit card and this was for the bonus money only ;)

    • -1

      Same circumstances here. Conditionally approved, rejected following payslip submission.
      No reason given on the phone call with a useless staff member that had the worst feedback/dropouts of any calls I've made in the last 20 years.

      It seems to be luck of the draw with this pathetic excuse for a bank.

      • +1

        name checks out lol

  • people who have been declined, try Westpac with similar bonus:-

  • The bonus points were credited on the day when the first monthly statement was generated, after meeting the spending requirement of course.

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