This was posted 6 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

$10 off $20 Min Spend with AfterPay on Eligible Items (Updated Terms) @ eBay


UPDATE: Code is still working but no more freebies now.. ($20 min spend required)

Please note the new term / condition below:

Conditions . The offer entitles you to $10 off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items, when you spend $20+ and check out using Afterpay during the Offer Period.

Offer amended as of 4:04:27 pm

Noticed this coupon at the checkout. Tried it on some eBay Plus sellers and it worked but some people have reported it working on non-Plus items.

Note the code doesn’t auto show under the listing (at least for me), so you may need to go to checkout to check it’s eligibility.

Original Terms and Conditions

  • Acceptance . By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • Offer Period. This offer will be available for as long as it is displayed by eBay at for a limited time only (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
  • Conditions . The offer entitles you to $10 off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items, when check out using Afterpay during the Offer Period. A maximum discount of $10 per transaction applies. Multiple items may be purchased in 1 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
  • 'Eligible Items' means all items listed at where these terms and conditions are found, and the coupon redemption code AFTERPAY10 is displayed in the item listing.
  • Redemption . To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code AFTERPAY10 into the redemption code box during the checkout process. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. Eligible Users can only use the redemption code 1 time during the Offer Period. The code is provided to You as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

Full T&C

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              • @edrift: Last page comments said this time didn't work with gift card.

              • +1

                @edrift: Didnt work, must use afterpay

  • +3

    Because of freebies I haven't been on Amazon all day. Well played ebay…

    • I give the credit to the Afterpay Crew .
      I didn't know there was Heroes in this field .

  • +1

    Oh well, managed to get two free items. It expired whilst I was working on my third lol

    • same…

  • +1

    Just created a new eBay account with my additional mobile number then received an email from them telling me they have permanently suspended that account, I haven't even bought anything yet. Is this ebay's usual practice?

    • Did you use the same name and address?

    • +1

      did they suspend only the new accs or the main acc or both accs?

  • +2

    address the same, name different. only suspended the new account.

  • Boooooooooo. :(

  • Both my and my partner's eBay has this deal. Got a few free things.

  • It keeps saying now that discount not applicable until reached minimum amount??

    So guessing they fixed up the loophole??

    • -3

      There still about 2-3 mil items that are true Camel low bargains to list .

  • -2

    It worked for me this one - free but that was post 4pm

  • +2

    I found that you can use ebay gift cards if it isn't for the full amount. E.g if the item is $20, with the code it would bring it down to $10, so a $5 gift card would work in this instance.
    I've also found that you can use the same afterpay account for multiple ebay accounts. If it comes up with the error, "has been used on another account" or similar, use a different browser or delete cookies and try again. This has worked for me on 3 accounts so far. Good luck

    • It means it must have some amount to be paid by APT after coupon and giftcard.

      • Yes that's correct. I used 4 small amount gift cards for 1 transaction earlier

    • Party over. Tried to do this in July 2021 but alas it automatically removes the AFTERPAY10 coupon when you go to add an eBay Gift Card to payment during checkout.

  • I actually have a question not sure if someone can help. I have used one of my existing ebay accounts and bought something less than $10 by using the promo code, then the seller advised they didn't have enough stock and wants to refund me and I agreed, I can see this message pops up "AU $9.99 was refunded to your original payment method. It may take 3 to 5 business days for the money to appear in your account." My ebay account has no credit card or Paypal linked to it and the "original payment method" was this promo code, am I going to really get a $10 credit back? If so, I have no payment method set up prior so how would I get this $10?

    • +1

      I going to really get a $10 credit back? If so, I have no payment method set up prior so how would I get this $10?

      Most likely you have lost it. I would consider it a promo code rather than a voucher

    • You wont have refund in this case. You can try to use the coupon again under the new T&Cs.

    • "AU $9.99 was refunded to your original payment method."
      That is exactly what it meant. Same with all other discount codes. Whenever the transaction gets refunded, the amount go back to their origins, in this case the discount amount came from eBay, then it go back to eBay. If there was a split payment between your $ and eBay discount voucher, the portion that came from your a/c goes back to your a/c.

      • Thanks for the explanation, understood now.

  • Got my $15 item early phew

  • Is the code working? It's not working for me? Thought it expired hours ago

  • Guys just joined plus for the $50 voucher. Closed the tab, can't find it. Where is it in my acct?

  • +1

    Just bought North Bayou H80 for $32.95

  • -1

    To be honest who's the main winner here? eBay sellers honestly, (their sales sky rocketed for like first time in a long time i think)

    • -1

      And that's the point, keep the sellers happy to justify continuing paying high fees on the platform. Ebay is the real winner ultimately.

    • -2

      Cool people worrying who the winner is whilst I'm grabbing the bargains .

  • can we buy any major gift card with $10 off $20 Min Spend with AfterPay ?

    • no

  • cannot find anything to buy! :(

  • can anyone use gift card to pay for the rest amount?

    • -1

      Nope Afterpay only .

    • +2

      From my experience, you can use GC but will have to leave at least $1 to pay with afterpay

  • finally found a 30w pd wall charger for $10.70 after entering the AP $10 discount code. but ebay kept saying that coupon code had been already redeemed. tip i had to change the deliver address name to another family member at same address then it finally accepted the AFTERPAY10 code. so ebay systems must of known i had used the same name for my other 5 different ebay accounts of $10 orders yesterday. i paid with some discounted ebay cards and put $3 through afterpay for it all to work. ref

    • Item not available anymore lol

  • Thanks OP. Bought some replacement toothbrush heads

  • -2

    can we use AFTERPAY10 first - $10 off $20 Min Spend
    then PLUSOFFER ?

  • bit late to the party, but i found something for $16.80 and wondering if anyone has any ideas for something cheap and useful to take me to the $20 minimum?

  • I can't get this to apply to any item, is it targeted?
    I select afterpay as my payment method then just get "this code can't be applied to your order"

    • I am having the same problem and would appreciate any clarification if anyone knows what may be the issue.

      • Not all products are eligible, and I don't know of a method to search only eligible items.

        The easiest way to check is to click "buy it now" on an item and a banner with appear promoting AfterPay $10 off if it is eligible.

    • +1

      It's not targeted, but not all products are eligible.

      The easiest way to check is to click "buy it now" and a banner with appear promoting AfterPay $10 off if it is eligible.

  • +3

    The code is still working with some stores, I don't know how to search eligible stores as a group, but here are some that work.

    Multiple products from one store can be combined to make up the $20 minimum.

    IOT Hub
    Aussie Shop
    early2bed-au (Adult products, so I won't link per OzB guidelines)
    Screen Mounts

  • Anyone know how many times can use this code for the same ebay account?

    • Once man!

  • most of my items have been shipped :D, got in early when it was $10 off $10 item

    • How many did you score?

      • about 6, didnt want to push it and get banned

        • +1

          Wow….nice work.

  • Got some carrot, onion, spinach and cucumber seeds. Just for something completely different.

    • how

  • I used the Afterpay code to purchase the mouse pad and the payment gone through. (4x $2.5).
    This morning eBay sending an email says the payment is not received and Afterpay sent a email says eBay is unable to fulfill my order so will refund to me….

    What’s going on?

    • you got $10 for free?

      • +1

        The $10 was eBay's money, so it goes back to them

    • Do you have any update on this? I revived the same email minutes after purchasing something last night.
      But it all looks like normal on eBay's end. Got a receipt from Big W saying PayPal was the transaction method.

      • Yeah.. they canceled my order and refund me. That's it.

        • +1

          Ah, that sucks.

  • any order from Ninja Buy eBay shipped? mine still shows not shipped

    • yeah I got mine last week, was free items

      • ya, got mine two days ago. happy gift

  • thx op my free cards came today!

  • The promo still works if I opt to pay by credit card… Not only Afterpay.
    Does this mean they'll deduct the total off my card over 4 payments?

  • Code still working?

  • Wow how did I miss this one lol

  • still works for me

  • Does anyone know when does this offer expire?

  • Ends 30 June 2021 (email from eBay)

  • -2

    I used it once but now it will not work for me for anything else again.

    • +1

      Single use only per account

      • +1

        Easy to make another account…

        • -2

          Ah fair, but I don't want to rort the system. Thanks!

  • Was has this not been expired i tried thinking it may work or looking for ebay discount and noticed near the end someone says expired 30th june.

    • eBay still have email to ask me to use the $10 end 31 July

      • So do you risk using it and hope the $10 comes off or should the $10 code work when you enter it as does not work for me

        • +1

          It did work and eBay have the code ready for me during checkout to apply but I don't have afterpay account

          • @superforever: Im not sure what you mean promo ended but you was given it due to issues not using?

            • @bwatt72: I didn't say promo ended, the email said end on 31 July

              • @superforever: But how does one know if it works as when I enter code nothing happens. And someone on here says it ended 31st June I’m sure

                • @bwatt72: I don't know ebay just came up the code for me and email said 31 July

  • Does anyone know if the gift card trick still work? So buy the item, by afterpay, then add a gift card with $1 remaining to be paid by afterpay.

    • +1

      I think should still work with part by afterpay.

      • Yes, I tried it, it work. Save a few sent but it pays to read the forum comments. Great hack!

  • still working .. just bought something.

  • Expired? not yet, it's still on.

    • do you know the expiry date?

  • +2

    Just tried to post something regarding this - seems to be back up and running!

    details here >

    • The question is are there any freebies.

  • -2

    Hey guys, if we have multiple eBay accounts getting this deal, can we use these multiple eBay accounts on the one same Afterpay account?

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