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Spend $100 get 2 FREE Atomiser

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  • Here's 20l worth of KOH concentrate for $4.10, just add water

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      Not sure if it’s borax… I believe it is actually a dilute solution of potassium hydroxide as far as I’m aware. I mean, it’s in the name!

      • Sorry you are correct, borax isn't potassium hydroxide, don't know why I was mislead into thinking it was.
        The point is the same though, KOH is nothing but a rip off…

        • How is "the point the same" if your alternative is different?

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            @mickeyjuiceman: The point bring that the product is horrendously overpriced and can be made by the end user for peanuts

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    If you want an atomiser just search the old Google for "continuous spray bottle" and I'm sure any OzBargainer worth his salt can find better/cheaper spray mops and microfiber.

  • Rubbish product, the dishwasher tablet cannot even clean oil, you paying Coles saver product with adden green labelling and paying premium

  • as a user of this product, the grime comes off with their cloths and sponges, and elbow grease, it does work but sure you can do this cheaper

  • Very easy to make your own Koh, purchase some Potassium hydroxide, Just add correct amount of water. I have done this with success.

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