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Microsoft Classic Intellimouse $16 Delivered @ Kogan


Good price for this classic-style wired mouse.

Don't forget coupon for free shipping. Original coupon post.

The Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse features customisable buttons, an ergonomic design and a wired USB connection – everything you need to get the job done.
- Exceptionally precise
- Three customisable* buttons for common
- Ergonomic design – perfect for all day use

Microsoft RRP is $59.95

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    Bought one as a spare, it was actually $16 so even better.

    • Thanks, updated!

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    came up as $16 delivered

    still waiting on a deal on the intellimouse pro in white.

  • $16 is a very nice price

  • My old logitech is dying. Is this Microsoft one better better than this $10 logitech one? https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/aw/d/B003D8ZT0C/ref=ox_sc_saved...

    Edit: dpi is heaps higher but not sure if that really matters if I'm not gaming?

    • DPI is personal preference, more important is the shape. Choose whichever one will be most comfortable and support good wrist posture over the long term.

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      Intellimouse is way better than the M90 if you have large hands and do palm grip, If you have a large hand 19cm+ and width is 9cm+ This mouse is great for long hours of use.

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        ok SOLD!

    • 2 extra buttons on the MS mouse.

  • Mine just stops tracking randomly, like the sensor stops responding completely. Lift it off the mat and put it down a couple of times or run my finger over the sensor and it wakes up. Awful.

    • Same with my Logitech mice, and they're fairly high end gaming ones. It's common. I've noticed it happens more often when I have faster DPI settings

    • you could have a dirty mousepad? I've had same thing happen on hard surface pad, it's been a lot better on cloth surface pads.

      • This - I remember going through a couple of high end gaming mice and kept getting this rando tracking issue, and turns out my hard mouse pad. Switched to a soft pad and all good.

    • I installed the proper intellimouse driver and it stopped doing that.

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    I still have my Intellimouse Pro and Explorer from ~2000. Awesome mouse for the workshop where you never need to bother with batteries or leaking for sitting around for too long.

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      I got my intellimouse in 2005. (profanity) love it.

  • Bought one, thanks!

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    After purchase, do not forget to unsubscribe daily emails from Kogan.

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    I was the 1000th clicker! Always amazed out how much traffic ozbargain can drive to a site. I just went to look at the mouse as I haven't seen it in years.

    I remember seeing the first Intellimouse in a computer magazine with its bright red laser (instead of a little lead rubber coated dirty mouse ball that all mouse's used at that time).
    I knew I was looking at the future of mouse's!

  • Bought this because I want to test out some new mouse shapes, current g703 feels wrong so maybe this orca-looking mouse might be worth a try

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      I have the same shape on the G403 and it's been giving me ring finger RSI twitches from extended use. I tried the Razer Viper and it's causing the same problems.

      The Intellimouse should definitely help with ergonomics. I remember using them at work over 15 years ago. They are great general use mices.

  • Does this one have a bright light? Can it be disabled?

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      This has a white light, with the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard software you should be able to turn it off. The Pro Intellimouse has a customisable colour light.

  • bah forgot to use code for free shipping

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      Are you sure you didn't get free shipping. Mine came up with free shipping already set without using the code.

      • thats why i got fooled i guess. didnt use the code and definitely charged 23.99 all up

        • I couldn't find where to enter the coupon anyway. There was no where on the cart page, nor on the checkout page for me to enter a code. Also tried E-vouchers and Credits on My Account dropdown.

          Kogan has always been shady but saying it's free in the cart page, then charging shipping at checkout with the word "FREE" underneath for the 3 year warranty is next level shady.

          In the end, knowing the tracking kinda sucks for gaming, I passed.

          • @syousef: Yeah I ordered 1 and only after found out it's not great for gaming.

  • I get $6.99 shipping fee at checkout, but it was showing free shipping the page before that. Sneaky?

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      use copon code "treat"

      • There's no where to put that coupon

        • there are two webpage to checkout, first one has option to add coupon code and on second one you select payment method

          • @SJ50: Definately not option to add coupon. The first 'cart' page shows free shipping, then payment page shows shipping. Other users are reporting the same thing.

            • @Puti: yes you are right, I do not see option to add coupon code.
              It was above checkout button in first page.

  • Thanks OP, great find! I know they're great mice for productivity or gaming having tried a new Pro Intellimouse. So glad Microsoft decided to bring them back, I don't want wireless or cheap rubbish :)

    Also got an OzB favourite - Viofo A119 v3 GPS dashcam - for $144, exciting.

  • Could anyone please advise me the length of the cable? Thanks

  • Where do you get a chance to enter code says free shipping when go to checkout it isn't nor does it have any area to put in TREAT ?

    • Deal finished.

      • Still question remains lol

        • Finished on the 30th, before you commented. There was a space for discount codes on the first checkout screen, TREAT was necessary for free shipping.

  • Fine for office use. Not accurate enough for FPS gaming.

    • You need the Pro Intellimouse with 16,000 DPI for FPS gaming. It's very well reviewed.

  • I don't get the options to add coupon

  • I reckon there was a error correction on Kogans side. There is simply no where to put the coupon code. Inital cart shows free shipping, pay step shows shipping charge. No other options.

    • Free shipping promotion for many items and some bulky items ended yesterday. You needed to enter "TREAT" at checkout (despite the price already saying shipping was free).

  • Oh no! I just missed out.. 😭

    Any similar deals out there?

  • damn this mouse sucks with small mouse movements as cursor doesnt move. gone back to my 15 year old mx518 lol

    • +1

      If you're looking for gaming performance, the Pro Intellimouse is the one to get. I'm loving this Intellimouse, it's comfortable and tracking is far smoother than my 15 year old Intellimouse.

      • yeah love the shape fits me perfect, just small movements are sticky as the mouse is trying to force move in a straight line. The difference is obvious to me just on desktop usage

        • Sounds like you need a decent mousepad. Cordura material is what to look out for if you want top notch tracking.

          • @Techie4066: I meant the mouse cursor was wanting to move in straight line. its called angle snapping. Can't disable it on this mouse unlike the pro version.

  • my mouse arrived today…on a public holiday. \o/

  • Mine arrived and the reviews weren't wrong about the sensor when they said it was bad at micro movements. I can literally move my mouse enough so that i can feel it move but not have the cursor move (never had that with my deathadder, g304 or g703) so this would suck for FPS games (not marketed for those though). If you jiggle your cursor/crosshair with tiny movements you can see a huge difference with this vs a mouse with a better sensor. The cable is also pretty bad, much too rigid.

    Despite all that, I really like the aesthetic and shape though. It looks and feels really nice so the pro version with a better sensor is probably worth it if you are happy with everything else. The white light is simple but pleasing to the eye, it points downwards onto the desk so unlike most mice it gives off a soft glow which makes it very subtle and fitting with the black and grey colour scheme of the rest of the mouse. The software is much better than Logitech's or Razer's and for $16 delivered it's still fine to have in the collection or just to get a feel for a new mouse shape. So far I prefer the forward hump of this than the back humps of other mice I've tried like that of the g703. I think a wireless pro version of this would be the perfect mouse for me, both in size and shape (suits my hands which are 20.5x10.5). The shape reminds me of some of the Zowie EC series mice so I might have a look at those next.

  • +1

    It’s back at $16. Free shipping if you have Kogan First.

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