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$10 Bonus Cashback on $30 Spend at Any Online Store @ Cashrewards (Includes GC Page & PS Plus, Activation Req'd, Excludes eBay)


Hi everyone. Another ripper bonus for all our OzB friends to enjoy today and hopefully as much as last time.

The standout deal in my opinion is PlayStation Plus 12 Month GCs reduced to $59.95 - a no brainer at $48.15 after cashback and bonus!

The $10 bonus will show as pending in your Cashrewards immediately upon activation of the offer (no confirmation email is sent). This will be automatically approved within 7 days of any associated qualifying purchase being approved (as per the terms of the store). Please ignore the bonus estimated approval date in your account as this is simply a placeholder. Most gift card purchases are approved within 5 days of purchase.

Please read the terms below carefully - it will save a lot of questions. Ensure you activate the bonus prior to shopping. Once activated, shop as normal via the 'Shop Now' (Store) or 'Activate Now' (Notifier) buttons on Cashrewards. Valid for purchases made from 1:30pm 01/06/21 to 11:59pm 01/06/21 (AEST). Thanks for your support as always. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Full list of Cashrewards stores listed alphabetically here.
Try our gift card portal with up to 6% cashback on gift cards. Coles gift cards are out of stock due to Saturday's overwhelming demand.

$10 Bonus Promo Terms:

  • To be eligible for the AUD $10 bonus, you must first activate the promotion via the main link in this post, then shop as normal via any active online store* on Cashrewards, excluding eBay Australia and Catch Connect.
  • Transaction must be made between 1:30PM AEST 01/06/21 and 11:59PM AEST 01/06/21.
  • Bonus is eligible on qualifying purchases of AUD $30 or more in a single transaction (inclusive of GST, after any discounts, and before shipping). Sales may report to Cashrewards ex-GST so the amount shown in your account may be less than $30 - you will still be eligible for the bonus.
  • Bonus will be added automatically to your Cashrewards account as pending upon activation of this offer. Bonus will be approved within 7 days of any associated qualifying purchase being approved, as per the terms of the store.
  • Bonus is over and above the advertised store cashback rates which still apply to the transaction.
  • Transaction is valid if made online via desktop browser, Cashrewards mobile app, Cashrewards Notifier, or mobile browser.
  • Bonus is ineligible on any eBay Australia and Catch Connect purchases.
  • Bonus is ineligible on any in-store purchases.
  • Selected stores may report orders with multiple items as separate transactions into your Cashrewards account - these are still eligible.
  • Bonus is limited to one per Cashrewards account. Additional transactions do not qualify for additional bonuses.
  • Bonus is ineligible if you purchase from a 0% cashback store/cashback rate, if you purchase an ineligible item, or if an order is cancelled, changed, returned, rejected. *Individual store cashback terms and exclusions apply (see Amazon & AliExpress especially).
  • Gift card purchases through the Gift Card Page are available only via desktop or mobile browsers. They are not available via the Cashrewards App.
  • Fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.

For tracking success, ensure you disable 3rd party plugins (AdBlock, uBlock, Pi-hole, Honey, etc) and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost. Feel free to try our iOS/Android mobile app. And don't forget to refer-a-friend for $10 each - tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss out on all the hot deals coming up this month. Use our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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        • Usually, I'd agree, but for a $30 card the difference is only 15 cents…..so I went straight to ebay. Less chance of me forgetting about it!

  • -1

    With the CR share price tanking to $1, I hope this is not as good as it gets.

  • Can anyone confirm if Choice gift card works?

  • way to go CR! i have jumped back on the bandwagon from shopback - used CR for the shavershop deal this morning.. keep it up!

  • Damm, just bought 2 years of PS plus from JB HIFI this morning.

    • how much that costs and what's included ?

  • I know we can just buy a gift card, but annoying we can't just buy directly through eBay..

  • +6

    @TA Can you guys get Nintendo Store cards?

  • +5

    Don't forget to disable auto renew on PS Plus again. They cheekily change it back to auto renew once redeemed

  • No GC can redeem Netflix, right?

    • only Binge is available via Indulge gift card

  • +1

    Thanks again TA

  • +5

    Jesus TA, trying to save for a house and keeping my expenses low but you keep bringing on these deal which just increase my expense!

    • +9

      If only TA offered house and land packages.

  • +1

    Can you buy a $30 Choice GC then swap for Coles, I note the Coles minimum is $50 to purchase or do will you have to top up?

    • -1

      Choice do not have Coles.

      Better to get eBay cards from eBay not choice.

      More we buy from Egay they higher the rate (thats in theory)

      • Get choice and swap it with eBay with 1.5% cashback.

        No more coles GC

          • +1


            the more people get it the higher the rate will be.

            Sorry don't understand, isn't just 1% CB with eBay GC?

      • oh right thanks for that, I thought Choice and True Rewards were the same

      • i think the opposite would happen.
        nobody buying ebay cards at 1% so increase cashback to attract more buyers

      • Better to get eBay cards from eBay not choice.

        Why so ?
        For this particular deal, are eBay GC eligible for cashback ?

    • No, coles is not listed as a swap on the choice card

  • Bought a bottle of whiskey at LL!

  • So is anyone else having trouble getting the gift card store to work?

    I tried on Chrome, Firefox and Safari and can't get it to load when I click on the buy now for choice gift card.

    I checked the app but it seems you can't do GC on there?

    • Yeah not working for me either. I click the choice gift card link and nothing happens

      • Same

      • Yep same… Nothing working for eBay gift cards.

  • This reminds me that I still haven't received the ebay gift card from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622681. Anyone had the same problem before? I need to contact True Reward I guess.

    • The vouchers are usually delivered within minutes to the email address u enter

    • It should instant.

  • thanks, TA. keep them comin'. awesome. :)

  • +3

    Gift card portal crashed?

  • +2

    truerewards dead again lmao

  • Great timing. Got this month's games on the last day. Had to log out and log back in to add them to my account though.

    Thanks TA.

  • Last time $5 bonus for spending $5 still not yet tracked for Dan Murphy's purchase, always has problem with Dan Murphy's tracking, no other sites though.

    • Same for me. Dan Murphy's order from last week still hasn't tracked. Can't submit a claim yet either.

    • Use the CR app next time

  • Seems like GiftCard Portal has been crashed… oh well lets wait. hopefully it will be fixed soon

    • +2

      Yep… OzBargained again like Saturday. Hopefully back soon :)

  • I still find it difficult to identify an Amazon product's category 100%. Is Instax film an eligible product? It might be 'Electronics' (ineligible) or it might be '35mm film cameras' (eligible).

    • +1

      It's 100% 'electronics', from a quick glance at all the listings.

    • definitely electronics according to the category

    • I got denied buying a CFexpress card for my camera because it was deemed "Personal Computing". I can see why but it's also a grey area.

  • +1

    ps plus wont open when i click to to store, just gets stuck on the CR page

    • +4

      Yep, True Rewards is aware. Please give them some time to sort it out. Thanks :)

      • +1

        Thanks for quick reply! Will keep checking

  • Shop Now button not working on PS Plus 12 Month Membership, anyone else same issue?

    • +1

      Yep, True Rewards is aware. Please give them some time to sort it out. Thanks :)

      • Got my PS+ 12 month subscription from True Rewards. Save me from nervously waiting for lockdown ends to head straight to Target to get it. This is a much better deal. Love you TA! 😘

    • Yes, same. Hope it will be fixed soon.

  • If I cancel my first Kogan purchase I made today and then buy again, will it still be considered a first purchase?

  • Hey @tightarse, thanks for this!

    What's the best way to identify category for a product at Amazon?

    • I personally will refer to
      Product details
      Best Sellers Rank:

      eg Huggies wipes
      it shows baby. so will be under baby category and 0% cashback for both Cashreward and Shopback.

  • +3

    I must say this is a relatively cheap way of stress testing IT systems.

    • +10

      Couldn't agree more!

      • +3

        Hi TA, would request adding Netflix GC to the catalog as well plz.

    • is it? $10 x 500 people = $5000? Likely this will be way over that number

  • Does anyone know for the Choice Gift card when does it expire (i.e. when do you have to swap it for another gift card before it expire)?

    I've read the T&C and can't find it.

    • +1

      Says 3 years on my choice card

      • I can confirm that you have 3 years to redeem your choice gift card, then depending on the gift card you swap it for you get another 3 years (e.g. ebay voucher).

  • Why can’t I buy a choice gift card?

    • As per previous comments above, please allow some time to pass. True Rewards is doing their best to resolve the issue. Thanks.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10534968/redir


      No need to buy it in a hurry, you have a lot of time today to buy Choice GC.

      • it may sold out like the coles gift card

        • I never heard Choice GC sold out.

          • @superforever: who knows, I haven't known coles GC could sell out until last Saturday. At first I thought I can buy it later but when I tried to but it sold out already

    • Clicking on "Shop Now" does nothing?

      Was doing that for me .. now working .. sometimes.

  • +10

    TA - Any news on Amazon gift cards ?

  • How long does it take to track?

  • I bought the ps plus voucher earlier today from Amazon using Cashrewards - can this still go through??

    • is gaming eligible for cashback?

    • Video games is not an eligible category. And even if it was, you would have had to activate the offer prior to purchase.

    • Go cancel it before they ship. Fairly simple process

  • Done, awesome, thanks TA

  • Only have $0.45 tracked

    • Hope you activated the offer before buying.
      I forgot to do it last time too.

    • +2

      Go and read the OP…

  • +1

    Me: Hmm PS+ $59.95, to renew or not to renew…I don't really play online..don't really need the monthly games..can't justify..
    *TA enters the conversation
    *Your Amex card ending xxx0012 has been charged $59.95.

    • I'm on the same boat, don't care much for online these days. But at $4 per month for 3 games, sometimes 4 = no brainer

  • lol the gift card page is really slow, too many people buying I guess

  • Thanks TA.

  • +1

    I want Coles GC.

    • +3

      I want Coles GC.

      Thanks for letting us know, anything else?

      • Can I use the $10 bonus to buy a new AMG?