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Xbox Series X 1TB $749 Delivered @ Microsoft


Looks like it's Xbox day today, Microsoft have restocked Xbox Series X consoles :)

Stack with 9% off Microsoft Gift Cards at Suncorp and / or Cashrewards / SB (currently 1.5%) and / or Amex Cashback.

Note: Seems to be coming back in and out of stock, wait a few minutes if it's OOS and refresh, it should update. I am checking in cart for OOS.

As always, enjoy!

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    • +3

      Quick Resume - amazing!

      • oh yeah i had heard of that, so is that for like resuming from where you are in the current game? Like the old xbox had that quick start up thing as opposed to the normal startup. But i presume this is more for gaming and you start from exactly where you left off? is it exactly where you left off, or the last save point / checkpoint?

        • Right where you left off… Works amazingly well. Like I'm playing cyberpunk 2077 at the moment (no judging)… Xbox powers on super quick, select the cyberpunk icon to start the game, the cover screen is up for maybe 10 seconds, then the "resume" screen comes up and like 2 seconds later you're playing the game from the exact same spot when you left the game last time. It's almost like going back to the old cartridge games in terms of load times!

        • For the last / most recent 5 games you played which support QuickResume, you can quickly resume from where you left off. The only exceptions are:

          • If an update is available, then the update will terminate the QuickResume for that game.
          • For a network game, obviously, you cannot resume at the exact same spot. If a game wasn't very well coded, sometimes this could lead to an issue which will require the game to be reloaded.

          So, obviously, if you rotate between 10 games evenly for example, then QuickResume will not be useful, since you keep swapping those 5 games out. QuickResume is most of the time really great, except the occasionally hiccups do happen and those can be a bit annoying (they tend to happen when there is some sort of network gaming element involved).

    • +2

      Keep the One X and jump on Game Pass I reckon, ask yourself this this question. What Xbox exclusive game currently screams "buy an Xbox Series X? The answer is none…
      I'm waiting til the mid life cycle upgrade, hopefully by then they release actual decent games.

      Would you really spend $750 for quick resume? I personally only play one game at a time and prefer physical, so quick resume is just a gimmick.

      Games > Quick Resume

      • I already have 3 years of Game Pass, been using it on my Xbox One S but a few months ago i got 4k TV and projector so wanted to get into 4K gaming on console, all this time it was just 4k gaming on the pc. Hence why i thought Xbox one X or Series X but i thought series X wont be in stock for ages .

        When consoles drop in price, do they drop in price also on the MS store or just in the 3rd party retail stores?

      • It works with 1 game too, from putting your xbox to sleep.

      • I reckon mid life upgrade will be delayed by 12 months as it will probably be 12 months from release until stock is plentiful.

  • Go get it!

  • Yeah I received my Telstra Xbox series X today even after it was cancelled weeks ago yay!!

    • So you got it for free?

      • who knows. Telstra do this all the time they never cancel orders even when they do it still ships. I did activate the 2 years of Xbox Live Gold Ultimate with GamePass for xbox and PC included.

        There are so many games you can play, I thoought I had to repurchase alot of teh game on playstation on Xbox but turns out alot of them are on game pass!!!

  • +1

    OOS so fast :(

    The market is crazy. Have money to pay MSRP but unable to, any sale is cleared within hours

  • I bought a PS5 this year but if there’s some solid games I’ll get the Xbox at the refresh.

    • +1

      I have a ps4 pro so I am not going for a ps5 till next year when people stop rushing it.

  • I missed out again!! FUMS!!

    • Available again

  • +3

    ok I setup my xbox series X and I am on gamepass and holy crap there are SOO MANY GAMES!! I don't have to repurchase as many because its on game pass :D So good!!

    and the xbox 360 library very happy with the choices love thos classics.

  • +2

    back in stock if anyone wants one.

  • Finally non RRP deal starts to pop up. Keep going. Still

    • +1

      $749 is RRP?

      • +1

        I think they may be so used to scalper pricing that RRP looks like a bargain.

      • 749 is not?
        This deal obviously you take the 9% gift card,makes it less than RRP.

        • It is still RRP through Microsoft with opportunity to use discounted gift cards and/or cashback to further reduce price.

          Discount gift cards have been available since the XSX was released. I got mine through Microsoft with discounted gift cards on release in Nov 2020 (was 10% at the time through Suncorp Rewards). And it is $500 monthly limit on GCs per month through Suncorp Rewards for Xbox gift cards

          At any time, since release the opportunity to buy discounted gift cards to bring it below $749 was an option available to everyone (including cashback through CR and SB if applicable)
          - Target
          - Big W
          - Amazon
          - Harvey Norman
          - EB Games
          - TGGs
          - JB Hifi
          - Catch


  • Anyone know if you can use the amex cashback offer more then once…?

    • You cannot.

      Offer is limited to one credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.

  • anyway to get notified about xbox being back? I see OOS everywhere without any option to get alerted

  • Can i use with cashback/qantas mall rewards qq points , does it track when use ames offer 80/400 ?

  • Available again (thanks Aiver)

  • Dont see any point in upgrading now… no real games out there that dont play on the current xbox…. Wait till theres more games and xboxes are cheaper and in plentiful supply,

    Although heard the other day that they are going to an online system soon instead of consoles.

  • Picked this up at launch with the $80 AMEX cashback. No regrets, amazing machine and getting a lot of use with Gamepass

  • Thanks - Bought one!

    The mrs will kill me though haha. I already have a PS5.

  • Good timing by MS, delivered a great E3 show providing even more value for this console when combined with GamePass.

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