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[eBay Plus] Huawei WS7200-30 Wi-Fi AX3 Quad-Core Wi-Fi 6 Plus $99.99 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Looking for a new router for my in-laws and this popped up in my search. $100 for a wi-fi 6 router from an Australian store with 24m warranty is pretty damn cheap.

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  • +27

    Something something CCP Chinese spies something

    • +22

      Yes, those antennas actually build-in spy cams and shooting brainwash wave like 5G.

      • +7

        Which triggers COVID.

        • +15

          and if anyone denies CCP spying, they must be the party member themselves.

          • +6

            @ty99234: You mean if anyone is not on your side, they must be your enemies?

            • +11

              @DONGDJS: Exactly, that's what Ozbargain has taught me.
              If anyone ever says something good about China, they must either be the party members or CCP spys.

              • +4

                @ty99234: Or if anyone criticises a Chinese made product, he or she must be anti CCP or anti China.

              • -1

                @ty99234: That really sounds like what East Germany taught their people about West Germany.

    • +5

      I came here for the comments and was not disappointed.

  • Xiaomi/redmi is better

    • -3

      Isn't Redmi the budget phone line made by Xiaomi? I don't understand what a budget phone has to do with a router?

      • +2

        There's an Redmi router.

        • -2

          Oh ok. Budget router too then.

            • +4

              @Vaekarys: Neither does the condescension. Did I make a statement, or ask a question? Because it sounds to me like you're attacking me for asking a question, and accusing me of being ignorant. Maybe you want to gain a better understanding of the purpose of a question.

  • +5

    Is this safe? Will Huawei spy on my cat video habits?

    • +10

      It will, Which means you get a remote camera for free.

    • Sir, please do not air your furry perversions on this forum.

  • +6

    I wish that Taiwan as a country, would make routers.

    • +4

      They make routers as Republic of China

    • +4

      In Taiwan mainland China is known as "West Taiwan" ;-)

    • Don’t ASUS makes plenty of them?

      • they also have plenty of security 'features aka asusgate

        • I guess a lot of routers that uses Linux code are susceptible. I mean it’s really minefield right?

          • @Davesday: for sure, domestic gear would not stand much of a chance against someone that knows what they are doing

  • +4

    Based on Lingxiao 650 SoC, so basically a landfill after a while as no OpenWRT or any other third party firmware is available.

    • +2

      Openwrt or bust. Or Asuswrt maybe

  • It is good for the price, but if you have tons of devices there are more premium choices for sure.

    P.S. Don’t be a political zealot. This is ozbargain, not ptt forum.

  • +2

    Great reviews online. Thanks OP

  • What advantages does this have over say, my Belong modem? Which works just fine.

    (Genuine question btw)

    • +1

      It will have better range and support faster speeds.

      I don't know the specifics of Belong's routers but ISP provided routers on the whole are junk.

      • Yeah that's fair, I'm on the 30mbps plan and I reach those speeds, so not sure if this one will do a whole lot.

        But sounds like it'd be better for streaming your own movies/videos over the network if you use 4K and whatnot.


        • +1

          If you're not a heavy user or don't have many people on the network you won't see much value, especially on a 30Mbps plan.

  • Does anyone know if this compatible with NBN?

    • Yes

  • -1

    I would recommend stay away from Huawei even the price is super cheap.
    It is cheap for a reason.

    • +10

      reason? I've only ever had huawei phones and a couple of 3g/4g modems in the past and they have all been very reliable for me.

      • +3

        I don't think reliability is what cliff515 meant.

        • +3

          I think his meaning is the US can spy on you, but China no.

    • +2

      Oops, Some Huawei's products are very premium and super experience . Thanks for people like you, I can afford to buy some Huawei products now. Win win.

  • +1

    how does this compare to the xiaomi one popping up recently

    • +1

      Get the Xiaomi one.

      • The Xiaomi seems to have stability issues with lots of devices connected on current firmware.

  • +2

    Just got this one a week ago from AliExpress and it's been working flawlessly for me. Add to that a 24 month warranty and seems like a sweet deal to me

  • +1

    Another typical example of CCP dumping. Good for hard core OZB's wallet, bad for company who don't have government subsidies.

    • Also, it's the only way we can order $1.00 items from China with free shipping.

      • +1

        Where? Free shipping is an extinct animal on Aliexpress since last year. Blame Trump for that.

  • Snowden will tell you the whole Australia is being censored by America

    • Better the devil you know (USA) then the Chinese communist party Devil you don't!

      • -1

        I surely know no gov is not evil.

  • I own this one and the Xiaomi AX3600, this is not bad at all tbh. However one major flaw is the heats spread, always try to put in in a cool place or it will encounter sudden latency or disconnection.

    I would recommend the ax3600 over this, but the ax3600 is a little more expensive.

  • This 2.4g can reach 150mbps for some reason, not the other router I tried.

    But why don't I buy it from AliExpress that's normally under $70 with promotion.

    • Different incompatible firmware between Chinese and Global versions and also hardware can be different too.

      • This seems to be the global model. I bought the chinese model because there were reports that it had better wireless range due to better hardware.

  • +2

    Great router, I'm using two of them in mesh mode with wired backhaul. Range and speed are excellent. Web UI has all the important features, the mobile app is not great but useable.

    The only real issue I've found is that it sometimes Bonjour / Zeroconf / mDNS traffic doesn't pass properly between wired and wireless devices, which can lead to issues with resolving host names of local systems, but I've worked around that with a local DNS server.

  • +1

    Don't buy arrived few weeks ago and great for wifi 6 and sh*t for coverage

  • Arrived last week, coverage is fine for my 3 bedroom townhouse, getting full bars across the whole house(double story)
    getting 70mbps over wifi, can't complain for $99 this is really good, i'd buy again

  • anyone bought 5 of this for mesh, you are looking at some really good profit. This router is now going $100.

    • Hi Jeff where is it going for $100?

      • AliExpress?

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