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Realme X3 SuperZoom 256GB - $379.05 ($354.05 with Latitude Pay)+ Delivery (Free Vic) @ JB Hi-Fi


They have stock once again…

Entry level model retails at Realme Australia for $579 with 8GB ram and 128G storage


This is the 12Gig ram & 256GB storage model

Get an extra $25 off with latitude pay today

*note: these are only 4G

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Showing $399 for me.

    • Latitude pay needed

      • 399-25 !=355

      • +2

        Worked it out. OP left out a LOT of information.

        First, the $355 price requires using two other offers.

        Then stacking it with:

        Which would bring the final price down to $354.05. Assuming that a) the offers stack and b) you qualify for the latitude deal.

        Edit: I see that the deal has been edited to make it a little clearer.

  • +1

    $399. Comes down to $379.05 with the 92JHKM9N44G94L promo code for 5% off.

  • thank you instant buy, needed a new midrange phone

  • was going to get it, but the site keep crashing on me. Oh well. Wasn't meant to be then =X

  • +1

    Whats the catch? seems too good for the money compared to most deals

    • +1

      It was good for the money when it came out, $800 12 months ago. Passage of time has seen it drop to $500, now $100 off that standard price. It’s really impressive hardware for the price.

      Worth noting it’s a midrange phone though. The SoC was already 12 months old when the phone was released (but it’s a flagship soc so still better than today’s midrange), it’s a 1080p lcd for a 6.6” screen, the camera isn’t very good and the 60x zoom is a gimmick. Side mounted fingerprint scanner, some reviews say the touch responsiveness is a bit lacking.

      It’s not going to be an upgrade from, say, an S9. But it’s likely a better option than most other $400 phones

      • Certainly some points against it then, but still powerful for the money.
        Guess i just gotta balance which parts i consider more important.
        Thanks mate for the full detailed reply.

      • Seriously disagree it's in par with a Samsung so, much faster.

        For $354 this phone is unbelievable value. Unless you are serious about photography buy one immediately

  • I managed to Just buy one now with the afterpay discount. Maybe the put some more stock online.

  • Does JB charge $8.95 to use Latitude pay? For some reason I got $35 charge for first payment from Latitude and another $8.95 from JB on the credit card.

  • 855 vs 765g seems pretty close in performance… does this support B28?

    • +3

      Yes supports b28, bands are on the box
      Bands 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,20,28

      This has the 855 plus, nearly 50% faster in benchmarks compared to the 765g.

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