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Teva Original Universal Sandals $19.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/Spend $130) @ Hype DC


Great price for a well regarded sandal, at least double the price elsewhere. Most sizes available and part of HypeDC sales.

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  • +9

    They don't look like they're worth $99

    • +6

      Sometimes, I use them for summer hike or long walk/travel. The quality is really good :)

  • +1

    Looks like the Price is for Brand Name.

    • +5

      you don't buy into the Hype?

  • +5

    Constructed of vegans 😬

    • +6

      I'm guessing the replies negging you haven't read the description on the website…

    • +1

      Yeah I was thinking the same, ridiculous description. Now just need to make sure they don't have any parabens, palm oil and are LGBT friendly.

    • +1

      I'm sure there's some kind of human rights violation there. Maybe the UN can form a special council for this. People should not be turned into sandals…

  • +1

    I'm seeing $10 shipping and nowhere near me for free click and collect.

  • +1

    19.99 looks a lot more reasonable on such a simple pair of sandals. Thanks op!

  • I'm collecting these and yesterday's ultraboosts from HypeDC in Birkenhead.

    • +1

      thanks - will keep an eye for you with your Gucci cap ?

  • +20

    These go great with knee high white socks!

  • Is this what the pros use for ultramarathon? Or do I have to make them myself out of old car tyres?

    • shipping !! $10
  • People who wear sandals: why?

    • +8

      Travel to tropical country, wearing it in summer (Vic), a short hike, beach…..
      Or you can mix it with street style outfits

      • A tropical country, like the most of northern Australia?

    • +3

      Anytime it's warm enough to get sweaty feet in enclosed shoes. Guess I'm not tough enough to just go barefoot…

      • +1

        Have you heard of thongs?

        • +4

          Yeah Sisqo made a song about it.

        • +3

          I find thongs very uncomfortable. What, other than perhaps price, makes you prefer them over sandals?

          • @team teri: Slip on, slip off, and for me they are as comfortable as any footwear.
            No straps to worry about and they don't have the nerd vibe that sandals have.
            If normal thongs don't work for you I'd recommend you try Archies. They were designed by a physio and have arch support for greater comfort.

    • Because they're incredibly comfortable and nobody actually looks at my feet anyway. That said I do enjoy usually l outstanding partaking of the hidden pleasure that is socks and sandals now and again.

  • +4

    Got a very similar pair… still going and still comfy at least 20 years later.

    • +6

      Yes, they made good stuff in the early years. If you say comfy you probably have a padded version like the Terra-Fi. Those were my go-to travel / hiking / kayaking sandals for a long time.

      Then production moved to China. Longevity decreased, but worse: the rubber sole was no longer non-slip. After a couple of hurtful stacks on wet surfaces I've been giving the brand a miss in the last decade.

    • Same. My Teva about 2 decades old already.

  • +1

    i wear them to the pool.

    • and skip anything else? ;p

      • +1

        Sometimes haha. Tbh I wouldn't pay more than $20 for these.

  • Click and collect even in tassie! Thanks OP

  • +1

    Are socks included in this deal?

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Got a pair for me and the misso. Can't wait to be even more unfashionable than I already am.

  • +1

    I have a pair of Teva sandals older than 25 years old, bought in Germany. I have no damages yet. Good brand. Hope they still have same quality.

  • Just bought another two pairs for myself and my partner - and grabbed some boots while i was at it. Amazing price for some quality sandals

  • Cheers OP

  • Can anybody give feedback on how the sizing runs? Big or small or relatively normal?

    • Fairly normal, but go a size up if you're concerned. It just means the foot bed is a little longer than you'd normally wear. I've a pair of leather Tevas that are two sizes too big for me (my son outgrew them) and they look fine.

  • -2

    I got similar sandals from Kmart reduced for clearance from $15 to $2. They're $1 each now but almost no sizes left. They still have size 10 in the Khaki and size 12 in the black.


    Interestingly, when I was looking at proper hiking sandals from Teva and other brand names they were almost all very narrow. If you're not treading on rough surfaces these lightweight simple designs are all you need.

  • Sweet I've wanted a pair for a while!

  • +1

    These are great to take camping and on short hikes , cheers OP

  • Got a pair, thanks OP - nice find! Will genuinely be rocking socks and sandals come summer :)

  • +3

    Didn't need - still bought

  • +5

    If you buy these, you'll never have to buy any those condom deals

  • I had no idea what these things were until I watched episode 2 of Modok

  • Is anyone else having an issue with trying to get this picked up rather than delivered?

    • Yeah, it won't let me select 'click and collect' in Cart.

    • Same here, but even with the postage still a bargain compare to other places. I grabbed one.

      • +1

        Probably ran out for click and collect, i'm going to get mine later.

  • I had Teva, Keen, Source and Chaco. Chaco takes the cake, much much better than all others. However, today now only the custom-made sandals are made in the US, so make sure you select this option.

  • I wanna be like Linus and wear socks with these.

    • Go for it. Counter-fashion is the coolest fashion

  • Who took the last pair of size 12?! :(

  • Very good price but the women ones are $50 :(

  • I went to pick my pair up but they feel like a piece of flimsy rubber with straps, horribly uncomfortable, i got a refund.

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