This was posted 1 year 2 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC] Free: 3 Pack of 0.05 Beret Condoms Delivered @ Frenchie


Stumbled on this on Facebook, looks like theyre advertising it to all Victorians.

Add the "beret condom 0.05 x 3" to your cart
Free shipping $0 cost

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    This is a banging good deal :D

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        The cheap ones usually take a long time to come…

  • each Frenchie beret is tested vigorously

    Isn't that kind of the point?

  • French letter in the mail

  • +13

    Good thing we had the free ring sizers deal

    • Never received any of those ring Sizers

    • Any deals on penicillin?

  • Nice gag to send them to mates, cheers op

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    Asking for a friend… if anyone has a MyPost account, enters the same details as well as sending it to a parcel locker/parcel collect address, and it auto-adds to the tracklist and allows redirection, let us know

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    Bonjour Lovers!
    We're loving this and so happy we've got you covered during lockdown xx
    Don't forget its only one pack per customer, don't play any tricks because our expert team of Love Auditors are checking ;)

    Happy Shagging! xx

    Don't forget to show us some love and give us a follow


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    • it says 3 packs on the title.. come on, what am I gonna do with just one pack?

    • Hey Man, it says out of stock! :(

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        You can blame someone for attempting to order 1,000 packs that triggered that.

        • What can I say? If it has a pulse, I'm putting on my jacket.

        • Can you fix it? (Not the person, the ordering system)! Although if they’re ordering 1,000 they need to be fixed and save the environment from burning so much rubber. 😂

        • Ahhhh ok working again. 🍆Thank you!🍆😂

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    Thanks grabbed some free condoms

  • Is this for Vic only?

    • Yes. See original post. It’s weird that they don’t sell to other states in general.

      • We do sell to other states :)

        • Said it wouldn't send to my address in QLD and another address just over the border in NSW :(

        • So why does it say it’s not delivering to SA before I even put the voucher code in???

        • I'm in a state of excitation.

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        They figure Melbournians need these the most

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    Does it have Best before or any Expiry date?

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      Yes! you've got at least 4 years left to get busy ;)

  • I'm guessing only ships to VIC? Wouldn't ship to an address in QLD or NSW.

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    Awesome, will give these to the tax office for this years rodgering.

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    While there’s no rule book for sex

    Wait, what? Then why do girls always tell me it's 'against the rules' when I proposition them?

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      You know what they say, the best way to stop sexual harassment is to not be ugly

  • Can a 0.05 protect a fast-moving beast?

    • Hm.. how fast are we talking? If you're a one pump wonder.. I'm sure it can handle that.

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    Can they be used as party balloons? Otherwise they will just collect dust

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    Thanks OP. These should go well together with my BeeKeeper suit as you can never have enough protection.

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    Finally a condom in my size!

    0.05 mm is the length, right?

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      Name checks out.

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      All I know is best don't blow over 0.05 in Victoria

  • …………………………………..

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    I just came for the puns :)

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    No wonder why this deal is only for Victorians.

    “Outbreaks of syphilis rapidly spreading through Melbourne suburbs”

  • Thanks op.


    Thanks OP, for covering my lil bro…

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    Out of stock

    Plenty of years for them to restock before I’ll need one so I’m happy to wait

  • No happy ending then

  • +2

    Stock back on

    • Do you mean you got lucky?

  • This would last longer than my mortgage.

  • Thanks mate, going through these at a rapid pace of late

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    Still in Stock.

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    Hahaha if you pay peanuts, you might end up with a couple of monkeys

  • One deal that can't be beat

  • I've learned my fellow ozbargainers prefer MS Office Pro, have a solid inventory of Eneloops, cook with Mutti tomatoes and love japanese kitchen knives. But the sparse occurrence of date night is really TMI.

  • Restock for your c*ck

  • My day sorted, what about night ?

  • Are these safe for all orifices?

  • Any blue ones for NSW?

  • Doesn't seem to work for me "WEGOTYOUCOVERED discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart" :(

  • +3

    Has anyone received their order yet ?

    • nopes

    • Nope.

      Got order and shipment confirmations within 2 days, then nothing. Email enquiry went unanswered…

      • …And, arrived today

        Next post will be a review 🤣

  • haven't received anything till now

    • just got mine today

      • +1

        Got mine and it said postage underpaid

        • received yesterday as well and it says the same thing as well. Will we receive a letter to pay the remaining?

  • Also got a prepaid envelope with a postage underpaid sticker ($2.45). I was about to chuck it back in the post box but it has no return address. Damn

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