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$90 Credit for Google Store (Check Your E-Mail)


Got an email from Google store

It’s nice to have a little extra
We've added a $90.00 Google Store credit to your account. Treat yourself
to something from the Google Store (excludes subscriptions)
before 12 June 2021.

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  • +2

    how do I get this?!

    • You probably need to be a high roller.

  • +3

    any reason why you would get this?
    app developer?
    buy alot of apps?
    buy alot of phones from google store?
    clicked into a email which was a scam and now u getting fleeced?

    • Non of the above, other than a Google one subscription 2TB

      • +2

        aaahhh pretty good considering its 124 annually!

        • I just checked i got the email twice so 2x$90
          buying the Nest Wifi router and point, 2-pack (Snow) will be $219


          • @Albtal: Dayum son! What's the email subject/email from address? I have a handful of throwaway google accounts but they're just flooded with spam these days haha

          • +1

            @Albtal: Geeez, Google really appreciates the enormous amount of data you give them haha. No wonder they are throwing money at you

        • +1

          considering its 124 annually!

          $46 via Turkey

          • @Pricebeat: Too much hassle when it changes your google to away from AU

            • @asa79: Not necessary to use your primary account

              • @Pricebeat: but takes away all the benefits if you not

  • +1

    wow i want that!!!

  • +1

    What’s the email subject? I’ve a google one and ytmusic sub going on with them, plus a number of store buys..

  • +2

    no love for me. maybe they do not like my subscription to Play Music India

  • +1

    oh what? I am subscribed to YouTube premium and the 2tb a month but I don't seem to have anything..

    • same here.

  • +2

    I subscribed to Google 1 2TB annual plan, YoutubeMusic/TV family plan, Google Play Pass annual plan,
    But no $90, what more can I do Google, show me some💗💝love💗💝Google!!

    • +3

      When you all in, what more will you contribute to Google?

    • You already giving them what they need, they dont need more from you ;)

  • No love for me either, although I have Pixel 4xl, 100Gb @ Google one, 2 Google Homes.
    And so far no google credits at all.

  • +1

    I got one but only 25$ :(

  • $2 to spend in the Play store…

  • Take $25 off anything on the Google Store

    Save on Google accessories and devices, for hands-free help throughout your home.1

  • No love here, home mini and pixel 4xl owner

  • +1

    Nothing here on either email.
    -Pixel 4xl owner
    -Google one subscriber
    -Google/YT family subscription
    -Long and expensive history with the app store
    -Enterprise account

    (profanity) these guys.