Google One 100GB, 200GB, 2TB: A$0.93, A$1.87, A$4.67 Monthly, A$9.35, A$18.70, A$46.74 Yearly @ Google Turkey (VPN Required)


Prices in title are in AUD

Open above link with Turkey VPN to see Turkey prices.

To get access

May be use a spare email

Change payment profile to Turkey. (Delete AU payment profile)

Login into Play store on your device.

Open up Google one app on android device.

Credit to neo479

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  • Instructions unclear. Computer now speaks Portuguese.

  • I never understood the logics behind reasoning with digital service being offered at such drastically different prices. This is exhausting to imagine we're being screwed over every time.

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      Because people just bend over and take it.

      • Where I currently live my Health Insurance is $40 a month and it covers every doctor visit for free, most common dental services for about $10ish each.

        My internet bill is $30 a month for Fiber 1gig ethernet connection
        My phone bill is $7 with unlimited calls and texts, 60gig of [email protected]

        Can't wait for these prices to reach Australia already, absolutely ridiculous.

        • And where is this?

          Australian phone prices are actually fairly reasonable we get for $30/$40aud what they get inn North America for $100+usd

          • @Nand0sx:

            Australian phone prices are actually fairly reasonable we get for $30/$40aud what they get inn North America for $100+usd

            Better than the US does not necessarily mean "reasonable". Case in point:

            My phone bill is $7 with unlimited calls and texts, 60gig of [email protected]

            I pay $15/month for the same calls & texts but only 3gig of data. And my plan would be considered on the cheaper end of things.

            • @Chandler: that's painful

              if it makes you feel any better, my apartment costs 1.5M AUD , but if compared to Australian standards you could buy it for $300,000-$500,000

              We don't have a gym or a pool, not a uniquely big apartment or balcony.

              Its still a "better than most" apartment, but there are betters, and this is not considered "expensive"…That's our Achilles :P

              oh, and cars are super expensive starting at 45K AUD ish brand new for a decent car (not some weird 0 protection chinese crap)

              and ontop of all that sweetness, our minimum wage is $2,500aud a month :) (which is pretty sh!t…)

              • @Kundi: I get it. My guess is that you live in Singapore.
                BTW, you won't be able to buy even the tiniest apartment in any big AU city for $300-$500K. Those times are gone…

          • @Nand0sx: I currently reside in Israel, unfortunately, lol.
            Will be back in Aus in no time tho.

            I mean, meh!
            Here's 5G package for $20 a month
            unlimited calls
            unimilted texts
            500gb data
            300 minutes abroad to cellular devices

            It starts at $20 and could be cheaper if you buy more than one line (family or w/e)

            This was the first result, as an Ad on Google. There's probably better, cheaper.

            But this is what I mean by inflated and ridiculous :P


        • Where?

    • Simple business logic. Price to what each region will bare, not cost + x% flat rate.

      Whether it works in practice is a separate technical question!

      • Yeah, but that's the part that pisses me off. Instead of setting base rate and adjusting it according to Tax per Region , they're inflating prices.
        Lets say Australia, it has Great minimum wages, so yeah, people have spare money??? lets charge them more! weee!!!…

        • It's a bit more complicated than that. They can't be making money selling the product at this price point. So, rather than shrugging and saying "Meh - Turkish people are too poor to get our service", they offer it at a discount rate to them.

          Not even Google could afford to offer everyone this price point. And if everyone starts using a VPN to fake it, Google will end up not discounting to developing nations.

          So what's really unfair? That we can afford it?
          Let's face it: $25 (instead of $9.35) a year at full-price is affordable to any Australian who needs this service. I do not feel ripped off paying $25 and having my files anywhere and my offsite backups taken care of. If you can't afford $25, then the free tier is probably more than enough for your needs.

          • @Wraith: That's a solid argument, refreshing point of view, you're definitely correct.

            Good on you, changed my mind ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

      • or, price it a level that is just below what a competitor would need to price it at to stay afloat. alphabet can throw money at a region until it has an established position. would not be the first time.

        • .kill the competition

        • Not necessarily. Lots of thing to consider. It's often more profitable to grow the market rather than under price a competitor. While quite complex, the simple marketing 101 principal is to price as high as the market will bear. I'm sure many tactics (e.g. loss leader products in various regions etc.) come into the mix when considering a global strategy.

  • Is Brazil the best price of should I check Argentina turkey and Russia

  • Can you still pay using your Google Credits using this method? I'm guessing no since my YT Premium India is charging my credit card as opposed to my G Play credits.

    My Google One is essentially free anyway since I'm doing a good number of Opinion surveys every month.

    • How do you get more surveys? I get (at best) 2-3 a month now.

      • Visit more places, I always get one when I go to Bunnings. Also pay with Google Pay, I get a few of those.

      • enable location history on devices and let google track gps on permissions

        Yes you are giving Big Brother some information this way. As they say, Nothing is truly free

      • did you ever lie or accidentally input a wrong answer? you get somewhat blacklisted. It happened to me once. i got like 2 or so a month for around 5 months so i went onto chat and inquired. they apologised and put me back on…now i get around $3-4 a month which pays for my cloud storage.

        • I never lie about my location, but I have continually lied about my household, income, gender, age and whether I've given birth to kids.

          My virtual profile is that of a divorced 30 year old female with 120k household income with Bachelors degree with 2 children over the age of 10 living in the same household and owns a house with a mortgage. Write this down into your notes so that everytime google asks about your demographics, you can reference it and keep providing a consistent answer.

          Remember because google is GDPR compliant you can actually nuke your account and start all over again with a fresh profile. Tap the 3 dots icon to get to the settings menu and delete your account from there.

          • @scrimshaw: haha thats a good idea and if you only answer one way, who are they to suggest otherwise.

            i didnt realise about that last bit…thats really good to know actually.

      • woolies, coles, bunnings, bigw, jb hifi, dan murphy all seem to pay up…go visit a shopping centre/strip. I got 43c today because I walked past Anaconda and said I didn't enter. Also answer "i prefer not to say" to personal surveys, as they keep trying to trick you into giving the info they already have and paying you for it.

    • How do you earn credit for doing opinions. I usually do opinions but i am only receiving badges no credit.

  • Just a heads up this might mess up your Google Play Store profile, meaning you might found yourself cannot download some AU Apps.

    For example my Google One profile is in the US, so when I login to Google TV, it takes me to the US play store, and I canโ€™t download apps like ABC Iview, SBS, etc. Eventually had to get a new Google account just for the TV. This also applies to your Android phones.

    • There's no work around for this, like changing your address or country after signing up?

      • If using android just grab the apk file somewhere and and you can get any app you want, just make sure it's not infected.

      • Sadly no, unless you cancel the service and delete the payment profile.

    • Yep that's what I do with my Indian YouTube premium account. Use that with a spare Aussie Google account to get both. A small inconvenience but worth it.

      • Yes, can be extremely annoying when you jump cross sites just to get an apk, and hence not recommend for anyone value their time.

    • What I normally do, create another au location account/email and install it as a second account on your phone, and when you need to install au region specific app, go to that account and install it

  • Good post but probably not worth the effort/risk when you can get various 10-20% off Google Play gift cards (Woolworths Rewards, Flybuys, etc.) and if you're really keen, do the Google Opinion Rewards survey thing.

    100GB = $25AUD * 15% = $21.25
    200GB = $45AUD * 15% = $38.25
    2TB = $125AUD * 15% = $106.25

  • The problem is once you start using extra cloud storage, you really canโ€™t go back since you created a new need

    • Google plan all along. Free Google photos weren't gonna last, a lot of users can't live without that now

  • Even business emails diverted to personal gmail and whole house, work, phones etc… too involved to get out of google ecosystem.

    i hate they charge more in Australia but, i should be happy Google doesn't price on a personal basis. I would pay even more than what they charge Lol.

    • True, once you get fully into any eco system is quite hard to quit especially if it cost money and time to switch.

  • About 34% off

  • Turkey works out to be cheaper at 100GB/200GB/2TB A$0.93/ A$1.87/ A$4.67/Month, A$9.35/ A$18.70/ A$46.74/Year if anyone is curious

  • This is just for cloud storage? Pass

  • Gobble gobble

  • can you invite an AU profile account into your "Turkish family" ?

  • Can you pay for a year then change profile back to Aust?

    What's the chance of Google disabling account?

  • Fairly sure you can switch the country profile once a year, you lose access to the AU store as well as any Google Play balance, rewards, etc. They will be restore when you switch back to the AU profile I think. You cannot invite people in your family with other country profiles.

  • Took awhile to get it working.

    Had to edit the play store country first

    Can only change every 365 days

  • I was able to get this working.
    I deleted my AU profile and then it defaulted to Turkey (wouldn't let me change it in Play Store).
    I then purchased through the Google One app and it showed the TRY prices.
    I then contacted Google Support through chat and told them I accidentally deleted my AU profile and they re-enabled it within a few minutes so all my history and payments are still there.
    Play Store profile still in Turkey, now will have to see if I can get it back to Australia….

  • This seems to be working well but some apps not available so need to swap to another account for a few apps