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USB-C to VGA Adapter $3.50 (Was $9) in-Store /+ $3 C&C ($0 with $20 Spend) /+ Delivery ($0 with $65 Spend) @ Kmart


I found this in Kmart Churchill Rd Adelaide, $3.50 in clearance.

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    Thanks OP; bought one to donate to my local museum.

  • Just for note (and I cant be certain for this product) but MOST usb to graphics solutions require thunderbolt (which uses a USB-C plug).

    UsbC and Thunderbolt are not the same.

    Being vga, perhaps it has a slow chip onboard doing the work; but just be aware; similar cards like this for DP or HDMI almost always need thunderbolt.

    • Good tip,…..at least a USB with display capable output ( pretty much USB C 3.1/Thunderbolt ).


    • Possibly, however it could just convert C to A 2.0 to VGA. I have some old 2.0 A to DVI adapters which are very handy to get around thunderbolt limitations.

      • AFAIK what the OP is trying to describe is that most usb c to hdmi converters require the phone to be usb 3.0 compatible.

        mostly only flagship phones are usb 3.

        usb 2 phones with usb C need the thunderbolt adapter to do video out (and they are expensive)

        for such a cheap product I would also suspect that you need a usb 3 phone to work it
        (the box just has a usb c to hdmi/then hdmi out to vga)

        also even flagship phones from xiaomi / oppo etc are not usb 3.
        only flagships from samsung/huawei etc are usb 3.

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    The newest connection type to the oldest connection type (still in use, circa 1987).

  • You can NEVER have enough adapters

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