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Optus: Realme C3 $80, X Wave $49, Samsung A21s $149, Telstra: Essential Smart $19, 4GX+/4GX HD/Essential+ 2/Pro $49 @ Woolworths


Looks to be the one of the cheapest ever deal for Realme C3:

  • Optus Realme C3 @ $80 (Was $199)
  • Optus X Wave @ $49 (Was $149)
  • Optus Samsung A21s @ $149 (Was $279)

In my opinion, Optus phones are much easier to unlock, compared to Telstra which charges a premium.

Deals on Telstra Prepaid Phones

  • Telstra Essential Smart (A125) @ $19 (Was $69)
  • Telstra 4gx Plus @ $49 (Was $99)
  • Telstra 4gx HD @ $49 (Was $129)
  • Telstra Essential Plus 2 @ $49 (Was $99)
  • Telstra Essential Pro 4g @ $49 (Was $129)

Unlocking fees apply.

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    Double check the version of the A21s, I am guessing its the 3GB/32GB version rather than the 6/128 version that Optus also sells.

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      Yep 32GB


        and no NFC?

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    Looks to be the cheapest ever deal for Realme C3

    Realme C3 was $75 here and here


      Still a great price for C3. Use with Coles SIM, or other optus MVNO.

      I would not bother with the other phones above, or in the other Woolies phone post.

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      Yes got from Target with $10 newsletter discount and $30 afterpay signup effectively making it only $35


    OP, why didn't you include the Nokia 2.3 for $49?

    Good deal.

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      Nice catch.
      Although the Brand Card says Nokia 2.3, the yellow price tag showing $49 was Nokia 2.2.
      Hence, I haven't posted it, as it looks to be a confusion among the store staff. It would probably scan at much higher I think. At the shelf, where there are dummy handsets, the yellow price tag for Nokia 2.3 mentioned $99.


    Telstra Essential Smart (A125) @ $19

    I am tempted to buy them just for the charger.

    Is this national wide?


    Can’t see any A21s in stock around us. Anyone had luck with Officeworks matching from the ticket picture? Or any other options for under $200 Samsung for my dad. He has an oppo and can’t get used to it. He previously had an S9 before the oppo.


      Maybe try swapping the mapping of the <<Overview>> soft button with the <<Go Back>> soft button for him. I don't know the relative bloatware of Oppo vs Samsung - but this might be a big help for him if he is used to Samsung's primary navigation layout vs the rest of Android world.

      I always find this reversal annoying when using any friend's Samsung, and thus I'll need to remap to standard Android if I go ahead with buying a Samsung A52 5G DS that I'm considering at the moment.

      In a Euro-centric tech world born of pages read from left to right, and books where forward pages in books are on the right side, I find it to be counter-intuitive that <<Go-back>> is on the right side - rather than on the left, but one's brain is always going to forge a set pattern based on what you are used to, and a world-view based on what you first used!

      Are Samsung the only major Android handset manufacturer to use a non-standard config for these most basic navigation settings?


    is this deal on? do you unlock it like this: https://www.mobileguru4.com/realme-c3-unlock-file/

    looks like insane specs for the price, do these go on sale often?


    The Optus ones have expired. Telstra ones are still available at Woolies.
    Yes, they do go on sale often for the models mentioned above.



      i found they're still available at officeworks for $89, the only problem is i'm on aldi mobile and i need to unlock it, $80 seems steep for unlock from optus

      there are unlocked versions on ebay for $125, might just grab one of those unless i can find a way to unlock it for free lol