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Telstra $69/Month Mobile Plan: 60GB + 20GB for 12 Months + $400 Gift Card ($99 150GB mobile plan with $700 GC) @ JB Hi-Fi


I was originally looking for a Telstra plan deal with gift cards from the Good Guys, but then decided to walk into the JB Hi-Fi store at Broadway Shoppimg Centre Sydney to see what they had.

The sales guy told me about the $99 plan (150GB) now comes with a $700 gift card and the $69 plan (80GB) with a $400 gift card. Calls unlimited but international calls not included (I don't use it anyways).

Went for two of the $69 plans. Not as good as a $500 gift card, but good enough for me now.

Hope this helps others who are also looking for a deal but prefer jb over tgg. =)

EDIT: someone reminded me to mention that this is only available to port in customers from other carriers.

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    You should mention not available to existing Telstra customers. :(

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      Will do that. Thanks

    • Not for existing Telstra customers unless you sign up as a new user, then ask live chat to move your number from the old plan to the new contract and cancel the old one


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        Would add a note of caution about this - I did this for a previous deal and Telstra "lost" my phone number for 2 weeks. Had to call up/live chat about 10 times to find someone who knew what they were doing. Something to do with the JB plans being on a different billing system.

      • I've done this for the last 2 black friday sales. Best way to get around it.

      • Another caution, Telstra support are the worst and will likely make life as hard as possible…

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    My last years one ends in 6 days.
    Then need to port out for 30 days!

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      Does that just apply for Telstra? I had boost but ported out to optus prepaid for a day before taking up this offer.

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      Might be perfect timing for $500 GC and $10 monthly credit deal then

      • That’s what I’m waiting for again!

      • I don't quite follow :) When are you expecting the $500 gift card to happen again?

    • Just sign up a new number to your existing account and ask live chat to move the old number to your new contract, cancelling the old service at the same time, (worked for me at least but YMMV potentially).

      • Too risky haha

      • Can confirm this! I helped my wife (which really is helping myself) with this method and will do this if they can do it over the phone, as we Melbourne, you know..

    • Bit confused by this.

      So if I'm currently with boost and want to take up this offer, whats the best way to do this?

  • The 700 gift card actually has been active for a month, only if you ask in store.

    Good guys also doing the same.

  • (69*12-400)/12 = $36/month

    Go with Boost

    P.S. I spend about $3/month for my mobile. Get as much GB, not that I needed it =/

    • I used to be on boost, it's very sloooowww. But I admit boost is very cheap

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        Boost is basically Telstra. If it is slow, then it is likely Telstra is slow in your area.

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          Actually that’s not the case. Boost has same coverage, but less speed than Telstra

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            @randomdude14: Its the difference between 4G on boost vs 4GX/5G

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              @BarginHunter128: I'm with boost.. don't have speed issues, although I thought Boost being a telstra company had access to 4GX others on telstra didn't… Oh well for under $13 a month I'm not going to complain lolll

              • @scud70: Boost has 4GX so does every Telstra provider including belong and Aldi Mobile just that belong and aldi are limited to 100 mbps

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      what plan are you using? How is it only $3/month?

      • Im sim slutting with dual sim. With Cashreward and shopback, it works out to be around that much. Max $5/month.

        Get about 100GB+ tons of internationally calls. 5G speed most of the time. Amaysim almost always give me free month, so yeah. Port to Kogan every now and then if no deal available.

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          Could not be bothered. I'll hand in my OzB credentials.

          • @itsross: Its not that hard. I do it every couple of months due to dual sim. Sometimes I get deal like $15 for 6 months (amaysim)

            Takes like 10 mins to port over between the usual provider. Only time that takes forever was Telsim. 15 days to port. Wtf.

            Did learn that they provide 5G speed so that was a good learning exercise.

  • Wasn't it originally $500

    • The guy in store just said they do this once a year normally.

  • Does the port in credit still apply?

    • Not directly. I signed up on Saturday, chat with Telstra support tonight via the app, got $10/m credit applied to the service for the next 12 months

  • Is it 5G network?

    • Yeah it is. Just asked JB in store now

  • Been following these type of deals since feb, I’ve noticed that in the past people were able to get a $10 credit applied. Does anyone know if this is still possible and a common occurrence?

    • My GF was able to get it a few months ago.

      So 99 became 89/month for the S21

      Tried it yesterday and couldn't get the 10 off, so I didn't get the phone.

      However, I've heard some users say you can try asking Telstra live chat and they'll do it for you AFTER getting the plan.

    • I signed up on Saturday, chat with Telstra support tonight via the app, got $10/m credit applied to the service for the next 12 months

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        Thanks - am new to these (optus customer now but will port over), so do i need to mention anything in particular when chatting to Telstra, or just ask for $10 credit p/m?

        • Ask for the port in $10/m credit

  • Can I call JB and get them to do it over the phone? Lockdown in Melbourne atm unfortunately

    • Doubt it. They need to verify your identity and you need to sign.

    • Looking for this answer too as a fellow Melbournian. I believe one of the past deals during the extended lockdown, they could do it over the phone.

      Calling tomorrow and will update here 👍🏽

      • I called Jbhifi Watergarden and they said they can't do it over the phone as they need to check the ID and need to meet face-to-face.
        What a shame they're not aware that Melbourne is in a lockdown

        • Just gave them a call and intially they referred to call 13 JBHIFI which I did. Turned out the are not doing it over the phone anymore and for those who live in Melb, we just need to wait til shop's opened

          A little bit disappointed but hey, who knows when Melbourne's shops are opening the $500 GC might be back by then

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    Just a heads up for those keen on Good Guys GC instead they're doing $800 GC on the $99 plan till Sun 6/6. No advertising only in-store mention.

    • Thanks mate

    • Thank you!

      Do u know if they'll do the $10 port in credit?

      • No harm asking but I'd wager it's probably a no.

    • On numbers the $800 GC good but unless you have something planned to buy and it happened to be on special at good guys then there is really no point to lock into a contract for a gift card

      Just my 2 cent…

    • That's a really good deal. That tgg I spoke to last week didn't tell me about that. I'm glad I didn't get it off him last week!

      • +1

        Its a weekend special for this week so wasn't on last week. Personally holding out for their $69 plan with $10 credit and $500 GC and hope to see it this EOFY.

  • these plans wouldn't be their new ones that support data sharing between sims would they?

  • Hi, I have an ipad pro 12.9 2020 with cellular and paying monthly optus data plan, gonna buy the 2021 version from GGs so this deal with the gift card is good timing. Can I Port my optus sim or esim to this deal and assign the sim to the new ipad 2021 I am purchasing, or is this deal only for phones. Thx

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    So Telstra at the moment have the S21 with the free watch. ($104/month for 12 months)
    They're also offering $500 (worth $41.67/ month) extra for a trade in.
    Add a $55 cashback through Shopback too. To bring it down further, I'm hoping for a potential price match to get a further couple hundred dollars back. Then can combine it with the 180gb month to month plan ($65/month for 12 months).
    Total $122.75/month for 12 months after Trade in and cashback.
    Could be better than the JB $99/month with $900 credit or free S20fe 5g.
    Would be great to hear anyone's experience with the Telstra price match or recommendations for a valid option against the S21.

    • +1

      I would not personally pay more + going through that long process to get the pretty much equal-in-performance s21 compared to s20 fe

      • +1

        To be honest, anything beyond S10+ is extremely disappointing from Samsung. Worse ergonomics and ports, for only slightly better battery and performance. Display is equal, except the 120Hz mode, that one is good. Rear cameras have improved depending on the model. Software is same.

        If I had a Note-9 or S10+ I definitely wouldn't (downgrade) update to the S21. The ASUS RoG/Zenfone and Sony mk2/mk3 are more tempting, even the OnePlus is good. But none of these have Local Australian Support and Warranty, which is a big red flag when you're spending over AU$700.

        Even the iPhone, which historically is bad value, looks like a viable alternative when considering prices, support, and whole picture. Here's hoping Samsung is a little more competitive next year, albeit, the announcement of ARMv9 and their Cortex-X2, A710 and A510 show that next year we could see lower performance and efficiency in real-world use.

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      I think the JB $99 12 months with free S21 is your best bet. They were just doing that a week ago and sure they would bring that deal back for a EOFY sale. Even just go in and ask if the boys can do it.

      • @syswong unfortunately stuck in vic and they couldn't do it over the phone or assure me it would be there again so unfortunately a little stuck. The Telstra deal is my best bet and hoping I can get it for a similiar price with the watch.

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          The Telstra deal doesn't look too bad. You can leave after you score the bonus credit after 2nd month.

          You do need a qualify phone for the bonus credit and Telstra trade in list is quite lean. Also not sure how easy is to sell the watch as it's been everywhere that Samsung is changing the OS.

          • @syswong: I haven't had a smart watch to date. might give it a go.

            Interesting to note the ability to leave after the 2nd month.

            Any thoughts on a valid price match for a lower priced s21?

            Luckily I have a busted S9

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              Interesting to note the ability to leave after the 2nd month.

              You save about $200 over 9.75 months by moving to a plan like Vodafone $45. You have a faster cap but lose 5G ability.

              Any thoughts on a valid price match for a lower priced s21?

              The price match T&C are quite tricky, both Optus and Telstra. For calculation purpose, I would not include a price match to give yourself false hope. If you end up getting it, consider it as a bouns, same to your cashback….

              Remember if you don't use that much data then you can cut you NBN. With the 180G data from Telstra you just need a second data sim ($15) and put in a router then you will have you home internet running on you mobile data pool. That is a $65-$80 saving depends on your NBN plan. NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU HAVE FAMILY MEMBER LEAVE 4K STREAMING ON ALL DAY

              • @syswong: I just looked and we used 50gig last month.
                Any particular 5g modem device you'd recommend?

                • +1

                  @Bugishere: All 5G router are bloody expensive and only useful if you have Telstra 5G coverage.

                  My work have multi units of Nighthawk M1 and M2 and they are very stable. If you are on a tight budget, try to score a second hand unit from eBay or gumtree.

                  There are many 4G / 5G router on the market but you will have to do your own research. Someone told me the Nokia one is really hardcore but also very pricy.

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    When does this deal expire?

    • I don't know. Someone find out and tell me!

  • $500 gift card for $69p/m and $800 gift card for $99p/m are the ones we should be looking for.

  • Telstra is offering until 5 July their 180GB upfront monthly no contract plan to new customers for $65/month for 6 months saving $50/month ($600). It then reverts to $115. Could be a filler plan until a better plan comes along.

  • +1

    websiteshowing $300 / $500

  • Do they have iPads on a plan with these gift cards options?

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