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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5600x CPU $373.50 Delivered @ Shallothead eBay


Some handpicked bargains using the PLUSFLASH10 Ebay plus 10% OFF code:

  • AMD Ryzen 5600x - $373.50 after 10% OFF
  • AMD Ryzen 5950X - $1130.40 after 10% OFF
  • 3600 + ASUS PRIME B450M Motherboard $314.10
  • 5600X + B550M Gaming Motherboard $440.10
  • 5600x + ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming Wifi Motherboard $584.10
  • 5600x +Aorus Elite Wifi Motherboard $566.10

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  • +10

    Omg…. i don't need it…… i have a 3600x it's good enough!
    It is so tempting though good price

    • +3

      Do it.

      • Do you offer the same advice for me? My mate wants to offload his 5900x and an x570 tomohawk for $700. I want it but damn I don't need it.

        • +2

          pass me on his details and ill do it if you dont :D

        • -8

          What idiot would offload those type of specs, there's nothing more to upgrade from that. Unless you're say a business that needs to store 1000's of users data and then sell it to other companies ;)

          • +1

            @Doomedgrind: Upgrading to 5950x, more cores than 5900x

            X570 tomahawk: trash board, hard for overclocking, little expansion slots

            • @ln28909: He built it for a client, they kept having a weird bug that can't be replicated. He ended up swapping it with an Intel system that had the same issue. The issue was the Samsung 970 pro. He just wants rid of it and is prepared to take a loss on it after all the headaches it caused.

              The board will replace an Asus x470 prime pro and house my current 3700x. Not sure if my Asus b450i itx board will cope with the 5900x in my gaming build.

    • Do it. I did.

      Do it.

  • +1

    I paid $100 more for my 5600x. Great price :')

  • +1

    Awesome deal !
    Wish the 5800x is cheaper

    • There are good deals on 5900x atm. In my opinion, 5800x is in an odd position when it comes to price to value.

      • Yeah and it's a pig to cool

  • +7

    maybe i should buy just because it's a bargain

  • +1

    EDIT: My friend has Ryzen 2600, GTX 1080, plays on 1080P on 1-3 screens…
    I don't think he would get much performance increase going from Ryzen 2600 to 5600x because of his GTX 1080. If he had a RTX3070 I would aboslutely recommend? Thoughts?

    *I'm thinking he doesn't need to upgrade his CPU until he can upgrade his GPU… and by the time GPU upgrade prices become reasonable, there will be new generations of CPU available, haha…

    • +2

      Would be worth while if esports fps shooters are your main games and paired with 240/360hz monitors. High fps at low resolution means a cpu bottleneck in most cases. People often overlook the 1% lows which improve drastically and notable difference. A cpu upgrade is relatively cheap (even if you have to get a new mobo to support it) compared to upgrading a gpu which will cost you a kidney in todays market…

    • Better advice, get rid of the 3x 1080p's and get a single 1440p , those extra pixels ;)

    • Have you seen this?
      It's relevant to your questions. Some good information there.

    • +1

      thats the exact boat i am on, 2600/1070

      i am gonna hold on anything until i get a new gpu first, anything i do right now is pointless unless it is a gpu.

  • This or a $230 i5-11400F?

    • +5

      the 11400f is a killer value but it has a worse upgrade path and considerably worse multicore performance.

    • +2

      I think this. You'd be saving money on a motherboard and wouldn't need an expensive cooler.

      • Can get 11400f for $210 and the stock cooler is fine.

    • +1

      You can get 11400f for around $210 right now.

    • +1

      Depends on your needs, if you're mainly gaming and want to save money i5 offers very similar performance to 5600X. If you want a productivity workhorse you wouldn't be looking a 5600X anyway tbh

    • +2

      remember next gen ryzen will need new mobo as well, so plan ahead according to your needs.

  • Now 5950X and 5900X are really tempting…can them be cheaper before Black Friday?

    • +1

      The product will be 3-4 months closer to the end of it's lifecycle by black Friday

  • Can't find last bundle.. Link?

    • +12

      People who could have saved four dollars on suicide watch

      • +2

        i'd still be salty if i bought then esp if it was cheaper literally 2 days later lol

    • +1

      I see there's two downvoters without a sense of irony or humour. Go you.

  • +1

    Currently have a 3600. Should I upgrade or wait until next year for better CPUs? Read about some crazy increases in performance next year

    • +1

      in the same boat as you.
      just fyi though you'll need a completely new motherboard and possbily ram? (might be ddr5) for next gen cpus. So that might factor into your decision

      • +1

        Oh what, has that been confirmed? Cause I have an x570 that I really like and wouldn't want to upgrade anytime soon

        • +1

          yep, x570 will support only up to this generation of cpus, next gen will be am5 socket. Intel side is the same story, next gen will be on a different platform

          • +1

            @throwsofaraway: Ah damn, guess I'm not going with the next gen CPU upgrade then. Might as well splurge on a good 5000 series CPU in that case

        • yes, next gen will use LGA socket, so it is guaranteed not gonna work.

      • +1

        Zen 4 will release Q4 2022 apparently and will need a new motherboard / ram. It is looking like Zen 3 will have one last refresh before then though with the V-Cache chips. These chips have greatly increased L3 cache are supposedly going to offer 15-20% extra performance in games. They should release late this year/early next year, but not really any solid details yet, so no idea of the cost or platform requirements.

        Edit: just noticed g1 beat me to it by a day :)

    • Are you thinking about Zen4 (AM5) or Zen3 update? Zen4 will require a MB replacement. Zen3 update will start with high end CPUs. Most recent AMD keynote mentioned 5900X and starting manufacturing at the end of the year. Who knows when or if they'll get to 5600X.

      • I was talking about the new CPUs coming sometime next year. What do you mean about zen 3 updates? Not too in tune with AMD updates and I'm interested to learn

        • +1

          Zen 3 update most likely to be widely available at the end of this year or start of next:

          AMD talked about adding new technology to boost 3D performance to their Zen3 CPUs.

          Zen4 may be out later next year or at start of next? Less information available on Zen4. But as far as everything that I've read Zen4 will be a new socket so new MB.

  • +1

    Why are the mobo's with WIFI so expensive?

  • damn´╝îall CPU deals, no GPU deals.

    Come on nvidia you made enough money already!

    • You're going to be waiting a long time for stock let along a deal that won't be down voted to hell for being over RRP.

  • +1

    Thank you so much! Paid the $4.99 for ebay plus and got this for a total of $378.5 been waiting for this cpu to get super affordable gonna be a great upgrade over my r5 2600, a little nervous about the bottleneck my gtx 1070 might cause but only gaming at 1080p

    • +1
      • I mainly play warzone which is a very cpu heavy title so I would be very surprised if I didn't get a healthy bump in fps even with a gpu as old as a GTX 1070

    • What mobo?

      • b450m steel legend

    • iknow it is so tempting to just upgrade whatever component you have right now, but for gaming, just wait….not to mention you have to get a new board for it.

      same spec as you, but itx, which makes things even harder …………….

      • He said above that he has a b450 board so he doesn't need a new board.

  • OOS now, was a great deal when it lasted though.

  • +1

    still available for $4 more

  • +1

    Back in stock

  • I have a 1600AF, I am tempted between 5600X & 5600G to take out the GPU for another PC. I do feel like I should wait for a ryzen 5700 variant for the 8-cores to be a more worthwhile future proof upgrade.

  • https://www.umart.com.au/Deepcool-Gammaxx-400-V2-LED-CPU-Coo... Looks like a pretty good cooling option for this, especially compared to the stock cooler (Wraith Stealth)

  • b550 tomahawk the way to go for this cpu?

  • +1

    Thanks got the combo deal

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