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MILO 460g + Champ Band $5 (Was $45) + Pickup Only @ BIG W


Found randomly on Facebook. Ordered a couple for pickup for the kids.

Am in Canning Vale, WA. Seems to be available nationwide (YMMV)

7th June 2021, 9:42:49 pm Out of stock online, Pickup Only in selected suburbs (mostly regional)

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  • Saw the $45 shelf tag 2 days ago in BigW & thought who would pay that!
    Plenty on display in 2 Brisbane stores visited.
    Thanks - ordered 2.

    • The OzBargain gods have heard you.

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      The guy below you

      • He did what?

        • purchased two at full price

  • Bought two the other day at full price. Grrrrrrr

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      90 day returns - buy again & return new order. $80 saved!

      • Only if the receipt they kept receipt.

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          Only when paying the $90 in cash - who does that these days?

          Discussed returns at BigW on Saturday…
          (Picked up 4x$40 orders for 16,000pt from this Deal)

          If online order - its stored. You receive PDF receipt & return is done by order number.

          If bought in store on CC etc - BigW should be able to retrieve receipt. Even Aldi has done that for me in a refund.

          Always best to save receipt - for warranty & returns.

          • @the INFIDEL: Also kept on your rewards card for 90 days if you happen to use that no matter what payment method you've used.

            • @PorterD: It's pretty hard not to have a receipt.
              And itemised e-receipts show in Rewards app if Rewards card was scanned .

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    No stock in any Melb stores now. Geelong only.

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      you need to select SHOP online - pickup

      • Thanks. Silly error on my part

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          I still can’t see any stock in Melbourne.

      • How do you select this?

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          looks like its all sold out

  • Thanks Op ordered one from my local for pickup only one in stock apparently.

  • Thanks, got one for each of my kids. All 3 nearest stores near me had stock (Byford, WA)

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    Can it tell the time though?

    • That's what I would like to know too, though I'd rather it show the time than tell.😉

      Found it,

      How do I update the time & date on the band if I don’t have the app?
      In order to update the time and date on the MILO Champ Band you will need to download the app and sync your band to the app. The Champ Squad App is free and available to download from both the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices.

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      Says it does date and time. I think it’s the same model

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      Yes. Amazon 4/5star in reviews with full list of features.

  • Plenty around Brisbane most stores have stock.

  • bought 2 for the little siblings, thx

  • Thanks

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    would it fit an adults wrist?

  • MILO 460g on special at Woolies for… $7 $5!
    Effectively free smart band.

    Hope the Milo hasn't gone stale.
    Apparently Best Buy end of June!

  • Great find. Thanks!

  • Same price at WW but no band included.

  • nice find, thanks op

  • Thanks OP. 3 in stock, unfortunately I have 4 nephews and nieces..

  • Got two for the grommets. Nice find.

  • Thanks champ!

  • This year return gift sorted :D thanks OP great find

  • Thank OP. You are a legend.

  • Thanks op. hopefully they honour it

  • Great deal OP

  • Thanks OP. Brought 2. The kids will be happy.

  • Ready to collect, only ordered 10 mins ago.

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    Wow. A heart rate monitor too? Hopefully its legit

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    In stock near me..
    Thanks op.
    Younger son was recently complaining he wanted a fitness band like his older sister.
    Problem solved, plus they get Milo. :)

    • Similar issue at my place… sorted ! :)
      Thanks to the Op

    • Email saying ready for collection already received.
      Thanks again op.

  • Lower GC has plenty of stock

  • Thanks OP!!!!

  • Thanks OP

  • no stock near me :-(

  • Bought it. Didnt need it. Oh well!

  • Out of stock at Hillary s bigw

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    Why did I buy this? I have an Apple Watch and several old Fitbits…

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      For the Milo!

      • Of course!

      • The Milo is old and close to expiry…. I saw these at my local BigW earlier this year for $10 with June expiry. Read the reviews and didn't buy it as it is a throw away within a week or two.

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          Its a Best By date - taste may deteriorate but safe to consume.
          No reason to throw away within a week or two - if it tastes ok. Otherwise can return & get your money back.

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            @the INFIDEL: His username doesn't check out.

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            @the INFIDEL: the throw away is the champ band lol, not the milo.

            • @Logical: If we cant get the app working, the band can't be set up… (not working for me)

              So your throw away the band within a week or two might be optimistic!!

              If that happens, there will be a lot of irate OzBargainers!!!

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          Read the reviews and didn't buy it…
          Amazon 4/5star in reviews

    • Also Mi Band 4cs and 5s. Contributing to landfill haha

    • This competes with Apple watch. It does 80% of essential functionality (time, steps & heart rate, the rest is much better on your phone) for 2.0% of the money (with Milo as reward ;)

  • Thanks OP got 2

    • Got 2 but no upvote?
      You savage.

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        you to quick and savage

        • 😂😂 I apologise.

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    I'd be too embarrassed to wear it knowing every single ozbargainer bought up.

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      At least we can identify each other when we go to the shops next .

      Btw thx op. Got 2.

      • If only it would beep when a fellow band wearer was near - impromptu OzBargain meet ups. (But embarrassing if it turned out to be a child👶)

  • ty op.

  • I bought 4 as have nephews and nieces that can use them.

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      Now I've just scored a limited edition!

      • A collectors item 🏆

  • Ordered 3 to the Pakenham store (live in Croydon North), only one showing stock, as much as I doubt they'll have it. Let's see what happens.

    Lilydale had a tonne of these a week or two back being thrown for 20 bucks but I couldn't be bothered, hopefully I get a couple new toys and a chocky milk. Cheers either way, OP.

    • Lmao apparently my order is ready for pickup. Packy might have some still.

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    • Still showing in stock at many stores near me! Others are still buying.

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    Bought 2 from store 🤦🏻‍♂️ Condition of boxes are really worst

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      Hopefully the pronunciation of the checkout chick was gooder…

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    Very happy there's no stock. Saved $5 for more productive things.

  • Damn I just wanted a heart rate monitor. OOS in my area or just not delivering.

  • If you see this but instead of RRP at $45, regular priced at $5 would you still buy it?

    • As long as the Milo still tastes good ($5 on special at Woolies) - why not get it with a free band thrown in.

      There are frequently comments asking for cheap bands for children in Deals for bands many times this price!
      Based on that interest - $5 would attract plenty of interest.

    • Good point. It's amazing the psychology of products and how we place value on things.

      • Go to the store and grab it in the morning, you maybe in luck

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          My experience on weekend was C&C order was ready before store opened in morning.

  • were in my cart and then sold by the time i went to pay :(