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Dahua 28" 4k (3840x2160) IPS Monitor (LM28-F420) $249 + Freight @ ShoppingSquare


Dahua is the world number 2 in the CCTV industry hence the Dahua monitors were designed for heavy-duty usage.

This is a 4K 28" model that comes with VESA mount function business monitor. 3 years warranty.

28" Dahua LM28-F420 4K HDR FreeSync IPS Monitor With Tilt Adjust

28" 4K Ultra high definition (3840x2160) HDR 10 IPS display

10-bit colour depth displays up to 1.7 billion colours

FreeSync technology and a 5ms response time for fluid images

Low blue light design protects user's eyes

Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture multi-screen support

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Dahua Technology

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    • Spec sheet says VA panel. Shopping square says IPS. I wonder which is correct?

      • No idea. Mwave say VA panel too: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/dahua-lm28f420-28-4k-uhd-fr...

        Others like Computer Alliance say IPS panel.

        So either ShoppingSquare & others is misleading or has some special panel stock.

        Flip a coin.

      • I’d trust the spec sheet, it’s the manufacturers own document. Resellers will make mistakes and sometimes exaggerate things. Plus the price is so low.

        You could dig deeper by trying to find the LCD panel used in the monitor.

  • First time hearing of this brand in the monitor category,
    Any good?
    Don't like the fact that it is sold by shoppingsquare

    • dahua have a decent name on the cctv side.

      Tempted to give one of these a shot.

  • 32inch would be ideal size for a 4K monitor though i certainly aint complaining about the price for this one

    • +1

      TN vs IPS

      • would expect the TN to not have any ghosting, not sure how well this IPS panel performs in that regard - anyone with experience?

  • Curious, how can this monitor claim HDR when it’s listed as having a 1000:1 contrast ratio and only 300 nits brightness?

    • It’s ridiculous and borderline false advertising.

      HDR300 is barely even noticeable ffs.

  • +5

    As per online search:

    Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese partially state-owned publicly traded company.

    Dahua has played a role in the mass surveillance of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

    • From the horror stories i hear, it sounds like thats a "big issue" for the chinese gov.

      Ergo, probably pretty reliable equipment.

      • -4

        stories being the right word

    • source please besides the austrian alien loving homophobe Zenz?

      and everyone is mass surveilled now everywhere since the yanks use the cables..

    • +7

      Please keep this solely about products.

      This argument is weak given you can also say by traveling on planes, you support Boeing which also provides military tech to help bomb Muslims in the middle east.

      Or by reading news from media sites owned by Murdoch, you provide ad revenue for him to bribe government officials to not give up fossil fuels and continue to promote coal mining… its a slippery slope

      • -1

        You didn’t take your own advice to keep it about products.

        The argument “but all others are just as bad” is always a fallacy. This deal isn’t about a Telegraph subscription.

  • This or the LG ultra wide?

    29WL500-B Ultrawide LCD $249


    • +3

      LG: 1080p vertical res
      Dahua: 2160 vertical res

  • whys it so cheap? its only 300 on mwave too, i think thats pretty cheap for a 4k monitor isnt it?

    • It really doesn't cost any more to make LCD in any other resolution config. I

  • +2

    It’s not the first, it’s not the worst.
    It’s the second best CCTV company in the whole wide world!

    • +1

      In the words of Jerry Seinfeld: when you come 2nd, no one loses ahead of you, you're the number 1 loser

  • probably worth a punt for home office/WFH or just general pc usage.

    3 year warranty gives some confidence in the quality of it not being too bad.

    handy that it comes with vesa mounting i guess

    only 60hz out of the box, so def not for high refresh rate gaming.

  • +1

    Dahua is one of the main providers of CCP's Skynet (yes, ironically the same infamous name). Not to fund the mass surveillance is the least what we could do.

    • -3

      since australia supports all forms of mass surveillance maybe you should live somewhere that doesn't…

      • You are comparing jets to mosquitoes

    • I sort of agree, but I dont think a few hundred bargain hunters, buying from an australian registered business is their core funding.

      I support movements for good, but its like 1 vegan standing at a rib joint; you can use your stance to prop up your own internal morals and feel good; but I dont think the difference will be significant.

      If we were discussing a government multi million buy? Ok.
      But while its an ABN business; the wholesale 'damage' is already done.

  • I have one of the 32 inch 2k monitors, amazing value (IMO) for $225 with free shipping


    From a device privacy standpoint, it has no location tracking, no microphone, no camera, and is not connected to the network (that I am aware of).

    • +1

      That is a good deal, no stock though at M wave for the $225 price :(

  • Considering buying this as an upgrade to my LG 29" which has some dead pixel lines.

    Anyone purchased before from the shoppingsquare website? Are they legit? They have it $50 cheaper than Mwave..

    • Yeah they're legit

  • We need a guinea pig, so can somebody buy one and report back 👍😁 any volunteers?

    • Sure. I bought one since I needed a spare 4k monitor anyway. Will report back, hoping I get it within a few days!

      But I highly doubt shopping square will dispatch it that quickly…they seem to take their time.

      • Ohh yeah so urging to hit the buy button well can't go wrong at that price at worst I need a 4K TV in my bedroom with my 4k Fetch mighty PVR, no speakers is the only bummer 🤣

        • +2

          3rd day and not dispatched. I seriously don't know why it takes them so long compared to other tech stores.

          • @prettyflyforawifi: G"day there
            Please did you get your new Dahua monitor yet?
            Hows is it?
            Ia m tempting to buy the 31.5 from Shopping Square as well

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