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Pizza Hut: 50% Cashback (Was 5%, Cap $10, All Promo Codes Allowed) @ Cashrewards


Noticed this in TA's newsletter. Nice offer from CR :)

Starts 9 June 9am AEST

From previous posts, use PayPal payment for best results.

Special Terms

During the 15 hour promo, 50% cashback for Pizza Hut is capped at $10 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 9am 09/06/2021 to 11:59pm AEST 09/06/2021.

  • Cashback is eligible on use of all Pizza Hut promo codes.
  • Cashback is eligible on pickup and delivery orders, including preorders. However, orders must be completed online and paid by PayPal, credit card, or debit card at online checkout (not in-store). No cash payments.
  • Cashback is ineligible if used in conjunction with Zip Pay or other 3rd party promotional offers or codes, or if orders are cancelled or changed.
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchases made via the Pizza Hut app.
  • Only valid orders from Pizza Hut will be applicable for cashback. Pizza Hut will decline any transactions found to be fraudulent.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4041)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +9

    Will not do that again, last one still not been tracked…

    • +3

      Had no issues myself, used paypal and the Cashrewards app.

      If it hasn't tracked, just lodge a missing case, as Cashrewards are usually good at fixing these issues.

      On another note, I'm starting to get a bit full from all the Pizza deals, may need more Ben and Jerrys.

      • +4

        Have to send them email back and forth and it is a cost of time and also quite annoying. Most of other translations were tracked automatically however, just not the Pizzahut.

        • Me2. Twice already.

    • +1

      I just checked myself i ordered 22/02/20 which tracked and was approved. Latest order which has tracked 27/05/21 is pending. Typically i use desktop via chrome, with paypal.

      I may be wrong but i think running a vpn at the time can trip some validation rules their end to invalidate a transaction.

      • +2

        I also used desktop via chrome as well as paid by paypal…

      • Can confirm the vpn might well be. Twice I disabled adblockers but not VPN and both didn't track. Also, I think antiviruses influence it as well, switched to avast and neither shopbak nor cashrewards track anymore.

        • +2

          I just use windows essentials anti virus. Others are just overly intrusive and unnecessary imo. Also use malwarebytes free and cc cleaner free.

    • Also not tracked for last one but the manual support gives me the refund directly on Monday when I lodged the application on Thu.

      • Good to know, thanks for the info. I was trying to lodged the claim but noticed there was a document requirement of invoice to proceed with the claim. Did not notice I received a invoice from Pizzahut.

        • +1

          Pizza Hut send an Order Confirmation within minutes that contains the order number, store location, amount paid etc, and method of payment. Whatever is required should all be there.

        • +1

          Screenshot of your confirmation message is all they need of document.

    • Same. Used credit card. The one before that tracked instantly when using PayPal.

      • I tried same card or Google pay and both worked previously. It seems just a temporary network issue of cashrewards for the last 100% refunded pizza.

        • tracked instantly with Google Pay this time.

  • +6

    Usual reminder for Pizza Hut codes - OzBargain Pizza Coupons Page. Available from the 'Pages' menu' or by clicking the red banner below the description of any deal tagged with 'pizza'.

  • I think 24 wings for $14 is too expensive especially when I forget again .

    • Probably have to settle for 12 wings as a better deal then- effectively $6 for 12 wings ($0.50 ea) vs $14 for 24 wings ($0.58 ea)

      Are the wings any good? Haven't tried but was considering it for a change

      • Try the peri sauce option its yumm!!!!

      • wings are really good, the chilli has a nice kick to it

  • +3

    Last one didn't track

  • +3

    last one didn't track for me either.

  • +4

    on the same boat. Last one didn't track for me

    • Just got reply from Cashrewards after lodged the claim. they approved it straight away! Great service!

      • My transaction was not approved despite ordering through the Cash Rewards app. I wonder why they approve some claim and no others.

        Edit: Correction, it was Shopback that refused to pay the cashback for the incorrectly tracked Pizza Hut transaction

  • +4

    Same, last one didn’t track, while every other cashback tracking for various sites worked for many months now.

    Judging from the other similar comments, seems like it is an issue with majority of people.

    Though, people who paid through PayPal always seem to say it tracked successfully…

    • +1

      Hi Blue Cat, I'm sorry to hear your Pizza Hut order didn't track. I just wanted to assure you that out of thousands of successful sales, only a small minority may not have tracked. Our members have suggested that payment through PayPal does help with tracking. However, as usual, we'll always take care of our members. So if you could please lodge a claim via your Click History page, ensuring you upload your invoice of course, our Member Services team will look into it for you. Feel free to PM me directly if you have any concerns.

      • Same boat, not track. Who should I speak to?

        • Request a missing cash back on your CR account. It's easy as.

          • @Turd: Not really. Cashreward came back and said they tried but Pizza Hut said the transaction was not tracked so there is nothing they can do about it. This was a transaction done through the Cash Rewards app.

            Edit: Correction, it was Shopback that refused to pay the cashback for the incorrectly tracked Pizza Hut transaction.

  • The cashback makes it worth getting those instant spam texts right after ordering.

  • Had no issues with tracking last time but I'm just not sure if 50% cashback is enough to bother as Pizza Hut is further out of my way

  • +1

    The triple dippers side is quite good if you're like me and not a fan of the pizza.

    • Whats the triple dippers side? I can't see it on my side, from that link.

      • 10 cheesy bread sticks, 4 seasoned chicken wings and 8 cheesy spud bites with 3 dips.

  • $1 wings tomorrow too, great timing

    • Is the promo still running? I tried adding it to a cart for takeaway but still shows up as the regular (full) price

      • +1

        They usually always do it on wednesdays.

  • Half price BJ's

    • +7

      just to confirm… Ben & Jerry's

    • Really !

    • I didn't know this worked at Starbucks

  • I haven't had Pizza Hut since the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie came out. Should I protect the happy childhood memory or give them a go?

    • +2

      You should've tried their TMNT green pizzas and then you can ruin two childhood memories in one go

  • …. A 6pack of Great northern lager for $10 is pretty good.

  • No more $10 Ben n Jerry's tubs :(
    Nothing else worth getting, even with the 50% cashback unfortunately.

    • If you pre-order for next Tues BOGOF large pizza is pretty decent!

      • +1

        agree. $4.95 for 2 large pizza's on tuesday's

        • +2

          Nope will be $7.47 for 2 large pizzas as this is 50% cashback. Payment is $14.95 so you'll get $7.47 back, not $10.

          • @Craze: apologies, got confused with the 100% CB $10 cap from recent promos.

      • I had the Chicken Supreme and BBQ Meatlovers recently. Would not order the Chicken Supreme again. Fairly boring despite adding chilli flakes.

        Surf n Turf and Butcher Block are good but they bumped the price up by $2 each to $21.95. Would not ever pay full price for them as I can get better from my local pizza shop.

      • Nah I don't like any of their pizzas. And having to pay for substitutions is a rort.

        And having to wait till Tuesday to get the same price as dominos has all the time is also a joke!

        Might just try some of the mutagen boneless wings, for 50 cents each you can't really go too wrong.

  • Last one still showing pending in my account. Not sure if trust these deals anymore.

    • +2

      3 months mate

      • as in it'll get approved after 3 months? but you cant do any claim for transaction over 60 days

        • yes approved around 2-3 months! I said between 2-3 months because it can be approved much earlier than 3 months according to TA (CR rep). Correct you can’t claim after which is why you are encouraged to do it as early as possible after 7 days.

          • @I Smell Pennies: Some of mine (Not Pizza Hut) have been pending for over 3 months. I've lost hope :(

  • Any feedback on there lunch deal for $6? Cant even get a can of coke from a petrol station for $3

    • Cant even get a can of coke from a petrol station for $3

      Quite sure at Coles Express they're like $1.50 for Pepsi or 2 for $2.50 but I get your point

      Personal pan is 4 slices/6 inches so quite small. You can get a $3 personal pan from the 'unreal' range.

  • +1

    Ordered and tracked :)

  • Can I use this to pay in advance for 2-for-1 Tuesday?

    • +2

      Yes, will work from past experiences

    • +2


  • +4

    For those of you who's not very familiar with how these Pizza Hut x CR promo work:

    1. Yes, you can prepare (pay in advance) and have them picked up/delivered on a different day.
    2. If you can, always use the CR app to get to Pizza Hut and order over there. Make sure it does NOT trigger the Pizza Hut app.
    3. If you can, always pay using PayPal.

    With these steps I have never missed a single cashback from all the Pizza Hut x CR promos. I often just use the survey code from this and grab another pizza to meet the spend requirement. I find Pizza Hut's Pepperoni Lovers is pretty decent, even better with stuffed crust.

    • Has it always tracked when you use the survey reward offer?

      • +1

        Yes, almost instantly, unless CR explicitly says you cannot use any promo codes (including survey codes), but so far every Pizza Hut x CR deal allows promo codes.

    • in my experience, paypal cant be used for delivery for different days as your account wont be charged on the order date.

      • Oh yeah my bad, but pick-up will definitely work.

  • Whoa.. Just checked my rewards history. Made 3 pizza hut purchases with cashrewards but only 1 tracked.. Thats pretty lame. Cant claim since it has been more than 60 days too. Sucks

    • Yeah it's ridiculous. My last one didn't track, put in the claim and still haven't heard anything back. It's not worth all the hassles when it doesn't work out.

      • I think it's always best to keep a reminder to check up on purchases made every couple of weeks tbh…I've had many purchases not track but they usually resolve it quickly as soon as I shoot them an email.

  • My one got tracked and the cashback value is more than $10 and got exactly half of what I paid. Better than expected :D

    Ive never had problem with tracking for pizza hut either with cashrewards or shopback.

    • +1

      Re-adjusts to the $10 cap.

      • Hmm. Previous order showed up $10 immediately and did not adjust later. I wonder why this one is different. Its still showing the $17.97.

        Anyhow doesnt matter, still good value with $10 cashback.

      • +1

        I checked again and it got adjusted to $10 like you said. Cheers.

  • I put an order 5 hours ago. It has not been tracked now. Need to claim it. I will not take the deal next time.

  • Ordered yesterday and tracked instantly (via PayPal) :)

  • Still no tracking 5 days later…