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Headspace 40% off Annual Subscription A$55.19 (New & Lapsed Accounts Only)


Usually A$91.99 for an annual subscription. Tried a bunch of codes and this was one of the only ones still working. For new/non-subscribed accounts only. Not sure when it expires.

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    This seems to also still be active for any Aussie educators out there who want a free subscription: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/481358

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      Thank you so much. You are right,I just claimed an annual subscription for free.

      I can confirm that the deal “Free Headspace for Educators (Working K-12 Teachers, School Administrators, and Support Staff) AU, UK, Canada” is still working at least in AU.


    Just wondering if anyone else who joined Headspace with this deal, still has full access like i do ?
    i have never had any sort of payment associated with my iTunes so i haven't been charged, i thought it was supposed to end Dec 31 last year ?

    Free - Headspace Plus (Meditation App) until December 31st, 2020 (VPN/Location Spoof Required) Posted 22/05/2020

    not complaining though :)


      Yes I have still full access with the above deal


      I signed up via this method on the Monday just gone. Still working fine it would seem.

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    Smiling Mind is free.

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    "Headspace has one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world. "

    LOL sure. Let me grab my wallet. The former Buddhist monk wants to help me for only $90 per year.

    Funny how they have a Netflix show coming soon. Because SEO blogs only get you so far.

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      It's worth it.

      Do you think he can produce all that new content and create an app and constantly update it for free?


        If only 5,000 of their claimed "millions of users" are paying customers, that's approaching half a million dollars revenue for one year.

        Do you think he can produce "all that new content" for half a million dollars a year? Obviously they would have more than 5,000 paying customers.

        No wonder they have multiple offices around the world and a Netflix show. They are raking in cash for an app. And here you are defending the price as "worth it", forgetting the whole philosophy behind Buddhism is the exact opposite of "raking in cash" and spruiking a phone app.

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    Thanks for this. I know you can find plenty of free guided meditations, but 5 dollars a month is reasonable to me since the app keeps me motivated to do it every day.

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    Would have subscribed if Balance wasn't offering a free 1-year subscription. I admit I like Headspace more so might switch next year

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    For people like me, for whom a paid subscription is still not feasible, try the Smiling Mind app, available via Google Play & Apple app stores, & via desktop at https://smilingmind.com.au - it's totally free, so there's no subscriptions to worry about.

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    Medito is also free and have been using it for some months now.


    Use this code for 50% off: 2021SALE50