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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte M27Q QHD 170Hz Monitor $343.80 Delivered @ Scorptec eBay


Been looking to score one of these for weeks, now the price has dropped even further.
Also you get a bonus AORUS H1 Gaming Headset from Gigabyte if purchased before June 30th (T&C's Apply)

For non-ebay plus member it's $382 which is still the lowest it has been AFAIK.


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    Looks like a pretty good budget QHD 170Hz monitor

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      The built-in KVM switch is pretty useful as well.

    • Response times are way too slow, especially with all the other $250-$300 deals for entry level QHD 144Hz-165Hz.


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        Did you listen to the vid? It's fine in picture quality mode. Biggest problem is people just set it to a higher overdrive mode thinking it might be best - it is not…

        Picture quality mode is 5ms average at all mHz ranges, no overshoot

        • That was an old measurement testing suite, they switched testing suites because it was underrepresenting issues with IPS panels, and with response time measurements in general.

          Now take a look at how it measures: https://youtu.be/tS7HYqepUZI?t=416

          9.2ms average when the panel refreshes every 5.9 ms…

  • I was tempted to get it but the BGR panel is turning me off. Plenty of people say they don't notice the blurry text and others cannot stop complaining about how bad it is.

    • At this price I think it doesn't matter, This monitor performs better at 60Hz than the G models.
      I ordered one today and If text turns out to be annoying Im sure selling it wont be too hard.

    • Got this monitor - BGR isn't noticeable. Granted I'm not using a mac on it.

      Has a bit of edge bleed which is distracting in dark scenes, otherwise fantastic.

      PD is low wattage (maybe 10W?). I didn't look this up before I bought and regret that slightly as it won't charge my laptop (or anything really apart from a keyboard) well enough.

      The KVM is sort of useful, YMMV.

      Paid $400+ like 2 months ago :(

  • Going Apple
    Mac Mini (M1) + this monitor OR
    iMac (M1) ….?

  • $349 at centrecom if you don't have plus https://www.centrecom.com.au/gigabyte-m27q-27-ips-qhd-05ms-1...

    • It's also $349 on the Scorptec site.

  • Paid $449 a few months ago

    • same here, they drop too much way too fast, it's like come in 3 seconds