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Apple Mac Mini M1 $989, MacBook Air M1 $1,349, iMac 24" $1,709 (10% off Macs), 25% off Select Surface Computers @ The Good Guys


very good price for Mac computers if you combine with TCN 10% off gift cards from Coles :)
* https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/628610 (deal posted by dealbot)

25% off Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Pro X, Laptop Go and Book 3

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    Unfortunately no price beat with OW as they have already reduced their prices $2 less… Or get JB/TGG to price beat OW then use discount GCs to pay.

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      even better with TCN gift cards from Coles for further 10% + points with credit card purchase :) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/628610

      • Yep, get them to price match OW first before paying with GCs. It's just $2 less but we are OB'ers after all ;-)

      • What is the largest denomination I can purchase for TCN gift card? Purchasing the MacBook Air M1 base model for $1,349 using 10% discounted TCN gift card will bring the actual price down to $1,214.10.

        But if $100 TCN gift card is the largest denomination I can purchase from Coles, then would I have to purchase 13-14 TCN cards? What is the maximum number of gift cards The Good Guys will allow in a single purchase? Is there a difference between in-store and online?

        • You can also pay a small amount with Afterpay or Latitutde to get additional $30/$25 off. I also would like to know how many gift cards are permitted per transaction. Yes, $100 TCN is the largest denomination.

        • I think maximum of 2 gc online and as many as you want in store. Not certain though.

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      They would probably only beat by $1

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    very good timing for new iMac 24" too :)

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      Not all colours though :- (

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    M1 at $989 + 10% TCN gift cards, noice :)

  • Any deals on 2021 M1 iPad Pros?

  • Anyone know if the M1 can work with steam games? My kids and myself play a few steam games and they play minecraft as well.

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      You actually need to work out which games are Mac compatible to begin with, and then from that list, the M1 can emulate and run them. I've seen various videos on Youtube of games like CSGO working on the M1.

    • You can play some, but not all.

      • Any idea how to find out which?

        • The ones that are Windows only definitely can not be played.

          Some people built these websites to show which games are playable on M1 Macs: https://applesilicongames.com

    • Only some of. M1 can’t run x86 games even you install windows on M1 Mac.

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    Surface Laptop 4 isn't on sale just FYI for anyone looking

  • i need the 27" iMac, any deals on the bigger one?

  • We'll probably never get a sale like this for the 16GB/1TB MBA will we? That has to be purchased direct from Apple?

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      No that wont happen. Best deal you will get is to find one in the refurb store and wait until cashrewards increases the cashback amount. I did that recently and got a MBP M1 16/512GB for about 2k after 7% cashback

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      I'm yet to see a MacBook Air M1 16gb out in the wild of for sale anywhere. So yeah no chance it's going on sale.

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      Yep. I got one in February direct through Apple with the headphone deal.

      TGG, JB, etc. don't do deal for "custom" builds.

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      MWave have some BTO models in stock but never seen them on sale. The official Apple refurbished store + upsized flashback is your best bet.

  • Can my kids play Genshin Impact on the Imac 24 inches? Not much to do with a fancy Apple device right as we all using Windows?

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      Stick to Windows for gaming

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    Thank you for posting, good deal. 10% off RRP+10%TCN GC is pretty much as good as it goes, when it comes to discount for Mac. May be buy the GC at Coles with a credit card with cash back/rebate then price match at JB to get a Latitude Pay/After Pay for an extra $25/$20 off, the last $100 dollar.

  • Do TGG sell the M1 MacBook Air's with 16GB RAM upgrade?

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    Great computers

  • With the new Macbook Pros not being announced yet at WWDC… the question is whether or not it makes sense to buy an m1 MBA or MBP in Jun 2021.

    • That is what I am struggling with too. I have an X1 Carbon G4 but it struggles a bit with lots of tabs open, spotify running, word documents etc and battery life is terrible. Very tempted by the base model Air, but it's still a lot of money and i'd hate to buy it then a new one is announced right after. I really don't like the lack of ports and the fact that you cannot run dual monitors with it. But everything else about it (battery life, speed, screen etc) sounds fantastic.

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      Unless you can really make use of the brighter screen, better speakers and fan, otherwise get the MBA. MBP as it stands isn't worth the $350-$450 difference. MBA will likely hold the value better too, once the 16" and 14" M1X comes out, people will be less willing to buy the last gen MBP second hand, as the upcoming update for MBP is meant to be a major one.

      • Yeah, I'm leaning towards MBA on those grounds and the reality is I'm not a power user even if I like to think I am (and I have a desktop PC for that). The question is whether or not I should hold out for whenever the 2022 MBA refresh is due.

        What also holds me back is Apple has a historic tendency (like others) of massively improving products in their 2nd generation, and then it becomes a much slower evolutionary path of improvements. eg. iPad OG, iPhone, etc

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          I personally don't see the possibility of them making massive improvement for the next MBA this year (we are still in a chip shortage crisis) and the MBP is in more urgent need of an update than the MBA. Rumours so far are more colour options similar to the 24" iMac, a flatter design and an update of the chip (nothing drastic I would imagine) for the next MBA refresh. The common consensus seems to be, hold out if you want a MBP, but for MBA, if you need one new then just buy it.

          • @deliriouss: Agreed. The performance of M1 is miles ahead of what the existing competition can offer in terms of speed and power usage. As a business, it makes no sense for Apple to release another major upgrade for the M1 chip when they could easily take advantage of their current lead and focus more on software optimisation. Most reviewers on YouTube are generally surprised at the pricing of MBA considering it’s processing power, and I think it’s largely due to the fact that not many softwares were M1 optimised when MBA debuted in Nov 2020. There was also the excessive SSD swap memory issue which is likely due to running non-optimised software. Not unveiling any new hardware in WWDC21 was already a hint that the M1 might be sticking around a little longer. Remember it took a few releases of the iPhone before Apple included 4G. Maybe the the colourful MBA range will be released with a gradually improved M1X chip. But if the rumours are true about white keyboard and white bezels on the screen for the next MBA release, I think I’ll stick with the existing form factor.

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              @LowHangingFruit: another reason why I think it is a good time to get a MBA is that I don't think the price of the next gen MBA will remain the same and no, I don't want white bezel and keyboard either. It made sense for them to keep the price of base models low when M1 was first launched so more people would buy it. Now that they established the good rep, I think we may see some price increases in the next update.

              • @deliriouss: Maybe. On the one hand Apple has always pursued the premium priced end of the market.
                One the other hand the M1 MBA is high powered for the price compared with like wintel products. You have to go high end i9 or threadripper and a stonking GPU to compete speed wise.
                The gripping hand though is the M1 is an in house product, and Apple is no longer paying intel for x86 chips, a major cost item for laptops. I suspect the margin on these base end machines is thus quite impressive, and Apple has a lot of room to price as it wants.

    • MBA is not going to be updated again this year probably.

  • Does anyone know how I can pay with gift cards? I thought gift card discounts are only for softwares and not for hardware?

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      Buy enough TCN Home gift cards to cover the $ amount TGG are asking from Coles and get 10% off that purchase. Then take those gift cards to a TGG store and hand them to the poor person at the checkout.

      I bought 10x $100 TCN gift cards in two transactions of $450 from Coles, then took them to my local TGG to pick up a Mac Mini for $989. The poor girl on the checkout didn't know whether to laugh to cry. I helped open half of the cards and scratch the PIN for her, but she still had to swipe and the PIN for each gift card to complete the purchase. I still have $11 left on one of the cards; what to buy!

  • Does anyone know how long is the TCN 10% off at Coles last for? Is it for a few weeks still? Thanks

    • was it this week catalog so possibly until Tuesday.

  • Bought a MacBook Air at OW yesterday and got 15% off their sale price.
    I think the salesman was rather confused when I showed him TGG deal and said he had the discretion to give me the discount (even though OW were not supposed to price match).
    Also told me I was very nice, and not the usual cranky, whinging customer who complains about the lack of stock.

    • But OW everyday price is $1347, which is lower than TGG sale price? Sounds like you got lucky.

    • You got the MacBook Air for $1,144.95?

      $1,347 * 0.85 = $1,144.95

  • Wanted the 16" M1X but due to apple not releasing at WWDC and having a rather sick 2015 15" I took the plunge today. Bought $1350 worth of TCN gift cards today at Coles for $1215. Limit of 5 gift cards per customer so I had to go into Coles 3 times and get a different checkout each time. Walked into The Good Guys and walked about about 10mins later with the MacBook Air (it took ages to go through all 14 gift cards at checkout).

    M1 MBA is incredible. Very happy I don't have to wait 3 months for the 16" M1X and should be able to sell this for not much loss when I do get the 16" M1X. Been sitting here for about 20mins unplugged and still 100% battery.

    • So you just bring the Him cards directly in store and they take it? Hmm… very tempted.

      • Ah crap realised I should’ve bought the home cards. Hopefully I can use all of my HIM worth of gift cards at JB lol.

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          Just ask for a price match at JB, JB owns good guys so should be hard.

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            @deliriouss: Got them to pricematch Officeworks but refused to price beat… and I was as polite/nice as I could be at the cashier when I said I was paying for the Macbook Pro with gift cards I had bought from Coles… the staff even helped me scratch half of them. I did try to pick a quiet time when there was no queue too.

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    I have done it with with the TCN gift cards. Bought 13 x $100 and a $50 GC from Coles and paid at TGG. What a hassle but in the end satisfying. Thanks