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[NSW] Four Free Tickets AFL Melbourne V Collingwood Monday 14th June SCG @ Ticketek


For the first time, Fight MND’s Big Freeze clash between Melbourne and Collingwood comes to Sydney. Join the crowd full of blue beanies at the SCG on Monday afternoon with access to four free tickets using the password RD13MELBCOLL

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  • +2

    should we feel dirty using this code?

    • -2

      Depends what you're using it to do?

      • +3

        to go to the game?
        i mean was it a code meant for a select group of people?

    • +10

      Buy a beanie

  • legend!

  • +2

    the AFL screws its paying members yet again

    • +4

      By having the game taken away from Victoria and trying to fill the stands in a city that generally doesn't follow AFL?

  • +4

    Well this sux I paid $140 yesterday to farewell Bucks and had it been at MCG would had had the seats I have already purchased for the season.

    • +2

      Lots wanna throw things at bucks for his farewell LMAO!

      100,000's of other footy fans are disappointed he is leaving… hes helped take a top team to a bunch of lemmings :D

      • What they did in the off season was unexplainable.

    • +2

      Nah, won’t happen. The AFL still gets a lot of bums on seats for regular games during the season. What we have seen is a lot of AFL Interstate teams that have spring up but rugby hasn’t had the same sort of penetration.

      • +1

        Try going to a GWS game and see that nobody could care less about it in NRL/Soccer Heart Land, beyond fudged statistics. When they made the grand final in 2019 I couldn't even find one person wearing a GWS jersey in a major Western Sydney shopping centre. Don't understand why the AFL doesn't have a team in Tas where people actually care about it.

        • +1

          GWS are a new team, I’m not surprised they don’t have much of a following. I think the Swans is a tad different, but that also was a relocated team. I do agree that AFL should have a team in Tasmania.

    • +5

      Rugby? No one watches Rugby. AFL is the most watched sport across the country.

    • +7

      how often does RU/NRL have 90-100k to a game (I dont mean season totals… just 1 game)

      • +1

        Lucky to crack the 10k mark most times

    • +2

      The 4th highest average attendance of any sporting comp in the world?

      The view that it's only played in Melbourne is typical of Sydneysiders who forget there's actually an entire nation of people outside their boring city.

      • Hey!! There are plenty of us Sydneysiders that love and are loyal to our Swans and AFL. I will allow the dig at "boring" Sydney because you are probably angry and bored cause you are still in lockdown. :)

        • +1

          Hehe there's the bias again - I'm not, nor have ever lived in Victoria :)

          But the Swannies do look good this year, it's good to see.

      • Given Australia's population is a fraction of a lot of the other countries that is pretty impressive.

        Certainly Melbourne, and Sydney, are different but I don't think either are, actually, boring.

  • Thanks OP!!! Snagged 2 tickets 🎫

  • +1

    Go down and witness AFL history! This could be the year that Melbourne lose only one game all season on the way to the Premiership. They have been that dominant.

  • OZB should have merch so we all can go and rock up with OZB jersey/tshirt

    • TBH a shop doesn't sound too bad for extra revenue for Scotty

    • That's the ugliest t-shirt I've ever seen in my entire life.

  • Hot Pies.

  • +1

    Great seats. Got beanies. Bucks send off…

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