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[Refurb] MEDION ERAZER X67127 PC (i5-9400, Intel UHD Graphics 630, 512GB, 1TB, 16GB RAM) $757 + $7.98 Delivery @ Ozstock


First time posting - This seems like quite a good deal for those specs

General information
System type:MD 34165
Dimensions in mm (W × H × D):209 x 381 x 390
Weight:approx11 kg
Installed RAM:16 GB
Memory type:DDR 4-2666
Hard disks:1TB HDD,512GB SSD;
Backup battery:CR2032 (3 V)
The battery is located on the motherboard
Processor:Intel Core i5-9400 2,9-4,1GHz, 6 cores
Max. noise level:max. 34.6 dB (A)
Pre-installed operating system:Windows® 10 Home

Intel® UHD Graphics 630

Mod Note: No mention of a GPU in the system. Video output ports specifications should be assumed as incorrect as they were based on the MEDION desktop having it's original graphics card installed.

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    I see gaming PC in title but no GPU listed….

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      Yeah I was gonna say, the output ports suggest that it should come with a gpu but there is no indication on what the gpu is.

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      Apparently the MEDION ERAZER X67127 has a rtx 2070, but it is pretty sus that the listing doesn't say so, the actual 2070 has probably been taken out in order to fool people into buying these "refurbished" pcs

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    Yeah rubbish ad. They would have taken the RTX2070 out and trying to scam people now probably lol

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      I've eBay messaged the seller to ask what GPU is in it. If it's an RTX2070 I'll buy one then let you know lol.

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    Ah yes! A high end gaming PC with no dedicated graphics card. Also good to know that the battery, is in fact, on the motherboard. I'll take 20.

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      "backup" battery, must be a onboard UPS for hardcore gamers who cant afford downtime

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    No GPU listed LMAO
    GPU: GeForce RTX 2070 8GB

    • +2

      They probably stripped it out for mining, and flogging off the system to bait people into buying it thinking it still has the gpu, that's why it's not listed anywhere.

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      That link also mentions onboard graphics

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        the i59400 has oonboard graphics yes, good luck doing anything other than displaying your browser window.

  • would make a great linux pc

  • +7

    They ERAZED the GPU

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    It doesn't mention the 2070 Graphics card, so I would have to believe that the card has been stripped from the PC.
    With that stripped, - the parts themselves can be bought for far cheaper than 757 total, and they would be name brand.

    • they also used other cards for this PC model like an 1060 or whatever else

      • specifically the x67127 would have been the 2070 8GB.

  • +1

    Why do fools post sus deals on here…..you're gonna get busted in seconds.

    • +2

      I googled the Medion Erazer x67127 and assumed that it did have the 2070 graphics card in it. If i screwed up, sorry !

      • +1

        Not having a go; thought you might be associated with OzStock

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    OP is a member since 17 minutes ago, signed up just to share this lovely deal with the world

  • Can an iGPU even output 8K resolution?

    Resolution:max. 7680 x 4320

  • How much did Aldi originally sell them for?

    • $1999

  • +2

    I feel sorry for gazza49

  • "High end gaming PC" - 9th gen i5 and no GPU

  • The battery is on the motherboard.

  • Can't you get this cheaper new?

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    It must have a dedicated graphics card with those video ports… My guess is they forgot to update that section of the specs after ripping the GPU out. Rip off.

    4 x DisplayPort
    2 x HDMI
    1 x DVI-D
    1 x USB Type C (max. 27 Watt)"

  • Don't think this is a deal

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    They replied to me and confirmed "This item does not include a graphics card." - fail

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    After all the comments I also emailed them and they said it does not have a graphics card. Apologies for posting as it is then rather ordinary.

    • Thanks for trying to share a bargain. It would have been a steal if it did come an RTX2070

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      Rough first post

  • I've just emailed them a d had confirmation that there is no gfx card in these machines - I don't understand how it's supposed to have 4 dp and 2 HDMI ports then?

    And fwiw, it's $42 less on ebayplus (with free delivery), if you really want it. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Refurbished-MEDION-ERAZER-X67127...

    • Confirmed by photos from the seller - the specs are wrong.

      There is no gfx card, so the PC has 1 dp and 1 hdmi

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    Literal scam by Oz stock then as the motherboard won't have those ports with internal GPU lol.

  • haha

  • misleading the public by associating an intel core processor rather than a GPU with a gaming machine needs to stop.
    Edit: seems like OP posted this in good faith so no hate there but it's misleading advertising by the vendor for sure.

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    lol, ozstock updated the ad from "High end Gaming PC" to just "Gaming PC", as if that corrects things.

    Still wrong. Must be the first specific "Gaming PC" sold without a graphics card.

    • +1

      Should be just "PC"