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TCL 75" X915 8K UHD Android QLED TV $1995 @ The Good Guys


Another 75" TCL TV deal. Again, seems like a crazy big discount - last time posted on Ozbargain was back in January for ~$1500 more.

Edit: looks like it has HDMI 2.1 as well, though "Clear Motion Rate" of 200, which might be a little problematic - help me out TV gurus! Detailed specification pdf here:

I'm actually looking for a 75" TV - this or the other deal I posted?


75 inch X915 8K QLED Android TV
AI Integrated
Hands Free Voice Control
IMAX Enhanced
Android TV
Quantum Dot
Dolby Vision/Atmos
Onkyo Audio
Wide Colour Gamut
Google Play Services

Disney Plus Promo

Bonus 1 Year of Disney+ subscription via redemption
Offer for New Subscribers only. After 12 months, subscription automatically renews on an annual basis at the then standard price, unless cancelled prior to renewal.

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  • Wow 8k..

  • Interesting…
    Doubt I would utilise the 8k in the next few years. How would this compare to the Sony X9000 range? There's not many reviews of it.

  • Backlight Unit D-QLED

    I wonder what is D-QLED??

  • Bit of an ugly stand on this thing

    • I think that's actually the additional sound bar! It comes with a separate Onkyo setup.

  • https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/tcl-100-inches-p715-4k-quhd-a...

    100" is roughly double the weight of the 75" 94KG without stand !!

  • Only 60hz native refresh for anyone wondering

    • Sony 4K KD75X8000H,only native 50 Hz, $2,095

      • Supports 4K60. I have the 65".

        • What's the 65" like? I don't really care about the smart tv features - I have a NVIDIA Shield that I'll be using. Would you buy it again? Pro/Con features?

          • @goldiep: I got it as a free warranty replacement from a previous model that died and really happy with it. PS5 quality is great, snappy UI, hasn’t missed a beat. HDMI-CEC enabled for both PS5 and AV Receiver. Netflix and Prime are main 2 smart apps I use and no issues at all.

            Definitely doesn’t compare to an OLED in terms of dark blacks and colours etc but struggling to justify the cost for one when this looks and works so well.

            Only real con is the awkward blade style stand so make sure it fits your furniture.

            I would absolutely buy one (or the even better x9000 model) again.

    • I don’t think anyone has done a 8k 120hz tv before. Don’t think hdmi 2.1 is even capable lol

      • Supposed to have enough bandwidth to carry 10K 120hz

        • I looked into that. It seems to need display stream compression to do it in 10K and not natively. Kinda like how HDMI 1.4 supports 4K but no one would really say or use that.

    • It says 50hz in the specs…

  • The viewing angles on this unit seems significantly narrower compared to the X10 - 178°/178° on the X10 vs 80°/70° on the X915.
    If true, would not be ideal for off-axis viewing.

  • Been on the lookout for something like this. Thanks for posting it.

    Can anyone advise why I would consider the other deal OP posted: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/629507#comment-10578131 as opposed to this one? This one seems better (8k vs 4k, HDMI 2.1 vs no HDMI 2.1, bonus soundbar).

    Am hoping to upgrade from a 12 year old plasma finally.

    • Haha same here! Advice would be great! I'm not really a gamer but HDMI 2.1 is welcomed.

      • No real point having HDMI 2.1 on this since it caps at 60 Hz not 120. There's no real compatible native 8K content yet, even PS5 doesn't have it enabled yet.

        If you have an RTX3080 or 3090 hooked up to play 8K res games then maybe, else, utterly pointless.

        Mini LED should have much better quality visuals than this but you don't get 8K-ready. It's a trade-off.

        • Not a 3080… Only really a 3090 and even that's pointless

        • Thanks for this. It'll mainly be used for Netflix, YouTube, FTA streams and downloaded movies watched via a Google TV. Kids don't use the Xbox much anymore and I will not hook my PC up to it. We already have a sound bar but I guess a new one would be nice.

          Based on this would you lean towards the TCL 75X10 75" 4K Ultra HD Mini LED QLED Android TV over this one because of the better visuals and lack of 8k content?

          Really appreciate your help.

          • @Kendrite13: I wouldn’t personally go for a TCL, too many complaints about low quality, laggy menus and poor support. You get what you pay for, it’s only 2 grand.

            However, if had to choose between them, definitely the 4K Mini LED with your use case, with expectation of using it for 5 years then upgrading to 8K unit at that point if it becomes ubiquitous.

            • @Hybroid: Thanks for taking the time to reply. Big help.

              • @Kendrite13: No worries, everyone's different though. Maybe see if a Good Guys or Harvey Norman store has both on display and check them out for yourself.

            • @Hybroid:

              I wouldn’t personally go for a TCL, too many complaints

              Really? Because from what I've seen they get pretty good reviews - in their market segment.
              I got a 65" TCL for $630 and it's the best $630 TV I've ever seen. Is it as good as an LG OLED? Of course not. But nor do I expect it be because it's $3000 cheaper.

        • I’m considering this as a software developer. My new dex XPs 13” does 8k but only over dp so I’d have to rdp into it from my 3080 desktop which I’d rather not

    • Not sure this would be an upgrade from your plasma. I'm in the same boat - currently have a 58" Viera that just keeps on going and the only thing I think I can really call an upgrade would be OLED. ;)

      • I went from a 50inch Viera to a Hisense 65 uled, only regret was not doing it earlier.

      • plasma is way overrated imho …. cannot even compare it against modern lcd and oleds, even the cheap lcd's…. they were good 15 years ago.

        • You have obviously never, ever seen or owned a Plasma TV before. No LCD TV comes close to plasma even close in terms of black reproduction and colour reproduction, even the top of the range Sony's.

          Panasonic (Kuro tech) 55" plasma owner here.

          • @vrsac: Actually I still have my plasma … a Panasonic st60

            • @hippyhippy: Same. Still got our old PX5070A..
              Chews power like a mofo though. (rofl)
              Blacks still look pretty damn good on it for a 720p panel. And with our shit quality FTA coverage, it looks better on that then my 4K Hisense.

      • Went from my Pioneer plasma to a 65" Panasonic OLED and I would never want to power up the plasma again.
        The uplift in picture quality was genuinely staggering.

      • How are the greys going?

    • Friend has the 65inch version of this TV. While 8K content is so so nice and crisp but there is not many of these videos around. The UI and some apps are very laggy (I assume due to 8K resolution and weak CPU). Soundbar is decent.
      When watching 8K content the bottom of the TV gets very warm. 4K content looks not better or worse than my 4K TV.
      I don't know X10 but in theory mini LED should be a better tech, as you get many dimming zones you get much brighter (panel is less dense due to only 4K pixels rather than 8K) and better viewing angle. If I was to buy I'd prefer Mini led over 8k. given it actually delivers on those promises.

    • Personally, I'll go for mini LED as that's more useful than 8k.

  • This or UST 4k laser projector for movies?

  • For this money, buy the 55" LG OLED. Forget about big screens.

  • This is excellent value for an 8K QLED 75"

    But we don't need 8K yet :)

  • Proof that 8k is marketing BS on panels of this size.. It always pulls in enough people at the start though to make the hype worthwhile.