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60% off Tuya Zigbee Enabled 6-Gang Wireless Switch A$21.70 Shipped @ Zemismart


Zemismart Tuya Zigbee 6 Gang Tuya Zigbee Wireless Switch Zigbee 3.0 Sticker Battery Power Remote Control

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    Has it got a device handler for Hubitat?


    Would this work with a Phillips (bluetooth) bulb?


      not without a hub


        But with a hub how would you connect it?

        Oh I see you mean a Xiaomi hub not a Hue hub?


    Will this work on Hue lights connected through Hue hub?

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    Needs Tuya Zigbee Hub to integrate with other smart devices/equipment.

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      No comments! Zigbee takes questions only…

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        Does it need Tuya Zigbee Hub to integrate with other smart devices/equipment????


          Question approved…

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          Yes you need a Tuya Zigbee Hub linked to a Hubitat Hub, running through Home Assistant connected to a SmartThings to integrate with the Hue hub in order to turn your lights on.


            @LowRange: Oh…so the zigbee does not work directly with the device to hubitat?


    The real question: will it work with Home Assistant?

    Claims to be Zigbee 3.0 compliant, so should work?
    I've yet to find a Zigbee device that does not work, but this being a Chinese brand …?

    Probably better to stick with the 2-button $10 Ikea switches, or the 4-button Hue ones.

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    Good lord, that is one ugly switch.

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      Could be a perfect fit for someone with an attractive wife who is lacking a passthrough port.

      Hard to know which one they'd choose in a pinch…


    Does it work with Xiaomi hub?

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    Oohh the ZigBee!!

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      Home Assistant!


    Work with tuya zigbee hub~
    Work with Smartthings via handle