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Bonus $900 off Any Phone on Telstra 150GB $99/Month 12 Months Plan (New & Port-in Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi in-Store


Just received this deal by email. For one day only.

$99 12 month plan: unlimited talk/text + 150GB data/month. Minimum cost is $1188 over 12 months.

Stack with 10% discounted gift cards for further savings.

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  • Thinking to get s21 ultra but ss store is having it off 30% so it's around 1k3, does jb prices match it before we use the 900 bonus?

    Thought? Worth? Or waiting the 500 bonus deal

    • Where you see 30% off?

      If you are talking EPP or EDU store than no!! No retailer will price match that.

    • +5

      1k3? Do you work for 2k sports?

  • +7

    Wish it's 900 GC

    • -1

      Wish there were more flagships than.S21 and Pixel 5 and Oppo X3 .. and maybe ROG 5 but who knows if 5G and VoLTE would even work on that thing even though sold by JB.

  • +4

    No one's speedier than the dealbot

  • +2

    Hey Op. might want to say unlimited with 150gb

  • +8

    I don’t get it, is this only good deal for those who normally pay $99/mth for mobile plan?

    • +8

      Its good if your work pays for it

      • +3

        Why is it good if work pays for it? I just say what phone I want and they get it, they go through corporate channels not through ozb

        • Expense claim vs corporate plans

        • +1

          because everybody work works differently..

    • +5

      I pay $99/mth because I got a $700 JB voucher, so the mega data really only costs me $40/mth.

      I could pay $40/mth postpaid and get about 10Gb data, but the above option seems better.

      • +1

        Well around $10 pre paid per month gets you 10gb data.

        • With 5G access? .. but yea, I have done the Boost thing before .. I need the full Telstra network so boost worked great until I needed 5G.

          • @matt-ozb: Yea I did prior to COVID. These days I barely use data as I’m either home or at work on wifi with full reception on between.

      • I pay $29 and get 35GB

    • +3

      In comparison to Telstra offering 180gb for $65/month, the difference is $34/month or $408 over 12 months. So going with this offer, you get almost $500 to go towards a new handset (well anything at JB really) for a bit less data and being locked in for a year.

    • +2

      Well if you normally get the $500 gift card for $59 a month deal this is almost the same if you were buying a pricey phone anyway. If you workout $99x12 vs $59x12 is $1188 vs $708 which is $480. Do in essence this plan is $80 more expensive than the $59 a month one but you get alot more data if you use it (no idea how you can). I got the find X3 pro a week or so ago but that was $1200 off on the same contract and I managed to get the chat support to drop it to $89 a month

  • Use it on the Zenfone 8. Small but flagship spec phone.

  • anyone found a way for existing customers to get these new customer deals?

    • +10

      I have done it and I believe it's the ozbargain way since it was suggested many times - get yourself a new plan (second service) and then sometime later ask the customer rep via chat (personally done this) or in store to close your previous service but transfer your number over the the new service, therefore you will keep your old number but have all the benefits of the new service.

      Also, might worth to ask for $10p/m credit

      • +2

        Word of caution. I have done it as well but it had to jump through many many hoops to get it. Telstra shop point blank refused to do it as they said it was dodgy + they are not allowed to touch JBHIFI plans. They even showed me on screen and it was greyed out. Manager said their shop will get flagged and they don't want to risk it and asked me several times to go back to JBHIFI to change it as it's "their" deal. Live chat + phone are useless and keep transferring me. It literally took me a week of contacting different people to help me until I managed to switch it over. Not sure how these other ozbargainers got it done so easily but it's your risk to take and if nobody will help you then you may lose your old number or continue to having to pay for your old number for a year.

        • Yup agree that this method is more difficult compared to prior years. Went to 2 Telstra shops and both referred me back to JB (said they were JB plans therefore go talk to them). So I went the live chat method which took 2 weeks - was asked to fill out a change of ownership form and had to keep following up every 3-4 days. The good thing about chat is that chat history is saved, so it's just a matter of copying and pasting the same request. YMMV

      • 2 years ago I ported away from Telstra to a ~$10 starter sim with Optus Then ported back a few min later with this deal. Easy as.

        • You now have to be off network for 30 days

          • @JoeBaskin: Ah thanks for that. I was about to try it again as my 2 years is almost up. Bummer. Although it’s easy enough to switch to another provider for that length of time. Just a little less easy now.

            Worth it for me as work pays for my phone and plan so I can spend the $900 on whatever.

  • +2

    it must be coincident that JB remove all the special offers on mobile phone then put this deal out. $900 off rip off RRP price👿👿 Telco's and retail are just getting stingy day by day.

    • +17

      It's called business strategy mate. That's how it works. They don't run a business for fun.

      • +4

        Precisely my thoughts, too. It’s a business, not a charity. Besides, if they didn’t make money they wouldn’t be able to afford to keep the doors open and bring you all these nice goodies.

        • -2

          But it is a shit move all the same

    • +3

      Good thing is it's one day only. Maybe you will see some of those deals come back tomorrow

    • +5

      Stingy retail? There’s not a lot of margin on phones, especially not on iPhones. The only reason you’re getting such a mega discount on this plan is because the plan’s price itself is hugely inflated. Having a go at JB Hifi on this makes no sense at all.

  • Could you get this deal then change over to the Telstra $65/m deal without tripping the ETC

    • +4

      Nah, telstra dropped the hammer on that around a year ago. Before then, everyone used to do it

  • +9

    How is this scamming JB staff? is it your commission?

    Its called ozbargain for a reason, not corporate lacky

  • +1

    Hmmmm the ultra at 30% off at Samsung edu or…

  • +1

    If you are getting a new phone from JB at the ripoff RRP anyway you are literally paying $24/m for the 150GB plan over 12 months. If you take the ripoff RRP into consideration it becomes around $30/m.

    Some people using it for work could claim a tax deduction normally at 50% - 100% so it's literally another $15 - $30/m off the price above. It could be free to some people.

    • +1

      RRP is normal price on iPhone, that would be an iPhone 11 for $179.

    • Ripoff RRP? What’s wrong with a $999 iPhone 11? Or a $1,099 iPhone 11 Pro?

      • I just browsed the iPhone 12 prices and sure enough JB is $52 more than Officeworks. Just because you could find $999 iPhone 11 in JB doesn't mean you can't find it cheaper else where easily.

        • +1

          JB will probably price match Officeworks if you ask them nicely enough anyway.

          • +2

            @toshjammi: 5% more is hardly a ‘rip-off’, especially in combination with a generous $900 discount. Fascinating to see how quickly people here use the word rip-off if some retailer doesn’t happen to have the absolute lowest price.

            • +2

              @bozbargain: What discount? You have to go with the plan, which is way over priced.

              • +1

                @Xantar: I assume you understand the concept of JB receiving a kick back from Telstra for every plan sold, which they then pass on to you as a customer, as a product discount on a wide variety of phones? Complaining about Telstra and their pricing is something I can understand. Calling out JB Hifi for ‘rip off’ RRP pricing seems a bit silly. Perhaps if they were cheaper with their mobile phones, they would have gone with a discount of $800 instead of $900. That’s what I meant with generous.

            • @bozbargain: I never said it was a rip off, I think DarkOz is wrong IMO as well. I’ve bought plenty of JB deals and they’re the best you can get in this day and age

  • +1

    Anyone know if it applies for new connections/ numbers? Banner only references switching.

    • +1

      store rep said new connection is all good :)

  • -3

    So if I want a Z fold 2, am I understanding that this would be:
    $1200 for plan
    + $2000 for phone
    - $500 gift vouchers for port in
    - $900 one day deal
    = $1800 for phone + 12 month data with Telstra?

    Seems like a decent deal

    • +3

      What makes you think there is a $500 GC for porting in?

      • hmm maybe they have one from a previous $59/m plan as those GC have no expiry

    • What port in voucher?

    • +3

      They don't stack. The $500 giftcard and $900 off deal are different sides of the same coin.

      Edit: Years ago for my Pixel 2 I did port in for the $500 card and then upgrade my plan for the phone discount. You may be able to attempt that with the cheaper plans.

      • +1

        Followed the asterisk and saw it doesn’t stack
        Not enticing anymore

    • I don't think you'll get the GC with this deal

    • Basically, the $99 plan will get to $24 per month then add your phone cost.

    • +1

      $500 discount is on the education/co portals.

      • +1

        Could you tell me more about this

    • Its not gift voucher + 900 off any phone. It's one or the other as the 900 is essentially a gc as well.

  • Does anyone know if you can port in a number after activation?

    • I hadn't been ported out long enough for an earlier deal, so got a new number, then ported the number I want that was with Optus into my account on a $2 prepaid SIM, then got them to move that to the contract plan. Worked fine but took a couple of hours for the port back into Telstra.

      • Works but again word of caution, it wasn't easy in my experience and took over a week of frustration for someone to help me.

  • L deal!

  • Good deal, only if i am planning to get a flagship phone. I will have to pay 1.5k anyway. Dont have to bother looking for a new data plans.

  • +1

    how long do i need to be ported out for to be eligible for this deal?

    • +2

      One month, but there are ways around it (creating a new number, then getting them to move your old onto the contract).

  • I’m currently on Telstra but what’s a good deal I can port to for about a month before porting back into Telstra the next time something like this comes around?

  • So, I’m on the small Telstra plan with $10pm discount paying $45pm with 40Gb data. If I sign up to $99 for 12 months I’ll get $900 voucher but will pay 12x54 =648 extra. That’s a savings of $252 per year with plenty of extra data and 5G access. If this is to go towards a new phone, Telstra currently has $200 off on all handsets so probably not worth getting this done - too much hassle for a meagre savings…

    • +1

      Also prepaid much better value and you can bank data

    • You could also sell your old phone to put towards new one

  • You guys reckon they will extend the deal for long weekend?
    Just wondering, because I won't be able to go to jb today. Cheers

    • +1

      No they won't its a one day sale. They might do it again for EOFY sale but no they will not extend this sale.

    • This deal was on a few weeks ago too.

  • +1

    Tough decision. Need to upgrade my 5 year old phone but $99 is $50 too many for my requirements

    • same boat. haha

      • If optus suit your needs, they will give you $300 credit on top of your old phone trade in price and 25% off on a plan. Pretty good deal but optus doesn’t have good coverage in my suburb

        • Yup, once I went to Telstra I never turned back to Optus. Just not worth the hassle with shit coverage.

        • Would love to do that, but optus coverage is terrible on site

  • Hmm, ppl still spend $100/mth on plans? You must use your phone a lot.

    • -1

      People ditch their NBN and have their data follow them around on big data plans. One will never understand it until they tried.

      Of course if you have family streaming all day long or you move heap of data like torrent then is a different story.

      • +1

        aah, my Telstra 4g at home is crap. not an option for me

  • +1

    Change to allow for iPad Pro and u got a deal

    • They'll allow it

  • One thing stop me from these deals is telstra 4G speed. I am looking at the tower as I am writing this. 30 down 2 up!! What a joke!!

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