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Dell G5 Gaming Desktop (Intel i7-10700F, RTX 3070 8GB, 16GB RAM, 1TB M.2 SSD) $2,231.08 Delivered @ Dell


Saw this on the Dell website and thought y'all may enjoy.

Specs for those interested:

10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10700F processor(8-Core, 16M Cache, 2.9GHz to 4.8GHz)

Windows 10 Home English

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 8GB GDDR6

16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4, 2933Mhz

1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive

500W Chassis with Bezel Lighting

Ships in 24–27 business days

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    Gamers Nexus did a review.

    There are numerous issues with non standard components and heat. This video card is a different model to the one reviewed.

    It could be worth considering based on component costs according to previous posts.

    Other users have fixed some issues by changing HSF and/or adding case fans. Worth considering if purchasing.

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      My first thought when seeing the post was “I wonder how many people blindly link the GN video” but you handled it graciously. What you’re saying is true.

      I have this PC. It has flaws but is great value.

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        The GN video is pretty comprehensive, what is your concern here?

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          It wasn’t “fit for purpose” criticism.

          It’s like reviewing a VW Golf’s ability to do a 24hr Le Mans race.

          The machine has flaws, but just be realistic about who should/could buy it.

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            @AaronR: They sell thousands of these and you simply don't see many reports of overheating poor performance etc

            If someone buys this and cant change the fan - I really don't think they are the person that is going to worry about GN review.

            Agree with above its like a comparing a corolla to a rimac nevera and then complaining of the acceleration on a corolla

          • @AaronR: That's the thing about this machine - it's a pre-built meaning its target audience shouldn't buy it due to the flaws which require some of building knowledge to fix.

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              @ihfree: The target audience aren’t buying it to run Prime95 for 6hrs straight while watching temps and complaining.

              It’s fine for what it is.

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                @AaronR: The target audience is also not being forewarned that they are buying a machine with speed limiter on it. It's like buying a car that can only do 80km/h in winter and 70km/h in summer, and driving in a zone that has a limit of 100km/h. It's fine when you drive on your own but rubbish when you realise that everyone around you overtakes you and has more time to enjoy their destination instead of spending time on the road. You are left wondering why the dealer never told you that they put a speed limiter on. It will require more expensive parts for maintenance, it was not more or less available at the time of purchase (right now, different a couple of months ago), and it was more expensive than some other alternatives on sale. Overall it's just not getting your money's worth.

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                  @g1: I like your analogy and am suggesting a slight improvement. You are buying a car with a 5.0L V8 (RTX3070), but there is a speed limited on it so that it can only do 80km/h. Most people will see the 5.0L V8 and think that the car "goes" however in reality, it's going to be pretty limited.

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                    @Kinjiru: Lol, I love a good care analogy. Here's my attempt. Imagine there's a car racing category - all cars are built to a certain spec with certain shared components.
                    Every race the Dell car is consistently behind. When there's mild heat, the Dell falls further behind. The Dell built race cars also die earlier than the other cars.

                  • @Kinjiru: What do you mean by speed limit? Are you referring to the size of the PSU throttling power?

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                @AaronR: A thread on dell's forums is a gamer playing RDR2. There are 6 pages of comments from numerous other people with the issue. High temperature also means reduced life span. That may lead to death outside of the warranty period but before the machine stops being useful.

                Other Ozbargain users report having to leave the case open in summer or install case fans.

                That's far from fine unless you have an extremely low bar.

                Even if it is a decent price, you still should make minor upgrades to fix heat management. The target market likely won't consider this and that's problematic.

  • not sure of any flaws from my experience, the 2k deal was great value then.

    • Have you checked CPU/GPU and other component temps? How's the noise?
      Does the system perform ok in summer?

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    Not so good deal since it's regularly $2000 during Dell eBay sales and has been as low as $1800 in the past

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    The GN video does not indicated this PC as flawed to the point that one would immediately find faults upon unboxing. Without getting technical and further examination, all PCs would appear to function more or less the same.

    I think the main takeaway point of the video is that this pretty much everything about this PC goes against common PC building practice, which in the long run is not great. Sure, to the average PC user, this is great value; to anyone who just know a bit about PC building though, this can indeed be a nightmare

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      I actually bought this exact spec PC on eBay, without a video card, for $720. EBay is full of G5 and XPS going cheap as people buy 1, 5 or 10 or more of them to get the video cards for personal use or to flip.

      I use mine as an office/media machine and it is absolutely terrific. Tiny, powerful and runs cool for what I do.

      The thermals can be easily fixed for gaming, new cpu cooler, remove the 3.5 cage and add a 92mm or 120mm PWM fan(s). Plenty of info online.

      The only real insurmountable problem is the proprietary parts.

      Almost every non gaming PC in the world is a laptop which is far far worse in this regard and no-one complains. The vast majority of PCs are essentially appliances, you toss them in 5 to 10 years if something big breaks. I have owned a number of Dells and they all lasted 10+ years.

      In today’s environment, worse case, if you buy this PC for the best price of $1800, you have got an absolute bargain even if all you count is the video card, cpu, RAM and SSD.

      • I have had three Dells over the past decade alongside dedicated self-builds, my Inspiron notebook is still running after 9 years (G5 I've had to tweak a bit but it's running well now after I've changed the CPU cooler).

      • You run it without a GPU?
        How is the integrated gpu?
        Good enough for SC2?

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          I had a silent GT1030 in the cupboard. The G5 doesn’t have an iGPU the XPS has.

          The 11 series XPS have a great iGPU

    • The GN video does indicate that the amount of poorly chosen components limit the performance of this PC. It requires someone with more than basic PC experience to alleviate some of the limitations.
      The video also indicates that replacing some components will be more expensive [than generic PCs] as some Dell components may be needed e.g. replacing the motherboard requires a Dell motherboard or a replacement of the motherboard and a power supply and custom metal cutting. Once Dell stop making spare parts compatible with this PC people will be relying on second hand market to replace parts, or replacing more than failed parts. Those two issues are relevant for anyone who isn't computer hardware savvy.
      I have seen plenty of people in the past throw out a PC that has a single faulty non-standard part because the cost of repair is a significant portion of a new PC (PC replacement), and they may as well get a faster computer. The PC store was limited in what they could do for pricing and they were not willing to buy parts from online second hand user market.
      This PC caters towards buy a device and replace with a new device on component failure cycle. Instead of buy, repair when possible but buy a new device when repair is not possible cycle. Total cost of ownership over device lifetime may be more expensive with this PC.

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    The BPC deal was way better value.

    • Alas these days, it's the PC you can get, rather than the PC you want.

      The current BPC deal, that hasn't expired yet, is a decent PC for the money too, if you can afford it. I think it's worth the extra over this deal.

    • Even at $2499 ($268 more than this) that build provides a better 3070, better PSU, better CPU, better CPU cooler, better airflow for cooling, better case, faster RAM.
      So overall better value even without the discount.

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    Has been cheaper recently.

    If buying, use the link which has in stock for fast delivery, otherwise you'll be waiting and waiting:


    Yes, they list two versions. It's odd.

    Don't forget cashrewards

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    Edit: Deleted did not see post above to same GN review.

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    I think the Alienware R10 with 5800/3070 for $2417 is better value.

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      Maybe you dont know how to use it.

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    Tech fast boi not happy with this deal

  • Don't trust the estimated shipping date. They have delayed my order for this desktop from a previous deal. If you order it just know you will be waiting a 2-3 months before it arrives.