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AliExpress 15% Cashback on Affiliate Products (Was 5%, $12 Cap) @ Cashrewards


A big triple cashback increase at AliExpress which will both offset the GST and still give you some more back.

As per the cashback terms it's very important that you check if the products you're going to buy are eligible for cashback via this link, as not every product on AliExpress is "affiliated".

Special Terms

During the 15 hour promo, 15% cashback for AliExpress is capped at $12 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made, and applies to the purchase of affiliate products only (see terms and link checker below). Valid 9am to 11:59pm AEST 13/06/2021.

Important: Cashback is eligible only on purchase of affiliate products. Check product eligibility on this link by entering the product ID or URL. Ensure you click 'Shop Now' prior to purchase. Claims will not be accepted for purchase of non-affiliate products.

Cashback is ineligible on the purchase of face masks, medical consumables, gift cards, virtual products, coupons, travel, ebooks, AliExpress Top-up, and any non-affiliate AliExpress products.

Empty your cart prior to clicking from Cashrewards. Add items to your cart after clicking from Cashrewards.

Confirmation of delivery or goods received must be made on AliExpress within 90 days of placing your order to be eligible for cashback.

You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4032)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +16

    $12/0.15 = $80 spend for those wondering

    • +3

      or even $12*100/15=$80

  • +8

    unfortunately i have given up on aliexpress. Stuff just doesnt show up anymore. I had been a user for 8 years.

    • +2

      Alibaba's Cainiao Super Economy has certainly turned that around. All my packages arrive in 3 weeks now.

      • +4

        I bought some items sent with Alibaba's Cainiao Super Economy two months ago and the package never showed up. I haven't found Cainiao to be anymore reliable than China Post.

        • The seller probably did a dodgy and used China Post when they're not supposed to. What's the feedback of the seller? More than 98% I hope.

        • i've found china post to be really good (2-3 weeks). cainiao super economy is painfully slow (~60days)

      • epacket is best … Cainiao is the worst i experienced.

    • +3

      And what is worse the dispute centre doesn’t allow you to open a dispute for another month. Meaning 3 months from the date you place the order to qualify to open a dispute.

      • +2

        Use the bot in the AliExpress app help centre and you can open a dispute at any time. It's a good bug.

        • No it won’t let me. It just told me item had been shipped and that’s all. I will use PayPal to file a dispute and get a refund instead.

          • @wtfnodeal: What was the shipping method use? Some will have 60 business days.

            It's been a while since I used the bot but I kept saying how the issue was resolved and it let me.

            • @Clear: China post

              • +1

                @wtfnodeal: Oh yeah they're not supposed to be using that for this reason. It's taking months and months.

    • -4

      Same thing happen to me item didn’t show up and didn’t get a refund had to use my credit card chargeback

    • +2

      Time is up tomorrow for 3 items that I ordered on 30/3 - all China Post. Will be opting for a refund. Since then, I have ordered two other batches from Ali - different items and sellers, but all arrived ~1-3 weeks. I will only be ordering items now with faster delivery.

      • +2

        i've ordered a ton of small parts (10+) for diy projects so here's my experience with ali shipping in 2021:

        aliexpress standard: very fast, approx 10 days max 2 weeks. sent as epacket

        china post: slow, 1.5months+

        cainiao: respectable, 2 weeks sometimes 3

        cainiao is typically the default option offered for free shipping, standard will cost a few extra dollars (at least for smaller items)

        the only exception is one order on cainiao which has been MIA for just over 2 months now so i have a feeling it's not going to show up. otherwise been very happy with the shipping. also cashrewards tracks quickly after you confirm good received in my experience as long as the product is affiliated

        • Thanks for this. I just bought a bunch of items and can confirm Standard is super fast (2 weeks or so). Messed up by choosing China Post for a couple though, too busy looking at prices hah

    • I only use packages with tracking now. None of the packages without tracking showed up. Yet all the ones I bought from Ebay have…so I think its Aliexpress sellers doing something shaddy

  • +3

    Bought from AliExpress this week and nothing tracking in CR. Had a feeling most transaction won't track between CR and AliExpress

    As for delivery bought Wednesday eta is Tuesday Via FedEx though so pretty happy.

    • +3

      Did you check if it was an eligible product? That's the likely reason it did not track


    • In the shipping method if you select aliexpress standard shipping, It should tell you in the bottom that tracking is available.

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You made my day !

  • +1

    if i use the coupons the site offers am i still eligible for cashrewards?

    • -1

      In my experience the seller coupons are fine.

      • i have that new customer get 2 dollar off coupon so im unsure if itll work

  • What's the best product someone has purchased from here?

  • Your avatar reminds me. Why was jv placed in the penalty box?

  • +4

    Alixpress is really fast now since COVID19 all the logistics for my last orders were routed via Singapore and came within 2 weeks. Customer support was good when one of the items came in the wrong colour and aliexpress demanded a full refund when I asked for a partial refund. Tracking has also gotten good for cash rewards almost instant now.

    • Agreed on the delivery speed, ordered something on 31 May 22:48 received on 10 June 8:30ish in the morning

      so 10 days for my third party charging stand for Logitech Gxxx mice to arrive 'Pitta Studio …etc etc'

      this was delivered via 'AliExpress 无忧物流-标准' or AliExpress Standard Shipping and the quickest I've received anything (delivery on other stuff I ordered is still staggered though)


      rest of my earlier orders are various like:

      • Cainiao Super Economy Global
      • China Post Registered Air Mail
      • UBI

      (this magnetic charging stand is an alternative to the power play mat that charges the mouse via a replacement puck below and supposedly trickle charges it to ~80%, just have to sit the mouse on it when I'm done for the night — though a cheaper alternative is to simply get a magnetic micro usb charger with an oval detachable piece (the circular ones I have work too though))

  • I stopped looking through the site during sales because of the item cashback roulette. too much effort to look for the right item you want and hope that it is valid

    • You can check it via the link to confirm if it's valid or not
      But I agree, it's a bit of a hassle.

  • Oh I hit the cap on the first transaction … and did multiple transactions…..

    • looks like it is capped at $12 regardless of how many order you do. I just realised after spending $200 in total across 2 orders :(

  • Any voda replacement routers that qualify for 15% cashback?

  • +1

    Hope it tracks. Aliexpress cashback tracking is bad with both CR and SB. So many issues in the past. They all got paid eventually but about 75% of them have had some sort of an issue.

  • Everytime i try and use the product checker, it keeps saying "Sorry, the system is busy now, please try again later". Any ideas what im doing wrong?

  • Why cant i log into my cashrewards wth?