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[Seconds] Outlet Factory Second 375GSM Australian Wool Doona|Quilt Queen $71.20 ($69.42 eBay Plus) Posted @ Dhimanvinod eBay


Cover: 100% cotton
Fill: 100% Australian wool
Gsm: 375gsm
Made in Australia
Size Information: Queen 210 x 210cm
Dry clean only

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  • Define "Factory Second" please OP..

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      Only light staining?
      Edit: Visible only under UV light.

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      These quilts got slight imperfections such as missed stitch, twisted binding during manufacturing process, cause of these imperfections quilts didn't pass QA. Hence can''t be sold in departmental stores.However these minor faults don't affect the functionality of the quilt.
      Hope it explains!
      Thank You

      • How much they sold at department stores?

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          Thank You

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            @Ron1977: Bahahaha hahaha

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            @Ron1977: Thats ludicrous!


            You can get 700gsm for less than $10 more, aussie made, owned, and materials.

            And the lower gsm's only get cheaper.

            I own that brand, and can vouch for its quality.

            $280 for a 375gsm?!
            Where is getting away with THAT?

            • @MasterScythe: That price on that quilt is hard to believe tbh

              • @Laziofogna: The one I linked? Had it for a year now; and im zero affiliation. Just a happy customer.

                Very clear they're churned out quickly, I had to trim the over-run cotton from the sealing and diamond stitching; but it wasnt a fault, just an excess.

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            • @MasterScythe: Likewise. We've got 200 and 350GSM doonas from the same seller. Very acceptable quality. Bought during 20% off eBay promotions. Happy buyer!

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              @MasterScythe: I second this. I have a washable merino wool blanket from the same seller for over 2 years and am very happy. Just a finding for new blanket buyers - buy one size bigger - thank me later.

          • @Ron1977: Can you provide a link for this price?

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    Which department stores? I'm in the market for a quilt and Kmart/Target/IKEA are around these price points

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      I can personally vouch for these. Had one for a year now, and its been perfect. Truly is cool in the spring, and warm in the winter.

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        Just curious to know how a 700GSM Quilt Truly cool in the spring?
        Thank you

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              @Hornpub: Besides a few loose threads from the cotton stitching, its been ten times better than I expected for the price.

              My mum just got me to buy her 2 for the parents house.

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          You sell wool products and dont understand its benefits?

          Its a breathable 'filling' which has a high air content.

          This results in a 'wetsuit' type effect, where your body is able to regulate your temperature still.

          There's a reason I said spring, not summer, because any type of thick blanket in an Australian summer is silly.

          But so far, there was only 6 weeks this last year that i needed less, and have not needed more yet this winter.

      • Thanks for this! I'm stuck between a weighted blanket and wool. Can you weigh in MasterScythe

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          I'm no 'MasterScythe' - but these are very different products. If you want the sensation of weight, a lighter wool-filled doona probably won't give you the experience you're after. We're in Melbourne and our 200GSM doona has appreciable weight - but, IMHO, nothing approaching that of a weighted blanket.

          • @lostincanberra: As you seem to have extensive knowledge or wool products, What GSM you would recommend for sensation of weight? Your 200GSM doona with appreciable weight is good enough for melbourne winter?
            Thank You

            • @Ron1977: Ah! No, can't help you there.

              I'm all about sensation of warmth - a weighted blanket would be wasted on me (and probably be an annoyance).

              I prefer a low-GSM quilt in Winter - and with a reasonably temperature-stable home, 200GSM has been fine in Melbourne. Working from home probably means that the daily variation in inside temperatures has been reduced (be still my pounding wallet!), so it could be that a higher weight (say 350GSM) would be better in non-COVID-19 times or in an appreciably cooler bedroom.

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          I'm not the authority on blankets :P I'm an IT nerd in several fields, who just happened to decide it was new bedding time and chose to try wool :P
          But it so happens my partner has a weighted blanket, and I have a wool one…. so you've lucked out….rofl.

          Weights are a 'comfort' thing, it's sort of like how a hug is soothing to a lot of people during panic. Where as, some people want space when they feel uneasy.
          Sort of the same thing.

          They're not really exclusive, because you can have a weighted-wool blanket if you can find them….

          Personally, i love how a 'big thick blanket' which is visually a fluffy cloud looking thing, ends up being under 1kg on top of you, and still keeps ya warm.
          as Ned Flanders would say; "It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!"

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            @MasterScythe: I'm going to try both out if I can get into IKEA and Kmart. Glad the lockdown is finally over. Thanks to both of you. Melbourne is chilling up already and it's only the start of winter -_-

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    375 gsm! Microfiber cloths are better. Dry clean only -code for this sh*t cannot withstand a wash.

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