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Philips WhiteVision Headlight Globes - H4, 60/55W $15 (Was $79.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Looks like SCA have a clearance on all the Phillips bulbs


H7 whitevision also down to $15.00 from $79.99

Mixed reviews in terms of white level on the H4's as they are only 3700k but for this price they seem to be good value and I've always found the Phillips bulbs to perform well and last.

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      • 2003 models use H7s.

        • Ah you could be right. Been a while since I swapped one, I always get those 2 mixed up, basically the same bulb but 2 prongs vs 3.

          • @Click_It: H4 is dual filament and doubles as a highbeam while H7 is single filament. H4 typically used on economical cars or older cars where manufacturers want to save money by using a single reflector headlamp so they don't need to spend more on a dedicated highbeam bulb.

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    Ah the intense whitevision xenon effect.. for that maximum retina-piercing effectiveness.
    Why is it that these are always installed on the newest, tallest, tailgating soccer-mom cars with the beams focussed enough to put sunburn on your neck??

    • I am with you on this one, sir. I avoid driving at night/twilight because of that nowadays.

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    Order the H7. Just received refund email.

    • Same here. Oh well, least they figured it out quickly.

  • 62 sold in 1 hour on the ebay link, only 3 left
    OzB smashing them hard lol

  • Thanks OP

  • Ordered from site, already shipped
    Edit: 2x H7 packs

  • Bastards. All H7 gone

  • My fog lights are different colour to my headlights. Toyota Sportivo. Anyone recommend changing the fog lights to match the colour of the headlights?

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      fog lights are designed to be more yellow as they are only to be used in foggy weather. less reflection compared to white coloured lights. you know its illegal to drive with fog lights on when its not foggy? day time driving lights are different as they turn on with the car, your fog lights shouldn't.

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        "you know its illegal to drive with fog lights on when its not foggy?"

        Learned that the hard way. Think it was $130.

        • +1

          I wish they'd enforce this rule more often around Perth.
          Don't know why people like having them on, hardly throw any extra light on the road.

          Also need to start pulling people up for driving at night with only DRL's

      • Yeah I definitely know that rule, just was not sure if they were supposed to be two different colours, because I see tones of cars with the same colour for both. Thanks:)

        • +3

          Same here. The boys in blue didn't take to kindly to driving around with fog lights on in my area…. got away with a caution. I too see people driving around with them on all the time… they will get caught eventually as they are not to be used in normal conditions…. I tried to argue the fact that the cop car had his on but it fell on deaf ears lol…..

  • FWIW headlight bulbs is a tricky area - I found this site terrific at giving one an idea how different branded bulbs perform:

    They do for reflectors as well.

    The Philips White Vision actually provided less light than stock bulbs for LB and marginally more for HBs. So DYOR - all that said is a solid price as it's marginally more than basic bulbs prices.

    • It probably depends on the car and model. I can say that WhiteVisions appeared noticeably brighter than my stock bulb.

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      Those are not the same bulbs. WhiteVision (white light) vs EcoVision (yellow light).

      • sorry my bad, didn't notice that

  • no stores anywhere with stock… in my area, work area or mates area in Vic…

    anyone had luck?

  • Does anyone have any experience of fitting Hb4 into H11 socket? Will it fit? Thanks in advance

    • HB4 is high beam, they should have separate and different shape sockets.

    • can't fit hb4 into h11. connection and rubber is in different places so you can't do anything to make it work.

      you can trim the connector on a h9 to fit h11. this is a common mod.

      • 10w brighter so a lot more light, but the tradeoff is much shorter lifespan.

  • Any link for H7 version? Couldn't find it on their website. I'm considering to replace old globes for our camry hybrid 2014. Totally newbie in this space so would highly appreciate if you know compatible one for specific model or where to find one. Also does SCA assist you to replace or where can we get it replaced of we buy online?

    • It's not hard to replace bulbs. It's probably one of the easiest things you can do after re-filling the washer fluid, refilling the window oil and the Rockwell turbo fluid.

      • true, just bit time consuming with the tight space, and i always have my hand scretch here and there in order to fit the bulb into the connector

      • Good to know. Will look it up on YouTube just out of curiosity but at $10 installation charges will probably go with expert if at all I manage to get this or any other item on clearance. Wouldn't consider upgrading if it was full priced item but this price + installation is still lot cheaper to upgrade from old yellow lights to white one.

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      They do for $10 I think, there's the option on the product page.

    • They sold out a few hours ago unfortunately.

  • Not available for delivery

  • will this fit my Gen3 SV650?

    • Apparently, SCA has a function that allows us to check it ourselves. It takes your state and rego to find out details about your car and then will show items that fit your vehicle. This deal is sold out already but just for future reference.

      • yea was wondering how they have access to car rego info…. thought that sort of info was limited access ???

        • Pretty much all auto parts suppliers have that system now. I know Repco do as well.

          It's no different from putting your rego in to the relevant state checker and it spits out the make, model and when the rego expires. Some states give the VIN and whatnot as well but essentially the system just takes the car details from it

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    For what its worth, my store who reported stock online had none in store, they said "they've been ozbargained"

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      Glad I waited of my order to confirm as packed and ready for shipping before posting this!

  • eBay order refunded :(

    Thank you for your recent online order.

    Unfortunately, due to a stock availability issue, we are unable to supply your order.

    This email is to advise that the following refund request has now been issued. Please allow your banking institution 2-5 business days to process this into your account.

  • ebay purchase cancelled

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    uhhh. Ebay cancelled my order, but refunded me $22 LOL. I have Ebay Plus, was free postage. But they refunded the postage as well. Oh wells. WIN!

    • Nah check your paypal that portion goes back to eBay

    • the extra 7$ is the postage price mate. you’ll only get the 15$

      • ahhh damn it. Guess I read wrong

  • Mine shipped and was received today, didn’t expect such quick delivery for 5 bucks. We’ll done sca.

    My package came from Horsham.

    • Did you receive the 3700k H4's?
      My order (Via SCA site, not Ebay) arrived the day after to Geelong and they seem to have sent the Whitevision Ultra 4200k instead of the normal whitevision advertised.
      Installed them and very happy with the result, definitely a cooler white than warm white I was expecting on the 3700k.

      • Mine are both h7. Got what I’d ordered I guess

  • Sorry , but where's the ebày link for this? ..

  • Yep got refund for H4. Anyone actually get it?

    • think they fulfilled all the orders made through their website and refunded everyone who ordered on ebay

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        Yeah they did. Thats a lesson to us for being cheap.

  • just had my order refunded. I needed new lights for my car 🥺

  • Just got my order canceled! I bought via ebay plus too

  • Order on eBay cancelled.

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    Ordered a few H7s and HB3s, all my H7s got refunded. With the HB3s, they sent a mix of ultra and non-ultra versions.

    Ultra's are brighter but have much shorter lifespan apparently: https://www.powerbulbs.com/au/blog/2018/10/philips-whitevisi...

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      Both sets of my H4's were the Ultras, Having put them in, I do like the light intensity but after seeing the comparison and having almost half the life span I'm pretty disappointed, might ask for a return on them but doubt they have any stock.

  • Any idea what's the purpose of the two extra bulbs that it comes with?

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      and some rear rego lights, some boot lights, and some interior lights - it depends on your make and model.

      they are w5w - the 2nd smallest car wedge bulb.

  • Could anytime tell me why one shouldn't rather pay the higher upfront cost and purchase these LED globes?

    • +2

      Many reasons….. Also they are not Philips Philips but if you retrofitting these to reflector headlight housing youre are goin to blind people and also they arnt ADR approved and they can throw canbus errors

  • Paid for white, pack says ultra white but looks yellow! Why???

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