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[Pre Order] Game & Watch: The Legend Of Zelda $79 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Here we go again!

Fresh from the Nintendo Direct comes a new TLOZ G&W. Save a massive .95c which takes this deal from RRPBargain to barely passing/psa.

This is a pre order that releases 12/11/21.

Limited to 1 per person. The availability could be limited or you could be tripping over them like the “very limited” Super Mario Bros G&W.

Update: Also available at EB games for 0.95c more.

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  • This is RRP. Mario has shown us that while it might be hard to get one early on. Availability later on is pretty decent.

    Wait for Amazon for their sub RRP pre-order like last time if you really want it.



    Still available via Amazon US

    • -1

      I wouldn't say they were easy to come by. If you missed the boat, you had to be lucky to get in on the second round. The only way to get them now is from scalpers on eBay.

      • +1

        I got one fine in the last round before they were discontinued, and my local EB and JB still have them on the shelves. Until that last round though I couldn't find one.

      • +2

        The only way to get them now is from scalpers on eBay.

        I literally gave you a link where you can buy one right now from Amazon US for 69.99 plus delivery, or free with prime.

        With Prime, this is actually cheaper than the 71 I paid for it with pre-order.

    • Availability later on is pretty decent.

      Yeah it's a "limited edition". It's limited to the amount of units that Nintendo can manufacture and sell.

  • -1

    they must of made a heap from the mario one so they decided to bring up legend of zelda, guess I could add this to the collection of display.

    • +3

      Its because its Zelda's 35th Anniversary, like it was Mario's last year.

    • +1

      they did but in true Nintendo style they dont like making too much money
      like the animal cross cards, they made it limited, so scalpers and fakes show up

      its just a NFC card but nope, make it limited

      i just got mines on esty and ebay

      they make enough for japan and the rest can fight for them

  • +1

    I want one

    • Better get one quick then?

  • Nothing from EB?

  • Yeah dont want to outlay the postage!

  • +5

    Will wait for the inevitable EB pre order. Not a fan of paying for the whole pre order up front. Like EB's $10 deposit.

  • +4

    Thanks OP. Despite these not technically being a bargain, I appreciate the pre-order heads up. For a Zelda fan, this is an automatic day one purchase. Make great gifts for children of the 80's.

  • November!! OMG!! such a long wait!!

    • Just in time for the E3 double trade in bonus deal!

      • Well, the game I tried to trade in before E3 double bonus deal - $30
        After E3 double bonus - $22 (It will end up around $30 after 40% bonus)

        • I think that's mainly due to their ongoing sale. How much is the game before sale, and at sale price now?

          I.e. immortal fenyx was 40+ pre-sale and 20+ now due to it being on sale.

          And the sale will likely last for 2 months, the EB games staff said.

          • @sh4hp: It was Splatoon 2, currently $68 not sure about before sale price.
            I used to trade in many games during double bonus deal, but now I am not really convinced.

    • And ordered. Thanks for the heads up.

  • +3

    I Will wait for Amazon.

  • +3

    Buying from EB for $0.95 more to avoid the $4.99 shipping from JB, no click and collect available from JB.

    Is this still a deal considering you're forced to pay shipping, making it over RRP, Amazon will have it soon with free shipping.

  • is eb games the only one that does the $10 deposit? I think jb hifi will charge full price for preorders right?

  • Its kind of cool they are doing this, I managed to find a few of the original game and watch's my dad had. I found Oil Drop, Parachute and I'm pretty sure there is a Donkey Kong one somewhere, i just remember playing it as a kid.

    • +7

      $79.95 on Nintendo AU
      Free shipping for orders above $80……well done Nintendo :p

      • So you will think maybe I should buy 2.

        • so there is not 1 per customer restriction on the nintento website? so we can mass buy? :D

  • OMG, my childhood memory, I still get goosebumps when hear this classic 8-bit theme.
    Ordered and it will Christmas gift for myself :)

  • I played this game back in the NES platform. The golden cartridge. I think for now I’ll stick to MAME.
    But a good collectors item indeed. Thanks OP.

  • This is a way better deal than the mario one. Comes with Zelda 1 2 and Links Awakening. The Mario one should've come with Mario 1 - 3

  • So this one is not a limited edition like the Mario one??

    • There are limits on how many you can buy from suppliers with most being 1 per customer or 2 per Nintendo account from Nintendo directly but there is no official cut off date on how long this item will be manufactured for like the Mario one did have last year.

    • The Mario one is in abundance now, so not sure how limited it really is, but I didn't hear any mention on availability period during the Direct.

      • nintendo are no longer manufacturing the mario ones. I think they stopped producing these end of March this year.

        The one thing about nintendo is that when they say they won't make anymore, they stick to their word.

        I suspect the price of the mario consoles will increase once existing stock are sold.

        • Yes I read that agree and agree, but it doesn't feel limited at the moment as it's easily available, but eventually they'll clear them out and the supply demand will drive price up, no doubt around launch time of Zelda. There was a shortage for a while (in Australia, OS there was plenty of stock). I did grab two of the Mario for collecting, one to play and one to keep, and I'll do the same with Zelda.

  • Got one from EB and one from JB

    • Hold out and grab it from Amazon, rather than JB to get free shipping.

      • It’s ok it’s not $5 and I’m supporting a local store

        In a addition I’m a Zelda nut so no issues on my side

        • I'm all for supporting local store too, I grabbed one from EB as I'm able to collect from store. It would have been nice for JB to allow click and collect on this, although now you don't have to go out of your way to grab it, which is $5 well spent.

  • Battery life of around 8 hours, versus several years for the original G&W's. Kind of completely defeats the purpose of the 'watch' part of Game and Watch. Lol.

    • Also the Mario version had no kickstand. Hopefully this time that is fixed with the Zelda version.

    • Batteries on my old Donkey Kong G&W only lasted about two months playing it most days.

      Saying that, it had a black and white screen and half the stuff on the screen was static elements.

      • Using the original batteries in the 80's, or the rubbishy batteries that have been available for the past couple of decades?

  • Can't wait for the speedrunning videos on this

  • Love it. Should go nicely with my Mario G&W as well as the couple of original G&W systems I've had since forever.

  • -1

    I am Error

  • Tempted just for OG Link's Awakening. The remake didn't do it for me. Shame they didn't include the original version in there as a bonus.

  • Thanks OP - My order is in with EB. :)

  • Got one from EB and JB.

  • +1

    Pre-ordered from JB using the $100 gift card I bought via Afterpay for $80 haha. Latitude Pay will also take $25 off if you can add another $15 of stuff to your cart.

    If you pre-order from EB you can also use discounted gift cards for the deposit and the balance.

  • So a zelda game on a watch size screen? If there is a chiropractor or optometrist/glasses shop next to your EB games, its no coincidence

  • +7

    Amazon - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B097B5JCSZ/

    RRP atm. Hopefully will drop

    • Prime Day deal? I think unlikely for pre-orders.

      • I got the Mario pre order for just over $60, which may have been a price error. But they had it for $69 pre order too.

      • I’d say there’s no chance of a Prime day deal on this. Might stand a better chance of a Black Friday deal if there’s stock available on the 26 Nov, which is 2 weeks after this launches. If stock sells out like some of these limited run Nintendo devices then that might not happen either but.

    • thanks, how did you find that? doesn't show up with a search… asking because i'm wanting to order the metroid stuff from Amazon too and I suspect its there but I can't find it

      EDIT: I found them, seems that Amazon is case sensitive, lol… for anyone keen…

      Metroid Amiibo pack (sold out at EB already) - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B097B736LC/ref=ppx_yo_d...
      Metroid Dread (standard edition - special is exclusive to EB) - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B097B44XH6/ref=ppx_yo_d...

      • Metroid Dread Amiibo also sold at Amazon AU and Nintendo AU.

  • Link's Awakening is all-time. Took me weeks as a 9 year old to figure out how to get the Power Bracelet by moving those blocks together.

    Also the exclamation noise when he finds a special item is the best in the series.

  • Which Zelda is on it? That's the Zelda II intro screen.

  • Zelda 1 & 2 and Links Awakening.

  • How much was in on Amazon au when it was up?

    • $79.95, same as ebgames

    • Amazon just gets interest the most because of its pay no money now and free delivery.

  • Wished it was SMB3 aka the best 2d Mario game

  • I already own a watch, how do I go about getting a 50% discount?

  • Any chance this one will actually have an alarm?

  • Can you cancel if you preorder on Amazon?
    Never use Amazon preorder before.

    • You can cancel up to the date they take payment (usually the day before release).

      • tks

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