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Logitech Triathlon Wireless Mouse M720 $45 (Free Delivery) @ Amazon AU


Lowest price for this popular Logitech mice this year ! I finally pulled the trigger on a new mice i don't really need.


Meet the high-precision mouse that’s built for ultimate comfort, endurance, and versatility. With extra controls, a dual-mode scrolling, and adjustable dpi tracking, M720 gives you the power to tackle any task. Two ways to connect and multi-device capabilities keep you in your flow, even when working between two or three computers.The sculpted shape and up to 2 years1Battery life may vary based on use and computing conditions. of battery life ensures that you can keep doing the precise, high performance work you do-all day long.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +8

    Sometimes all you need is a new mice

    • -1

      I hope OP doesn't get in trouble from the RSPCA for shooting the new mice they didn't need?

      • One, or many..who knows

      • +1

        Theres currently a mouse plague. we can stand to shoot a few.

    • Only one way to manage problems with a new mice, and that's a new cats

  • +11

    How well does it transition to the bike and swim?

  • +4

    I've got two of these in my house. To be honest its my fave mouse I've ever owned hence why I keep buying them for other PCs and laptop setups.
    Calling out that I'm not stressed about gaming performance so unsure how they compare to dedicated gaming mice.

    • +2

      I use this as my work daily driver and it’s fantastic, do not recommend for gaming though, just get a wired gaming mice.

    • +1

      gaming is okay btw just dont use the bluetooth but use the 2.4ghz receiver instead…

      • Thanks! Good to know!

  • +3

    Decent price, price doesn't really move much from what I've seen.

    I also got mine from Amazon a few years back for around the same price and it's been great to use to switch between work laptop/personal laptop and tablet device(especially since covid-WFH)

    Only drawback from daily usage(and is not unique to just this model) is that the texturised rubber coating around the thumb and palm areas are getting slightly gummy from(presumably) sweat and grime of being held 8+ hrs a day.

    Pretty sure I've only ever changed the battery once too so the 1-2 year battery life definitely seems to stand up.

    • Did it become sticky or just gummy?

      • +1

        I've had mine a bit over a year and have been using it for WFH. Mine's just very slightly gummy/grippy, not sticky. I guess the main concern with most things that have similar kinds of rubber is that from my experience, more often than not they eventually do degrade and become sticky.

        Overall though, if the question around whether I would recommend this mouse were boiled down to a yes/no answer, I would still give it a strong yes.

    • Have one too and agree with all your points. It's a great mouse except for the rubberised areas. Like you said, it's not a unique problem to this model (my previous Logitech mouse also had the same issue), but it would have made what is otherwise an excellent mouse just that little bit better if they could have gone without it!

  • Thank you, bought one

  • +1

    Anyone know of a silent clicky mouse which supports 3 devices like this?
    This ticks all the boxes except not being silent :(

    • or, can anyone recommend just a silent clicky mouse in general?

      • I've been using the Logitech M590 for the past month with good results, but only using for office work, not gaming.

        Definitely quieter than a regular mouse.

        • Yeh that’s what I’m using now. M590. It’s not 100% silent but close enough.
          It supports 2 devices, but I need one that does 3.

        • some reviews saw its quite small.. ?

          • @supasaiyan: It is definitely not a full size mouse. Basically the same size as other 'laptop' mice. I don't find it a problem to use.

      • Apple Magic mouse with tap to click instead of click to click, although no idea if that is configurable on a windows machine.

        the MS surface mouse that folds flat is pretty quiet

  • As above, best mouse I've had - and I paid about twice this price on "sale" 6 months ago

    • I'm about to pull the trigger but…

      Does that third button (on the side I'm assuming that switches between PCs) get in the way when you're trying to press the forward back buttons?

      • +3

        Not that I'm trying to sell them, but…
        it really doesn't get in the way - forward and back buttons are within normal range of the thumb - you really have to reach back to get to the 3rd button, i.e. your hand is off the mouse at that point

      • +1

        Yea it’s to switch between sync devices, you’ll never hit it by accident

  • +2

    How does this compare to the G305 or Mx anywhere 2s for work and productivity?

    Coz you can find these around the same price point as well.

    • Would like to know what others think too. I have come across the M720 too but have not actually used it. I thought it was more plasticky and felt really light when compared to the Anywhere 2s which just felt better and sturdier due to its material.

      Is it a case of if you can afford it go for more expensive models? Or would people still prefer this over the Anywhere / MX models?

      • +1

        I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion about the M720. I've been using one full time for 3 years. It's not plasticky and it's not particularly light. It's coated with a soft rubbery finish.

        As for how it compares to the Anywhere 2, bear in mind the latter is designed to be a portable mouse so it's a lot smaller. This photo shows how they compare in size. The MX Master is on the left and the Anywhere 2 on the right. I find the M720 (in the middle) to be the perfect size.

    • The M720 is larger which suits me well. After using it for some time, going back to a smaller mouse it feels like crap.
      The mouse is rubberised finish (except for the buttons) which I don't mind.

      It's shaped for a right hand so wouldn't suit a left hander.

    • Anywhere 2s doesn’t have middle-click on the wheel, but you can assign a middle click to that central button.

      Might be a dealbraker for some.

    • g304/305 is tons better in fps games.

      I used to have m720 amd I loved it, but after switching to g304 I never looked back

      m720 shines with multidevice connectivity including tablets. but if you game fps, get g304 at least. m720 has slightly better ergonomics though

    • As someone mentioned above the anywhere 2 has a separate middle click button. M720 is way better for productivity than G305, has side tilt scroll buttons and hyperscroll. I would just use both G305 and M720 depending on use case

      • Yep. I use M720 for productivity/ procrastination or whatever. and G305 for gaming exclusively. Honestly just get both.

  • Does anyone have issues with this mouse losing focus on Mac OS Big Sur? i.e. not able to hover, have to double click on most things to first grab focus, then select.

  • Bought the 2nd one as my backup mouse. Thx OP

  • A hop, a skip and a jump!

  • +1

    This is a good mouse, good size

  • +10
    • +3

      Thanks, purchasing there. Would rather support JB than Amazon.

  • FYI I bought this mouse in the last deal. All good except for middle clicks (i.e. mouse wheel) which aren't great, enough so that I got fed up and rarely use the middle now

  • +1

    Good mouse as a daily driver. But I do miss my MX Master, which I broke. I have large hands like buckets, and the MX Master just fitted much better.

  • +3

    Love this mouse. Got my workmates to get one and got myself another one (one for hoe and one for office)

    • +2

      one for hoe

      Tmi mate =p

  • We use these at my place of work and they're absoloutely fantastic. Light, 1 battery, can connect to 3 PCs - including an iPad. It's great.

    You don't need a "gaming" mouse. This is great.

    • after switching from this to G304, m720 definitely had a noticeable delay and smoothing going on

      g304 for example is noticeably more responsive in fps games

  • this is a great mouse. I bought this with the keyboard combo last year for around 100 bucks or so.

    never used the keyboard as prefer my Mac keyboard, but the mouse is awesome. side buttons are very useful, and has 2 scrolling modes. highly recommended

  • how's the scroll on this? I have issues with my MX Master 2s' scroll.. (stiff rotation)

    • +1

      The scroll wheel is good. You can choose between normal scrolling with detents or free-spinning “hyper fast” scrolling. The scroll action in both modes is smooth and positive. Pressing down on the scroll wheel for middle clicking is a little harder than I’d like though; that’s the only drawback.

      • Thanks for mentioning this, I didn't realise it was switchable!

  • Thanks OP. Got one from JBhifi!

  • Bummer Amazon wait is 1 month away!

    • Buy from JB Hi-Fi if you have one nearby!

      • yep , just order one C&C from Sydney CBD.

        Cheers mate

  • it used to be my favourite mouse (picked one up at OW for $50 couple of years back) but after I switched to G304 this one hasn't been touched

    • Which one is a bigger fit for your hands? The G gaming mouse seems just to be normal size without the M720 ergonomics.

      • +1

        depends on hands size I would imagine

        m720 is larger than g304, but I don't notice any problems using either. if anything, m720 feels a bit too large.

        smallish hands here

        one of those people who find Canon RP grip sufficient

  • Price matched at Officeworks and got one a bit cheaper. Thanks OP

  • just price matched at ow. opened and used. thanks.

  • +2

    Bought one from JB-HiFi. Used the "Spend $50 in JB-HiFi, get $10 CommBank cashback" offer (after adding a clearance $5 item) to bring the total to $40.
    Using the mouse, it feels the right size. Paired directly with Win10 over Bluetooth (no Unify receiver needed).
    Thanks OP!

    • cant even access my Commbank app rn

  • i got this in a combo with the keyboard using telstra points and very happy, they're both great and the gesture button thingy works really well

    i recommend this mouse to you friends

    got a g502 on my downstairs setup and i think i prefer this now

  • This is a very underrated mouse at a great price.

  • I got one of these last year on sale. Very happy with it.

  • Got my mouse last night and now at work using it.

    This was supposed to be my portable mouse to keep in my bag but it's the same weight as my mx master (original still going strong).

    I probably should have researched more because I just thought it would be rechargeable too, not AA battery.

    Also, the feet are small and make it much harder to push around on my razer matt.

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